#AlexOLoughlin at Turtle Center in Bora Bora during summer hiatus

I can barely even find the words.  Always a pleasure seeing him having fun and relaxing and being genuine with the fans.  (what I mean to say is “its always a pleasure to see him in shorts and scruff!!”)

“Julie Maury Marine biologiste and Alex O’Loughlin at Bora Bora Turtle Center”

2013 July alex bora bora turtle center

“Alex O’Loughlin is the Godfather of Mathilda.”

2013 JUly alex bora bora turtle center2

This must have been his father/son trip right before filming started. I’m hearing these were taken in July. No pic credit known, will post if found.

Thanks to @lschultz714, @heyD50,the Alex O’Loughlin Journal and Addicted to AOL for the heads up! ❤ you girls!!!


77 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin at Turtle Center in Bora Bora during summer hiatus

  1. Oh, ESS, what a great find. Thank you for sharing. As you said, love seeing him having fun.

    Some say he should do other projects during his hiatus, like others do. But I actually think it is really great that he spends those precious times with his family. I love it that he is not looking for other projects like his life depended on it, but is obviously very content with what he has. Good for him.

    If other actors from TV shows need to do that, that is also fine, but I think it’s not right to judge anyone how he or she pursues his/her carrier.
    Sorry, off topic but lately I read a few comments on how he is not doing his carrier any favors by not working between seasons. I simply think that is BS.

    • ACA Sam! It really get’s tiring, people confusing their desires with his ‘needs’. We all *want* to see Alex doing more work and in other roles. Alex has always had a pretty good head on his shoulders about his career and I’m betting he knows more than us as to how much he “needs” to work right now. I think this goes right along with the quote i used for him in yesterday’s Birthday post. His life goal isn’t his career, his career is only an enhancement.

      • Totes agree, ladies. I would LOVE for him to be in a gazillion movies a year, as that would feed my personal addiction, which i admit is ridiculous, btw…. 😉 But our guy is human and vulnerable, and by personality all-in. So he works it for us during Show, then he’s all -in for family after that. Which probably will give him better longevity, at least physically and mentally. And spiritually! So good on him. Plus he’s saving the turtles! He’s a RL hero to Mathilda! I looooove that. 😀

    • These are posed photos, not paparazzi photos and they are most probably hanging in the lobby of the Turtle Center as we speak. That’s what this type of photo is used for. Saxon’s pic was used on H50, Alex has allowed Egan to tweet and blog photos of Saxon for the past year, i.e., he’s obviously adjusting as Saxon is growing up as he’s now almost an adult.

      I’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable with it but in this instance I’ve thought about it and am comfortable.

      • hasn’t Clare said any pix with Saxon or Lion no matter where they come from? I say when in doubt don’t post but best to have hits on site amirite?

        • I don’t NEED these pics to have hits on my site and I think it’s terribly rude for you to come out of nowhere and accuse me of being disrespectful to Alex because if you were a regular follower you would know my position on this topic and my history with it.

          If you don’t like what I post, I’d suggest clicking that little X in the top right of your screen. Really that’s all I can suggest.

          • I think it’s terribly rude for you to post pix when you know Alex doesn’t want pix of his sons online. It IS disrespectful to Alex cuz you don’t know if he ok with these. Mayhap he gave permission to the site mayhap he didn’t but you don’t know and he didn’t give permission to you. Waht part of no pix with his sons that Clare has said do you not understand? Should we get Clare here and ask her for the thousandth time to hear same response of no pix with his sons?

              • made perfectly clear you don’t respect Alex and his wishes cuz Clare is in contact with his rep and she said many times that he wants no pix of his sons shared. tag line of respect is nothing but lie here. glad I know now.

                • That’s your opinion and I’m not going to argue with you on it. Obviously you don’t like it here and that’s fine. Please leave or I can block your IP address.

            • How do ANY of us, including the person you mention really know what Alex wants? Are you personally acquainted with him?

          • Sorry to butt in but here goes, There is no one and I mean no one who is more respectful of ALL people not only Alex but his supporters than ESS is and for someone to accuse her of such behavior, well you don’t know her or her sight at all. This sight until recently has been one of if not the only one that doesn’t spew hatred or dislike of any kind. This is a happy place where we can make comments and interact with others who are always respectful. Ess shares with others who greatly appreciates Alex and his career but has NO hidden agenda. Saxon is now 16 years old and in the U.S, of A considered an adult and can make his own choices. Rant over.

            Love these pictures because it is a good picture Alex looks healthy and happy and what a wonderful cause to help ensure the preservation of the sea turtle. Thank you again Ess 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • OK, seriously peeps. Does it occur to anyone that maybe Alex/Saxon pre-approved the pics before the Bora Bora Turtle Center posted them PUBLICLY on their FB page. Saxon is a young man in his own right now. I’m sure he has his own friends/twitter/fb/instagram/etc and wants to share his stuff like any normal teenager.. So this continued “policing” by some of what pics of Alex and/or his family members are permissible is tiresome. He’s a big boy that is a celebrity..pics on the internet are part of that in this day and age. That being said, I’m not in favor of posting OBVIOUS pap pics or pics taken at a private gathering. But THESE pics were posed and taken in a public place. That is something different. I bet Alex’s publicist just cringes when she sees tattletale emails in her inbox. RANT OVER. thank you.

    • That’s fine Titine. I’ve had my hands on many pics I haven’t posted out of respect to Alex and his family. MANY pics.
      Alex’s people can tell me what to post, but the pic police won’t.

  2. ESS, it is perfectly fine to post these pictures in my opinion. It was obviously not taken by some crazy papparazzi hiding in the bushes. Alex posed for this with his son. No harm in posting this picture.

    And by the way, if Alex would ever stumble over this site, he would be proud. Just saying.

  3. I also have some pictures that I do not post but I admit not recognizing Saxon than that.

    On for a previous one had seen the father and son, you could see that they were approximately the same size but after all depends on the angle of the photo.

  4. Such nice pictures! Love the scruff (I am such a sucker for scruff) Too bad comments devolve into the validity of posting these. Clearly he was ok with these getting out there, and it took, what over a month to get out anyway?

    I NEED to go to this place – just think turtles are the greatest. Long frigging plane ride from the east coast though.

      • you gon a think it funny when I email photo agencies and turn your site in for stealing like those set photos you stole from splash you lying disrespectful cunt. way to show how you love and respect a man when you post photos you stole and photos he no want posted.

        • So angry right now!! Don’t think I can say it better than Wanda did, and I know you know there is waaaaaay more love than hate for you ON YOUR OWN blog, but it never hurts to reinforce, I LOVE this place and for as long as you’ll have me I’ll hang here exactly because of the respect you show! I’ve seen you post pics that you thought were AOL approved and then remove them cos you had a teeny tiny bit of doubt, I love that you’re open to a healthy debate and this not just a place for people who agree with 100% (though let’s face it we all come here fr the same reason). I know you’re laughing this off, but it just makes me fume when people come to your house and behave like this! Grrr. Though I must admit calling someone the c word when trying to call the out for being DIRESPECTFUL is too hilarious for words – not the intellect displayed by your usual visitors at all. 😉

          **dismounting my high horse now**

        • wow. I just have no words. do you suppose this person is thrashing about on the floor in a full blown tantrum right now? Are you scared ESS? .

  5. FYI – all comments are now in moderation to be approved. People can think about me what they want but I’m not going to have my friends, the faithful readers of this blog subjected to all this hatred and bullying any more.

    As of this moment, H50BAMF returns to your regularly scheduled humor and respect.

  6. Just a thought, if you’re going to harass and bully someone………….atleast switch your spell check on, coz you don’t want to end up looking like a complete and utter idiot 😉
    Oh, and just because I don’t comment every day it doesn’t mean I don’t love this site or appreciate all the hard work that goes into it, thanks, G’nite

  7. Anyone who KNOWS Ess and this site.. knows she is very respectful of Alex and his wishes. I am in the “He’s a big boy” camp.. if he poses for pic he needs to assume it will be posted. I personally question the validity of supposed claims that he doesn’t want ANY pics of kids posted. If it’s paparazzi.. that’s different and ESS would never post. These are fine. Thanks for sharing.. and as for the trolls.. please go back in to what ever hole you dug out of. You are just another idiot ruining the H50 fandom. Love ya, ESS.

  8. You know, I guess this is irony. Today I’m going public with the words how every visitor is so respectful here, that it is a joy to visit, and bam, minutes later THIS happens.

    So sorry you had to have this happen. I know you shake it off laughing, at least I hope you do. You should, because we do know you and how you operate. Always full of respect and a heavy dose of good humor.

    • “You know, I guess this is irony. Today I’m going public with the words how every visitor is so respectful here, that it is a joy to visit, and bam, minutes later THIS happens.” – so, you’re saying this is your fault? lol! (JOKING!!)

  9. I’m just speechless from so much hate. i like that pic and i saw it first on the Bora Bora Turtle Center by accident. i can’t see something wrong to put it on your page.
    Some people just need someone to attack, these are so poor people and you can’t do much about them – just ignore.

  10. This is why we can’t have nice things, folks – overzealous, bored people that have nothing better to do than police something that is not their job to do. The goodwill to Alex for what he is doing, his ACTIONS should be (and is, for almost ALL of our readers and Ess and the other editors) applauded and appreciated. Not this petty “I know more than you..blah blah blah” cr@p. It’s actually bringing MORE attention to it, where there was little to none before.

    These are not “stolen”. They were publicly posted on the Facebook site of the center. None of the pictures here are “stolen” from anywhere… you can find them on other sites, everywhere. The atmosphere created here by Ess is something that I AM proud of. I’m proud of ESS for creating it, and our readers for embracing it.

  11. I can’t believe what I’ve come here today and found. I guess I should have known the ugly negativity surrounding Alex and H50 would find some wicked way to creep into this beautiful and informative place for Alex and his devoted fans. I’m so
    sorry Ess, and to all of us who love and respect Alex. On one last note I must add that Alex himself has been on national
    television and shown pix of his child. I feel certain he would not object to this photo of Saxon with him last summer.

  12. Oh boy, what a filthy mouth visited you today Ess, but I think this kind of rubbish is actually easily ignored. One stupid isolated incident, I hope. We have your back Ess 🙂
    I agree that with Saxon being older and posing for various pics with Alex, are ok to post.

  13. Oh, boy – I really find it sad that fans argue among each other about stuff like this and accuse Ess of being disrespectful to Alex which she definitely isn’t! Besides, those photos were shared on quite a few other fansites, too!
    Fact is that none of us know 100% what Alex himself wants or not, which is the only reason I won’t share these pictures on my own fansite – just to be 100% sure that I don’t get him mad. Nevertheless, I’m 99.99% convinced that it’s o.k. for him when his fans (!) share those two pictures because you not only find them on the public Facebook page of the Turtle center (https://www.facebook.com/BoraBoraTurtleCenter) BUT, as Ess has stated very correctly, a picture of Saxon was shown on H50 on television (!), and he has been on a photo at the top of Egan Inoue’s Facebook page for months (!), and he’s also old enough to decide if pictures of him should be shown in public or not – He looks like he’s quite comfortable and o.k. with it.
    I’m pretty sure though that Alex does not want pictures of the little ones posted publicly because even when Teilor Grubbs posted a nice photo of Alex with herself and Spike, it was removed from her page quite fast again and I assume she was asked by Alex to remove it. So I recommend not to post or share any photos of the two little ones, and the same applies to any photos that obviously look like they were taken at “private” events.
    As for this site here, I’m totally sure that Ess means no harm at all and so do none of the fans of Alex (incl. myself) who regularly visit and enjoy this fantastic site! We all love Alex and would not do anything that could cause harm to him or his family.
    Keep up the great work, Ess – I’ll always love your site and the great pictures you post!

  14. WOW, the only disrespectful ppl I see on here are those with the rude and insulting comments. As has been said, these pics have been made public on the official Facebook page of the Bora Bora Turtle Center. Therefore they WILL be approved by all ppl involved and thus are allowed to be shared too. Otherwise a memo would’ve long gotten out about not to share them elsewhere. Considering that the Center posted it over a month ago & none such thing took place, keep yourself out of it.

    Really, even if you don’t agree with certain pics being posted you can damn well voice your opinion in a respectful manner & a hell of a lot better attitude. Just what is wrong with some ppl?

    Ess has always been and will always be one of the most respectful fans of Alex Fans of him will ever meet. Before anyone throws stones they better check who they’re nasty about and to first.

    Thank you Ess, these pics are beautiful & show once again how Alex cares.

  15. First of all Ess I’m so sorry for the nasty comments that were made towards you and this place. I love this site, here we can talk and post our comments without have to be harassed by some people like in other pages in FB that I have removed myself because I really don’t have patient to deal with that kind of nasty fans, and we all know who they are.
    second thanks for the pics they are great,.

  16. Wow I just read some of the nasty comments & I had to stop. I’m sorry u have to deal with this sweetie. Your blog brings hot to his fans & we all know you have his best interest in mind every time u post anything. Love you lots & thanks for all your hard work.

  17. Anyone notice that Alex´s shorts look quite filthy. I would have cleaned them up for him 😀
    And I love he adopted a girl turtle, Mathilda 🙂

  18. It is so lovely to see that Alex and his son is doing something for conservation. I am sure it must have been a which of Saxon to do it for his own 16th birthday. Why should we not celebrate them supporting a good course! He is a big boy now and so many children of his age don’t show any care for mother nature. It is refreshing to see father and son doing something like this together!
    Thank you Alex (and Saxon) for keeping it real!!

    • Sorry, my English are failing me again – of course I meant “Saxon’s wish”
      I still really can’t believe, people in this fandom can turn something so pure, great innocent, from this young man into an ugly fight.
      He is clearly a young man with his priorities straight in life – mom and dad (and however else helped raise him), clearly did a better job than the parents of some people in this fandom – who “CARE” so much, that they become foul. 😕

  19. ESS, I’m so sorry this happens to you. But, to be honest, I sort of expected it. Not on your site for sure, because we all meet each other with respect, and we all know you wouldn’t post anything without giving it a serious consideration.

    In English I’m not as good in words as in German 😉 otherwise I could write reams about what I think about those people who disrespect others like they did in this happy place. On the other hand, why bother my head about them…

    If anyone is interested yet: This is the site where the pictures were posted first (sorry, but I don’t know how to shorten the link). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=563118030396082&set=a.563117860396099.1073741829.215257931848762&type=1&theater

  20. Wow! At first I was so happy when I saw the pics and looked there were 36 comments but when I began to read them, I never imagine found this…. So, I want to say that I respect ESS and her blog because I consider she is a truly fan doing a professional work and she gives us the opportunity to express OUR LOVE FOR ALEX. Second point: I think we have to use our common sense, any pic that Alex poses and accepts be taken with his sons doesn’t disrespect him at all because he allowed it ( other blog decided to hide Saxon’s face from these same pics but it’s their decision they made with a public pic ) and third, Alex is supporting another big cause: turtle preservation and I’m sure he is proud to have his son with him., he’s teaching Saxon with his own example.
    I do love these pics………I do love your blog ESS and thank you for giving us another reason to love Alex: A hot scruffed, in shorts, sexy daddy, turtles defender! ❤ and hugs!

  21. Oops, I forgot to comment the pics: When I first saw them I had to look twice to notice Saxon. What a handsome young man! Like his father, who looks happy and healthy and yummy and… 🙂

    Btw, “Mathilda” reminds me of “Waltzing Matilda”. 😉 A coincidence? 😉

  22. Oh! I blithely posted my happy comment and then read on… And what a surprise! 😯
    Clearly someone has never read your blog before. Which is their very sad loss. Coz if nothing else they would enjoy celebrating this actor with the great respect and camaraderie that is ever-present here.

    And for heaven’s sake, the perfect FLR saved a turtle and they are (fabulously) publicizing this so MORE peeps will save a turtle!!! So we should all pull our heads out of our derrières and go DO something good. Follow his example. Best tribute possible. Mathilda probs gots Baybees! Go save em!

  23. love the site love the pics always a thoughtful and respectful blog #1 in my books if you don’t like want’s posted don’t go there and leave simple and let the rest of us enjoy !

  24. Thank you Ess for sharing this nice pic of Alex he does look great .So handsome and saving turtles he’s a real hero. I come here everyday and I love this place and other sites because of the respect not only for Alex but also for each other. We can be silly fangirls and still be adults .{{{{HUGS}}}} for you Ess because you make me smile everyday.<3<3<3<3<3

  25. (((HUGS))) ESS – I can’t believe this.. I just can’t.
    Love this site, Love coming here, but not today. I have more respect for ESS and other posters of this site.
    This upsets me big time 😦 How someone can come and be so rude is just.. I gotta go!!

    • We are really sorry you are upset & totally understand. We hope to see you again when you have taken the time you need. *hugs*

      • Thank you. It’s just I come here after a long or ugly day at work and it’s cheers you up. Not today!! Thanks again for all the great work ESS and others 🙂

  26. I wondered why my comment was waiting moderation on the other post. What hatred there is. I for one respect ESS and she knows what to post and not to post. That’s all I’ll say.
    As to the pics good to see Alex and Saxon having time out together

  27. That man just looks so beautiful with the scruff and the hair and that white shirt (I love those polos)! I have to stop looking or I’m dying of an overdose of gorgeousness 😉 – unnfff !!!

  28. ❤ mwa Ess <3! WE know you and your ethics.
    keep up the good work.
    Alex knows perfectly what he's doing.
    These pics are great so let's enjoy the sight and our site, we Alex's fans.

  29. Now that the bile has settled down in my throat…

    Just wanted to say that there are only a handful of places devoted to Alex that I’m absolutely sure he’d be pleased and honored to visit at any time and this is one of them! The love and respect always shown for Alex by you ESS and your faithful visitors oozes!

    Also…Alex is saving turtles! And my life is in further ruins. ❤

  30. Friends, thank you for your support, it’s greatly appreciated.

    If you’d like to continue to talk about the photos, please do so….but I’d like to close comments regarding the earlier hateful posts and posters. Let’s not give them any more of our energy.

    I’m going to keep the moderation in place so as not to subject you all to the repeated hateful and threatening comments being made by this person. Conversation may slow at night as I get some shut eye but my editors and I will try to release comments as soon as possible. Thank you all for your support and love.


  31. Thanks for posting these awesome pics ESS! Alex looks wonderful! So relaxed and happy….it is so evident how much he enjoys spending time with his lovely son. I love how he is instilling his ‘give back’ attitude to his child. It’s just one more reason to adore him.
    Love you ESS and everything you do here.

  32. I love these pictures of Alex and Saxon enjoying their time together for a good cause! I go to this site every day and it brings me joy. Thank you Ess for giving us an outlet to comment on this wonderful man. Don’t be discouraged by toxic people. You have many supporters here, and I’m proud to say I’m one of them.

    Mwah and keep up the great work!

  33. Thank you very much for sharing with us these pics. I think that Alex always enjoy his time with a purpose. Not only with his son’s company but doing something good. This cause is great and Mathilda has very lucky by having a godfather like him.

    I’m sorry that some people encroach our special and respectful place but you know very well that we are always here with you, enjoying and having fun. Thank you Ess, Kim, SJ and all the girls who come everyday and comment and making this blog unique. So is not only yours it’s our special place! Hugs to all.

  34. I can’t help it, I have to chime in to support you and ACA the love! Also, I am wondering what is happening Next Tuesday? Hahahaha. (I hope you get that). Yes, nice pics! Saving a turtle, for crying out loud. What next? Just put a cape on the man ….and take the pants off. Thanks for all you do. Xoxo.

  35. Holy crapola, ladies! Everyone’s going on and on about Alex and someone named Saxon–so I feel that I must say it–how do you think Mathilda feels? Totally ignored 🙂

    ESS, you know I love you and support you–I came late to the blog tonight and it blew my mind with all the trash talk. What’s wrong with those people? Anyway, ignore the idiots.

    And focus on poor Mathilda–one lucky little turtle girl. I wonder if he picked the name, or if the name is why he picked her for adoption. Too bad they weren’t holding their adoptees–he could have been waltzing with Mathilda (okay, that was bad–you can ban me for my bad jokes). Have a good night! MWAH!

  36. Wow!! I love the photos and think that Alex would enjoy that fact that they make so many people happy. I also think that he would think that it was ridiculous that it made so many people happy but that is how a humble character works!!! I myself love the power that comes when good people share an interest and respect one another. Great things can be accomplished. I enjoy this site very much though I have not had the time to always comment. I appreciate what Ess does and those of you who bring a smile to my face. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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