BTS pic from #H50 filming yesterday 8/22/13 #AlexOLoughlin #LawrenceKao

“Doing a scene with Alex O’Loughlin was the shit. Highlight of my trip hands down.”

Mahalo to Lawrence for sharing the pic and his feelings with us. I kinda like him. 🙂

082213 IamLawrenceKao IGMany mahalos for waking up and having the heads up on this overnight treat to @heyD50, Alex O’Loughlin Journal and Andrea!



17 thoughts on “BTS pic from #H50 filming yesterday 8/22/13 #AlexOLoughlin #LawrenceKao

  1. Ooops – my comment disappeared!
    Here again my powerfully eloquent words:
    Surprise surprise. His shirt is blue.
    I wonder if somedays he will get a shaka-cramp or a shaka-elbow? Or a pinkie finger strain trauma? Poor baby.

  2. It is so nice of alex to take time and do all those pictures with this people and much nicer that you’re allowed to post them so WE can enjoy them!
    It’s making waiting much more bearable 😊!! Thank you!

  3. He’s really been busy BTS in that blue shirt this week (has he done any “work” or he just goofing off for us?). Love the stroller ladies lurking in the background, just out for a walk, la la la la la . . .

  4. Well DUH, we already know that doing a scene with Alex would be the highlight of anyone’s trip, he is the best and it’s been proven time and time again how nice he is to everyone. Loving the fact that wardrobe has been listening now they just need to expand the color palette to include maybe GREEN, RED, BROWN please and thank you 🙂

  5. Looking good, Alex! I love all the new pictures. We went through a dry spell when H50 was on break so now we’re making up for it, and I am enjoying it! Thank you!

  6. It always kills me how spontaneously nice Alex is with everybody……. I bet he wouldn’t mind to take a pic with the two ladies even with the empty strollers. Lol! ………I can’t wait for tomorrow: Alex’s birthday!!!

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