BTS pic from yesterdays H50 filming #AlexOLoughlin

Thanks to Alex O’Loughlin’s Place for the find and mahalo Matthew Gregory Facebook for the pic!

Looks like it was taken late yesterday.


Alex is photobombing this guy to the left who thinks his pic is being taken πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “BTS pic from yesterdays H50 filming #AlexOLoughlin

  1. So is that Alex in the picture, I zoomed in earlier and I don’t think it is?? What is going on? I love the sigh!!

    • It’s Alex or else the guy who took the pic lied. He says on his FB page that he hung out with Alex and another pic of the sign saying H50 was filming there. I didn’t see those until after I posted this or I would have included it.

  2. Ha! Alex “bombs away, dreambabies!” It took me awhile to focus on all the non-Alex items–is that Max with his hand on Commander McGarrett?

  3. LOL!!! Poor guy, he even took a pose… is Alex with his other uniform, the blue shirt……anyway I love him ….the bottles, the bar triggered a memory when Alex was very young and worked as a barman. . I have a pic on FB.

    • Oh yeah, that pic is so cute and funny. Looks like Alex…but not really. Funny how he’s really changed over the years. Some do and some ppl look exactly the same.

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