White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

I know, this is almost cruel…

The face with the eyebrow

The nimble fingers on the tie

The stopping …  😦




36 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Black & white!! Very nice, this one!! But wait, where’s the rest of the undressing?? Surely it continued right down to the pants, right? P.S.: I like your kind-of-haiku that goes with the pics…

  2. Yes, he really should undress more often 😀!
    And he is quick with only one hand, just imagine how fast he’d be using both!!!

  3. As much as I love epi 2.16 (it’s one of my favorites) I’m always having a hard time watching Alex during this period of his life. But it’s history and nowadays he looks too gorgeous for words.
    However undressing Steve is always a good thing 😉 . And look at his skillful fingers, his fine motor skills must be amazing! Just think about… live long and perspire…. 🙂

  4. I think his hands shrunk with the rest of his body, too 😦
    So hoping for more tux Steve in so 4! Want to see his manlier hands fiddling with various bits 😀

    • Although he wasn’t feeling well at this time and looked thin, i still loved his hands and those veins were terrific!

  5. That was the episode with the sad sister story, steve listening to her story about the russian scumbag was alex at his best, his face changing from emotional caring to anger and disgust (when he realises who’s baby it was) was so brilliantly acted! I’ve watched it so many times, that i feel sorry for myself 😉 !!!

    • ACAxBL2I&B buttercup!!

      Alex was sooooo beyond powerful in that scene where the sister is telling her story. He was seething with anger just barely keeping it from boiling over. You saw it in his face and in his body language yet he was calm and soothing to the victim. I love that about McG, the way he can compartmentalize his anger. His face gives me chills and not in the way it normally does.

      It was really one of Alex’s finest moments as McG IMO.

      • Yes yes yes to both of you! I love the subtleties of his acting, the emotional display you can see in his face! That’s a reason why I love this episode.
        And I love McG for caring and for standing up for those who can’t do it for themselves and for not being desensitized because he has seen so much inhumanity and ferocity.

    • buttercup and leiCa, thank you for initiating this conversation about the episode. You’ve given me a great idea for the blog that I’m discussing with Kim. Stay tuned…. ❤

      • I have to admit, I love those McG emotional scenes so much! Like the one he tells that woman that her newly wedded husband is dead! How she restrains and he tries to hold her and hug her, ahhhh! I could watch for ages!
        I guess, I have a sick mind there!

        • Then I have the same sick mind! I love this scenes to pieces. But that is because we all know that Steve can become in a blink of an eye a badass BAMF, a fighter, a warrior. Yet he has not forgotten how to be sympathetic.

  6. I just want to say continues, because although i love to see you with tuxedo, I like you better with less clothing as possible.

    The gifs are great Ess. TY

  7. Like everybody he had a bad time but still looked so attractive…I’ m not really well informed how bad it was, however it’s good that everybody cares about him .Fortunatelly he’s a phoenix!!!!!.
    I guess Alex has developed such fine motor finger skills to undress himself with one hand and take off a bra, a panty with the other…..uhmmm and kissing with eyes closed………I would love I could prove my hypothesis and of course I offer myself to make the tests , hehehehe!

  8. Steve be nimble
    Steve be quick
    Drop your pants
    and show us your (FOY!)

    Forgot what he was doing with his right hand–dialing his phone? All I know is he’s a multi-talented guy 🙂

  9. OMG!!! love the veins in the back of his hands, which I was laying down looking up at him undressing, or better yet watching those hands undress me…twitch twitch

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