40 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. This was super sexy. Cuz he’s just being. Him and his mates, hanging out, surfing, hitting up the 7-11. Like a regular guy.
    Only he looks like Alex O’Loughlin.

    • Can you imagine? You’re going to work at 8-11 that day thinking, i hate my job (because most ppl do), customers can be a PITA, the slurpee machine is backed up and then in walks this^^^^ shirtless, pants hanging low, sporting a new cool haircut, the very picture of health and sexiness… *sigh*. I wonder if they’re hiring??

      • I would become the slowest 7-11 clerk ever at that point–draw it all out as long as possible (I’m sure that would happen anyway because I’d be falling all over myself). Then I’d make a copy of the security tape.

        He’s so damn cute with that wallet! But he really should learn to put it away while he’s in the store lest someone runs by and snatches it from him while he’s fuddling with it outside.

        • Hee hee i’m picturing myself doing a run by on Alex.

          Officer to Alex: sir, did they steal your wallet?
          Alex: naw, Mate.
          Officer to Alex: Did they steal your watch or any other valuables?
          Alex: Nae, mate. They just grabbed my ass and kept running!!

  2. He is thin, but oh my he is sexy! The FWA wrapping around his hips and that delicious happy trail is making my tongue twitch! I could chew that belt buckle off just to get to the end of that glorious patch of happiness! YUMMM!

  3. 7/11 bag is the ANTI-scooter here. It’s killing my girlSquee

    I probably would despise grocery shopping a lot less if there was the possibility of ^^that there.

  4. Love the happy trail, our boy doesn’t manscape, now that’s a hairball I wouldn’t mind. Sorry did I say that out loud, heck I’m not sorry you know you were thinking it tooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 😉 Now I can’t stop singing Happy Trails to you until we meet again 🙂

  5. I always liked this picture because it’s Alex just being himself. I love, love the low shorts and that glimpse of the happy trail! Lurxgirl, if you take the belt off, I’m hoping the shorts will just fall down so we can get a look at that FOY!!! I hope Malia knows how lucky she is to have this man as her partner.

  6. Cant believe no one has mentioned the studded belt. Rawrrr! Other men it would look silly to me, especially with just a pair of shorts and slippahs but dammit if he doesn’t pull off the whole look.

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