Three Rivers Episode 12 “Case Histories” #AlexOloughlin

Sorry for the late post, real life jumped in the way of my fangirling this weekend. Mucho thanks to Ess for understanding and not firing me! Onto this week’s recap – my last one 😦

Patient #1 – Sanegun, a Korean woman in need of cornea transplants

Patient #2 – Jill Hollis, a young pregnant woman caught shoplifting

Patient #3 – Lester Dimes – congenital heart failure patient of Dr. Andy’s

Medical issue – There are multiples in this episode, but they all swirl around embracing your past and change for the future. The future in taking better care of yourself, and the future of surgical advancements.


A Korean woman is on a plane looking at the Korean version of Sky Mall. The pilot announces that they will be running into some turbulence and suddenly the plane lurches violently, causing the oxygen masks to drop.
At Three Rivers, Dr. Foster, Dr. Andy and Dr.Lee come across a debonair surgeon telling a story in the hallway. Oh NO! There’s another cardio thoracic wizard in da house! Dr. Luc Bovell, who trained with Andy under the elder Dr. Fosters tutelage back in the day, is recounting a surgery story to an enraptured group. We definitely get the vibe that Dr Andy is not a fan, and Dr. Miranda is REALLY not a fan.

TIme to mark your territory, Dr. Andy

Time to mark your territory, Dr. Andy

Is Andy jealous? We find out immediately that Dr. Bovell has a much different manner than our dear Dr. Andy. In telling his story, Dr. Luc fails to mention that the patient in the story died a week after the transplant . Dr. Luc didn’t mention it because he didn’t remember that part. So, now we see it… Dr Luc is not a people person. Our wonderful Dr. Andy shines through in this scene, and I’m not just talking about the epic eyerolls!(seriously, there was EPIC eyerolling in this episode) We find out from Dr. Jordan that Dr. Luc is at Three Rivers to oversee installation and training on the new Raposo robotic surgical system. (All I could think about was that commercial wanting you to be a part of the “Bad Robot Surgery” lawsuit. Bad Robot!)

And reminded me of LOST, because Bad Robot is JJ Abrams production company name.

And reminded me of LOST, because Bad Robot is JJ Abrams production company name.

A very pregnant woman is shoplifting in Babies R Us and is caught by security. She tries to run, but goes through a plate glass window and is cut badly. Her name is Jill Hollis and she arrives at Three Rivers with a severed artery in her forearm. Dr. Lisa takes her case and they can’t find a heartbeat on the baby. Come to find out, there never was a baby. It’s just…”fluid” this girl had been retaining a LOT of water y’all! Dr. Lisa asks Dr. Miranda for a consult and Jill tells them that she hasn’t seen a Dr. since she found out she was pregnant – because she couldn’t afford it.

Dr. Luc is talking to Dr. Lisa and OH NO he ISN’T poaching Dr. Andy s girl! Dr. Luc tries his smarmy wiles on Dr. Lisa, asks her how long she’s been at TR but Dr. Andy struts in, like a peacock with its feathers flying, and says “long enough to meet me” which, in reality for most of us would be, oh .0034 seconds.

Step off my woman

Step off my woman

Dr. Andy sees his patient Lester Dimes in the hallway and he’s having a heart pain. He asks Lester if he had been exercising and Lester tells Dr Andy that he’s been at the driving range. Dr Andy says that’s not exercise and I yell “yes it is!” Even though im pretty sure it’s not. Lester is eventually going to need a heart transplant in the future, but it might not be his heart this time…..

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Luc see Lester getting a stress test. Dr. Luc says that he is a good candidate for bypass grafting surgery with the Raposo. He tells Lester that the surgery could postpone the need for a transplant by a decade. Dr. Sophia has the good grace to look uncomfortable with Dr. Luc speaking about this in front of Dr. Andy’s patient.

Ryan and Dr. Lee are at the elevator when Dr. Guerreri the opthamologist asks for’s the woman from the plane! She’s blind after the turbulence. She had shoddy lasik done and after the loss of pressure in the cabin she ruptured her corneas. Confused as to why Dr. Guerreri is telling him this,  Dr Lee drops that he’s the owner and pilot of a Cessna (!)  – clearly Dr. Lee is from a priveledged family. Alas, the eyedoc just wants him because the woman only speaks Korean and he needs Dr Lee to translate. Dr. Lee seems reluctant to help.


Dr. Lee tries to tells her that she is blind because of the plane issue, but it becomes apparent that his Korean is not fluent. She believes that she will be permanently blinded when Dr Lee has a hard time coming up with the translation for cornea transplant and she gets increasingly agitated and asks him to leave. This is the first time that we see a vulnerable side to Dr. Lee, and I find it quite intriguing.

Jill is telling her not baby daddy Bobby the news and pushing him away. Dr Miranda comes in to drain the fluid from Jill’s abdomen, which doesn’t sound fun at all. Jill crashes and after she is stabilized, Miranda sees Bobby in the hallway and tries to find out about Jill’s family life. He says that Jill has had a rough life, but that she really straightened out when she thought she was pregnant. Aww…. Bobby seems like a really good kid!!! Jill’s condition is being caused by end stage liver disease and she needs a transplant. She realizes that she has done this to herself with too much partying. First she finds out that she wasn’t pregnant and now she needs a liver…girls got some heavy stuff to process.


Andy isn’t thrilled that Luc has spoken about treatment with his patient and he confronts Luc. Andy lists out the ways that Luc has failed his patients, and we see that they are polar opposites. Andy sees patients as people, Luc sees them as surgeries and accolades. Andy storms off to Dr. Jordan to complain and although she can’t argue with the issues, she tells him that it’s all up to Lester to decide now. Despite Dr. Andy’s arguments, Lester decides on the robotic surgery.

Lester and Andy are in the OR with the Raposo and Dr. Luc. Dr. Luc starts performing the robot surgery and does it seem a little jerky to you guys? I kind of thought it was less than steady. Everyone is watching this groundbreaking surgery in the gallery.
In the transplant comittee, Miranda advocates for Jill despite Sophia and the social worker being against it. Dr. Andy of course, vouches for her (always championing the underdog)! Miranda finds that Jill had auto immune hepatitis and her liver was going to fail regardless of her past actions. This information changes things and they get her listed. Jill isn’t thrilled when she finds out. She doesn’t want to give up drinking and smoking. Miranda tells her that she had been doing it while she thought she was pregnant and she can do it again. She still says no, and we can feel how scared and alone and sad she is. Dr.Miranda tells Jill that she is running from they possibility of living life.  Bobby shows back up for her. They hug, and we are left to assume that she agrees to have the transplant

Lester is in trouble. He’s got a huge clot from surgery. They only way to save him is to have another surgery with Dr. Andy operating from one end of the clot and Dr. Luc operating the Raposo from the other end. The symbolism here is great – the hands on Dr.  AND the detatched surgeon need to work together to save a patient. I love this about Three Rivers because it would be so easy to vilify the “heartless” doctor to make the Dr. Andy character look like a hero, but they don’t do that. They show that robotic “emotionally detached”” surgery is just as necessary as a hands on surgeon. They perform surgery and looking as if they were snapping a wishbone, Dr. Andy gets his piece and Dr. Luc grabs the other piece. Lester is saved

Lester survives the surgery. Dr Andy’s bedside manner wins again. Dr. Luc’s meanwhile…not so much as he hasn’t gone to see Lester. Dr. Jordan slaps him down a notch and tells him that he will be seeing Lester, and that’s why he isn’t as good as Andy..and why Andy will eventually be running Three Rivers Hospital and Dr. Luc never will. You see in his eyes that he knows that this is true.

Dr Lee is seeing the Korean girl off in the plane. I dont think I would be that quick to get on a plane again, would you? I mean, isn’t that how she got here in the first place? I’d be taking another week’s vacation at least

Andy and Luc are toasting one another for their success. Andy keeps asking Luc when he is leaving,  but we hear that Luc is planning on staying to cover for another doctor who is out on leave with an ill mother. Andy is less than thrilled, and toasts the mother to have a speedy recovery

Cheers, mate!

Cheers, mate!


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Interesting episode, in that it was quite different from the others. We get a bit of background on Dr. Andy, Dr. Miranda, and Dr. Lee – and I think that this might have led to a bigger story arc in the future. I was especially interested in hearing more about Dr.Lee’s upbringing, and why he felt almost guilty about not having much interest in his Korean ancestry. He mentioned something about needing to “fit in” and I’d like to have learned more about that.

There was no donor story! I guess that they went to the cornea store to get Sanegun’s new corneas. Also, Jill only got listed for transplant – her storyline was more about her medical issues and her past than it was about her transplant. That’s a departure from the norm. I wonder if she was meant to be a recurring patient.

I loved >> LOVED the reactions of Andy to Luc. Andy has never been one to flaunt his superiority over others, but he sure did it around Dr. Luc, and he did it with his usual grace. From being the one to recognize the patient had not lived in Dr Luc’s transplant story, to claiming Dr. Lisa as his, and finally – claiming Three Rivers as HIS. It was great to see him triumph over someone who it seemed he may have let have the spotlight in the past. NO MORE!!

Alex took his “GORGEOUS” pills in this episode too. The eyerolls killed me dead, and he was stunning in every shot. Which leads me to… PICSPAM!!!

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  1. Nicely done, Kimmer!!! Too bad there aren’t more eps for you to review! Show was getting better and better, really starting to find its feet, IMO. Sigh. 😦

    The Korean chick was most definitely blind, given how short tempered she was with Dr. Lee. Had she been able to see the dude, I think she’d’ve forgiven his pigeon Korean. Just say’n. 😉 And Dr. Andy DID take his pretty pills. Loved to see him in fighting mode, for his patient and indeed for Lisa. Oy! The hormones kicked into overdrive!! LOVED the rivalry with Luc! I also loved Miranda’s smart-ass around Dr. Luc. 😆 She got in a good line to Dr. Lee too, about him running from his past as much as she was. I really liked her character and kinda wish they’d get her on 5-0. She’d play a great smart-ass trouble maker… plus I wanna see her and Alex fist bump again.

    Ya know, this ep was shot only a couple months before the 5-0 pilot was shot, yet Andy looks so different from McG, and it isn’t Alex’s physical person, cuz the hair and the age and the muscles are pretty exact. It’s his acting. There is a kinda incredible lightness of being to Dr. Andy. He’s a man who is cool and comfortable with himself, his place in the world, his life (even in the face of the impending divorce), and his fate. He’s made his peace and his physicality shows that. He seems to walk, to scurry almost weightlessly, thru that hospital as tho making hardly any noise. His posture is beautiful, his bearing very erect. He is weighted down by nothing. McG is quite different. His facial expressions are way more intense, with always something seeming to lurk in the back of his mind. His movement is another human being entirely. McG’s muscles are the first thing you notice. He stalks rather than walks, shoulders and biceps first, as if being propelled forward by them. He is rarely still, and seems always coiled and ready to spring. And while he can be quiet as a ninja, you feel like you would notice him coming at you and wanna move the hell outta the way!

    I find that remarkable. Same actor, same weight, same hair, same age. But totally different guy.

    • I’ve always been amazed at how Alex can change his “appearance” to match a role. Like you said, it’s the same good-looking guy, but then again, it isn’t. It’s really a gift that he has. And you are spot-on about his movements. I’ve always said that McG has a sexy “lope” kind of cocky and self-assured. Dr. Andy is just…. zen. Still self-assured, cocky but in a very different way – he just KNOWs he’s in the right place, KNOWs he can handle anything. It would have been interesting to see Dr. Andy get rattled out of that place. But, we will never see that.

      Thanks for the kudo’s!

    • This is such a perfect descriction how Alex perfects his characters. He himself is not only totally different from his character, but he manages to always give us unique characters he simply makes his own.

      There are a few pictures out there where you can see Alex behind the scenes and in the next second Steve ready to shoot. SO amazing.

  2. Fantastic blog and with some absolutely gorgeous pics of Dr. Andy, too. This was definitely worth waiting for. Thanks, Kim!
    And, by the way, you’re doing a much too good job on these blogs for Ess to fire you 🙂 – Well, you both do a great job and so does Steph. I hope I didn’t forget to mention anyone… 😉

  3. You know Kim?. Any day of the week is a good day for fangirl Tree Rivers and you always do a great job so it is always welcome and appreciated!!! yesterday I was so busy that I only began to see it but I end it today, sincerely I don’t know how you do this so professionally besides your normal working day… it’s better late than never. I’m beginning to feel a little nostalgic already with these last episodes.

    • Awww…thank you so much! I admit that some nights I don’t get a lot of sleep…..but that’s because I’m a procrastinator and wait until the last minute to do things!

      But, let’s be honest, being up late working on an Alex O’Loughlin blog makes for some sweet dreams…..

  4. I know, how can it be that Alex and Daniel just got more and more cute as the show went on? And Alex’s eye rolls crack me up. He is so good at it. Dr. Andy took control of the hospital. It was HIS way it seemed. Good job Kim as usual so not much to add.

    So glad to get the H50 repeats because I’ve started Moonlight again and keep watching Three Rivers and Moonlight over and over. Just can’t get enough AOL for sure. Thanks for this summer season review. 1 more left 😢 – Brenda

  5. Great recap Kim! Don’t worry, I’d never fire you.. You are one in a million, babe. ❤

    I found it interesting that at this point in the series, knowing it was ending in one more week, that they chose to bring in a new character. I'm guessing it was only to show how much Dr. Andy has grown, and to show his authority and leadership skills not only in the OR but on the floor and with patients. (even though he felt he struggled a few wks ago when Dr. Jordan was gone) It served to solidify that Andy had moved on from Rena and now firmly felt himself with Lisa (lucky girl). So that was a nice little tie up there. Then we get Dr. Jordan putting Luc in his place by informing him that Andy has the skills AND the bedside manner and that's why he will one day run Three Rivers. It's also why we love him. I was happy to have all the things we love about him said out loud. (besides the ridiculously hot thing)

    Bad Robot – I think of Fringe and the new Star Trek series 🙂

    I've been waiting to get to this episode specifically for the Dr. Lee story line. See, this is what we missed out on H50, a really good storyline that lets Daniel Henney shine. I thought it was very sweet and touching and it also served in a way to let us know how his future might go with all the talk of him going into the ophthalmologist side of transplant. I thought that was very cool…not everyone has to follow in Dr. Andy's footsteps. 😉

    OMG next week is the end y'all!!! adkjfa;ldjfka;sdlfkja;sdlfkja;sdfjk
    Normally I would have started on it and almost had it complete by now but I have to admit…I'm reluctant to do it. 😦 I don't want it to end!! I get emotional every time I think about that last episode. In case you don't know what it's about here's a teaser….. it returns to the beginning and Kuol's story takes center stage. You know it's going to be good, no matter how the story goes…. See y'all next wk! and don't be surprised if it's a little late being posted. lol.

    • Yeah, I was kind of suprised that they intro’d a new character this late too.. then again, I guess that they just decided to run with what they had planned. I liked that they had him stand up to Luc about Lisa – it gave me the warm fuzzies.

      Yes! The new Star Trek Series! Wasn’t a Fringe watcher… but that Bad Robot thing stuck in my head.

      In the interest of time/space I sort of glossed over the whole Dr. Lee story (even more than it was glossed over in the actual episode!). They really were laying some groundwork to delve deeper into this character that, up until now (with a few exceptions) has been considered to be the smooth playboy of the bunch. He seemed genuinely uncomfortable being asked to translate – almost like he had spent time/effort trying to distance himself from his background. Then, when speaking with Sanegun, he seemed embarassed that he had turned his back on his ancestry. There was definitely a storyline there.

      Good luck with next week! Waaaah!

  6. Great summary. Loved it. Thanks 🙂
    Love when Lester Dimes comes in and describes his pain to Dr. Andy and Dr. Andy responds with “Hmmm” and Lester looks at Dr. Andy and says “Hmmm.. What does that mean??” and Dr. Andy says “It’s medical shorthand for “Let’s go do a bunch of tests!” 🙂 and the jello part in Lester room. You got to see some humor from Dr. Andy 🙂

  7. I just got to watch the episode tonight myself – so sick of real life messing up my schedule too!
    I loved this episode, even though it’s the second to last and it kind of grossed me out. I’m not a fan of the surgery close-ups and all that icky stuff, I have to do the peek through my hands thing.

    The Dr Luc is such a great foil to Dr. Andy – clearly just as talented, but nowhere near the human being our favorite dr is. I also like that they didn’t make him the one note, done to death, Evil Egotistical Doctor Who Stampedes Feelings.
    Probably my favorite line in the whole show is the “since she met me” line. (followed closely by Ryan telling David that he likes pushing the elevator button only because it drives him nuts – BURN)

    Miranda is so growing on me, she just goes to bat for her patients – she is so tough and thorny, but really has the caring doctor thing down, as her dealing with her patient showed. Would be nice to have seen where the whole Andy/Miranda/Dr Luc working together would have gone. Hmpf.

    Andy’s eye rolls are the best, men rarely can pull those off, but AOL certainly does – spectacularly. I could go on and on and on and on about how incredibly gorgeous he is but would never get anything else done….

    • “The Dr Luc is such a great foil to Dr. Andy – clearly just as talented, but nowhere near the human being our favorite dr is. I also like that they didn’t make him the one note, done to death, Evil Egotistical Doctor Who Stampedes Feelings” – ACA!! Agreed that they did a good job about not making him a caricature of the evil doctor and foil of Dr. Andy. Andy didn’t get all gooey with him and forgive him in the end, he still wants him ‘gone’ lol BUT they came to an agreeable work relationship and that was nice in the same way we saw that competitive, mark my territory side of Andy come out. We saw him in a slightly different light than the “angelic Dr. Andy”. Oh there was so much more to learn about these characters and so much more story to be told. FU CBS.

  8. Great recap Kim!

    It’s a bittersweet feeling that i have because in this episode the characters “grew” and developed again but we will never watch the end of the story.

    I liked the way Dr. Foster took care of Jill’s case. But i loved the way she treated Dr. Bovell. It may not be very well polite but I have no patience for this kind of men!

    Watching Dr. Lee duality between integration into American society and the denial to the Korean culture, showed us that he was a more complex character than a rich boy who became a doctor. He gave us again the caring and attentive Dr (yes, he learned with the greatest).

    Dr. Andy can not be more transparent in his reactions and speech about his collegue Dr. Bovell. Both are good technically, but to be a doctor is more than that. The good relation with the patient and family is crucial for the trust, treatment and recover. The Lester’s case was very interesting to watch.

    I could continue but is very sad that there was so much more to learn about these characters and so much more story to be told.

    One note: i watched this episode with my mother. It was her first TR episode. At the end she said to me “is a good show with a noble message, but i have to say Dr. Andy is so handsome!”. Alex has a special effect on women of every ages! My reaction to her comment “yes mom, you are so right, he is gorgeous!

    TY for the awesome picspam.

  9. To me — this episode was a hot mess. Andy seemed to know all about Miranda’s patient even though he was busy with his. Miranda knew exactly the right thing to say to David even though she’d been busy with her patient all day. And I don’t think Andy was very graceful at all…. his instant and constant pettyness to Luc I felt were very annoying… Luc did deserve to have the wind taken out of his sails, he was an ego-driven gas-bag, but Andy didn’t take the high road to do it… it was all very playground squabbly. And I would like to know if it’s possible to fly internationally the afternoon after your cornea surgery! 😆

    • Well, I guess that we all see different things. I think he took as high a road as he could – lets face it, I think ALL surgeons have some level of “huge ego”

      • Ha, that was shorter than I meant it to be, let me clarify. Carguments are playground squabbly in that they are boyish, fun, in a sense, superficial. different from here, because Andy was being a bitch to Luc before Luc had done anything (that the audience had seen) to deserve it. How many years ago had that patient died, and Andy’s just using it now (using someone’s DEATH) to turn the screws on this guy?

        Andy doesn’t live in a glass house when it comes to personal shortcomings. Andy dealt with his much more serious problems (uncle mike, Rena) in a much more mature way last week. It’s andy’s immature behavior that made me use the word “playground” here.

        • honestly I hadn’t thought of carguments until your description made me think of carguments, the ones that aren’t fun and boyish. 😦 But anyway, I took it as this, #1 they showed that Dr. Andy isn’t all angelic, he has an ego. I think that was good that we got that human side of him out there. #2, the audience may not have known immediately why he was so abrupt with Luc but we did find out. Luc is an asshole, self-serving doctor who is in it for glory and not the patients, he’s also a cad who would sleep with his mentor’s daughter. I’d bet my life that Andy knew all this and that immediately stirred up in him and Miranda the moment they saw him. After Andy had to take care of a patient that DIED after he’s sitting there bragging about some cockamamie crazy story, I honestly don’t think his response was that bad. He’s bragging about this crazy thing they did to impress everyone and the reality is Andy had to pick up the pieces after he’d left and moved on. Who wouldn’t be bitter about that? Maybe if he’d walked in and Luc wasn’t in the middle of that story he would have acted differently who knows?

            • I’ve had the advantage of watching it once or twice more than you, that’s all. It was probably only this time that I put 2 and 2 together why him and Miranda were so “over” him the second he walked in the door but they put it all behind them to do their job and made nice in the end. Albeit a bit reluctantly. 😉

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