Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

From the set of Moonlight 2/4/08

2008 February 04 actors Wyatt & Chelsea Smith with AlexPic credit not known


16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. There he has such wonderful blue eyes, I guess that’s natural 😉 ! His face is gorgeous!
    Somebody said recently that the tv folks uses special filter in the shows!

    • Hawaii Five-0 definitely uses filters for most of their episodes. They shoot them with a strong warm filter or something. When I cap sometimes they’re so overly done, I have to change the setting to try and calm down the colors. Some episodes not as bad as others but 3.20 and 3.14 are big standouts.

  2. He’s done it again.. so damn adorable with the kids! Also, I have never found any other man sexy while wearing a beenie. His long fingers and nose…unff!! My lady parts are wide awake! 😉 His lips are like the cherry on top of a delicious Alex sundae. MMMmmm…I’d love to twist his stem around in my mouth. 😛

  3. OMG! That big kid is going to grow up to be one handsome man!! One of these days that face is going to kill me, but until then, I will enjoy it everyday!! Great picture. You are amazing, Ess.

  4. Sounds like this was a new one for some of you, YAY!! Happy I can supply you with a new treat. ❤
    Even if it'st old to everyone else, it's still a treat!! Yummy, adorable Daddy Alex. ❤

  5. Yes! This is new for me TY!!! It’s a treasure…he’s so adorable being a big boy with little children. Just to imagine how is he with baby Lion melts my heart. In this pic he’s a papacito lindo<3.

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