Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOLoughlin #H50

Papasote rico!!


Mahalo to @mymaximus for this little treat. 🙂

Anyone care to give me other terms of affection/adoration/attraction in their native tongue? I’m running out of english words. lol! I may have to add them to the BAMF speak dictionary because I will forget. lol.


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  1. In Swiss German we would call him a “Schnügel” 😆 !!!
    That’s something really sweet, cute and cuddly, and nice to touch (!!), it goes directly to ones feelings. It’s used for both male/female, but mostly for boys and younger men! A “Schnügel” has soft and delicate facial features and a charming manner!
    It’s also used for pets, to describe them as cozy!
    The word actually fits the picture, because he looks like the best “to-be son-in-law” 😉 with his nice button down and shy smile!!

  2. Wow…just W.O.W. I love this pic in color (yellow plaid..yay)…but the b&w is absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! He is so beautiful it actually hurts to look at him (and I’m not just talking about my lady parts)!!!

  3. Oh, and I don’t really speak any other languages..except incoherent..that I’m fluent in!

  4. Chest hair angels!! Plaid p0rn!! *dies happily* *typing from the other world* I could translate alskdjfgh into my mother tongue: ěéšíčářýžť…

  5. I could find Welsh descriptions maybe but truly there are no words to describe the way this glorious man makes me feel!!!!!

  6. Ok how about …golygus,synhwyrus ac gwych. Roughly translated Handsome, Sensual and wonderful. Hmmm don’t think there’s a Welsh word for Unnfff!!!

    • I *love* that you thought about it and came back with something! ❤

      "golygus,synhwyrus ac gwych" is that all one saying? oh wait, that's "handsome, sensual and wonderful". d'oh! I got it now.

    • Yikes! I’m going to have to ask my Welsh brother-in-law how to pronounce these. I can almost do the double l’s (as in Lloyd) but that’s it 🙂

  7. OK so as a Scot my mother tongue is English, but down here in the South East we’d call him Braw! Though I agree with Welshgirl (love Wales btw) that no words do him justice! Though thinking about describing him in Scots did make me realise I’d really really like to see him in full Highland Dress!! I He’s Australian, so surely there is a decent chance he’s a wee bit Scottish! A girl can dream……

      • My friends and I have a theory that highland dress makes a guy 10% more attractive no matter where they are starting from…10% more attractive AOL… that would need to be registered as a lethal weapon!!

      • If you’re kidding its very cruel? I think I maybe read something like that ages ago but probably didn’t trust the source!!! Right, the campaign is on Alex or McG(I’m not fussy) in a kilt please!!!

        • We should have both–O’Loughlin and McGarrett are different clans, right? Different colors and patterns, yay!

          He said it a few times in interviews, and he’s an “O'” name, so that sounds right.

  8. Love Max, love ESS, cuz I LOVE Alex!
    And this one is clearly indescribable in any language. 😉
    Thank you, girls. ❤ ❤

  9. Great, great picture. As CG66 said WOW 😯 and I totally agree. I um.. Totally agree!! WOW!!

    P.S. another picture to distract me during the week. Thanks 😉 (((HUGS)) ESS

  10. In Italian you would say – uomo magnifico (a gorgeous man). There’s nothing like Alex in plaid and even better in b&w!!

    • Lord I love Italian. Everything sounds amazing in Italian. Alex claims to speak a little Italian. I would die. Happy. 😀

    • Yep, “snuggle” sounds similar and suits Alex very well, now you have to pronounce the “s” like the s in “sugar” and the “ü” really is difficult to explain, but anyway, having fun is what counts 😉 !

  11. I could look into those eyes all day! I hear that men who wear kilts don’t have underwear on. So, just a breeze at the right time, and the kilt flap would open to reveal the FOY!! I can dream.

  12. Sigh! Another wonderful picture…. In German, I love to call Alex “Schnuckel” which is similar to the Swiss German term ‘Schnügel’, I guess, which seems to be a fan favorite above. Schnuckel is a very handsome or cute guy who makes you want to hug him 🙂 Just the perfect term for Alex! The corresponding adjective describing Alex would be “schnuckelig” 😉

  13. Is that picture from 2.01! The episode or BTS stuff? I remember him wearing a shirt like that from Max’s friend!

  14. I sometimes wonder if what Cath says to all that stuff that happened to him in the beginning of season 2, the prison, the injured part, the kiddnapping part! He must have told her about it! A fangirl mind at work 😉 !

    • The fact they glossed all that over is a constant problem with me. The fact McG didn’t get to talk about it with anyone, Cath, Danny, MaryAnn. my only hope now is that one day he’ll tell Doris and she’ll have to deal with knowing he was tortured because of her. Maybe that will give me a little satisfaction. little, but i’ll take it.

  15. Today I had a day!!!!!! ….but I’m so happy you tittled this B&W beautiful pic “papasote rico” . TY ESS <3…..and I have to explain to the other girls what it means: papasote is a superlative of papa and it the way you call the man you love with madness ( has a very strong erotic connotation) and he likes to feel he owns you ….( Men in latin culture are usually very possesive with their women, like italian men, right Karen?) And rico is an adjective that means that he's physically so delicious.
    I like schnugel and smisno!!! :o)

  16. I love all these terms y’all!! In the next few weeks before S4 starts I’m going to work on some of these. I may need to ask you for help. So much fun! Add some more if you think of any.

    • Maybe sawyer from Lost can head over and come up with a cool nick name! I’d love to see him as the really bad guy! Just imagine him and mcg having a fist fight on the shore, half sand half ocean (wet to the bones!!!), unnff!
      I’d die happily 😉 !

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