POLL – Best McHug of H50 S3 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #MichelleBorth

We all know that Alex seems to give the best hugs in the world and that translates into his onscreen personas as well.  Whether he’s hugging out of love, relief or sympathy…Alex puts his all into it and it translates in his face, arms, hands and body language.

Pick your top 2 here and tell me which one was your favorite McHug of S3!

From Mind Body Green: Hugs are much like meditation and laughter. They teach us to let go and be present in the moment. They encourage us to flow with the energy of life. Hugs get you out of your circular thinking patterns and connect you with your heart and your feelings and your breath.


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73 thoughts on “POLL – Best McHug of H50 S3 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #MichelleBorth

  1. Oh dear, another tough one.
    McRoll 18 was a no brainer. 🙂
    But then number 2. Huh. They are all so good.
    Danny and Kono are both out, they didn’t give me anything for some reason.
    Lucy was so cute and wonderful. And Catherine in epi 3 just great.
    Steve and mom are superp in my eyes, and them hugging is so rare, and therefore treasurable.
    BUT Chin and Steve in epi 2, that was so good. Steve gave so much comfort and support with that long hug. I simply had to go with that one as my second choice.
    Chin and Steve, I wish we would see them more often working together. They are on a totally different level then Danny and Steve. So great.

    • Agreed! I’d love to see more Chin and Steve working together. Great chemistry, their own kind of banter and none of it ever angry.

      I too loved the Steve/Doris hugs. Feel however you want about Doris but she’s his mother and he has very deep rooted emotions for her, as any son would. The first hug was especially emo because all the other stuff she’s done wasn’t known at the time….all he knew was that he was sending his mom away just as he got her back. 😦

      That said, I voted for McLucy because those two together will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart and the heartfelt hug in #7. There was so much unspoken dialogue in that hug. He knew she needed him and despite still being upset, he needed her. He went wayyyy out of his way for that hug and that really proves his feelings for her.

      • Totally agreee with you. And about mom, well, I always get very sad when people say ‘get rid of her already’. Hello! She is his mother! How can anyone wishing her being dead? Steve would be devestated.

        And yes, that scene in 18 made it so clear how much he loves his Catherine. I love these two so much. Their relationship is very special and so low key. That really makes it very very special.

      • I loved the first Steve/Doris hug. The rest of them were heartbreaking because he just didn’t know what to do. Which “person” was he hugging? His mom or that lying b.tch??!!?? So, I didn’t choose that one.

  2. Ess thanks for my Chin/Steve hug, I loved that one specially hearing Chin saying “Love you brother” so much friendship between these 2 that was also seen in the Blessing Ceremony and that pic. My McRoll hug in ep 18 was also another fav.Also loved the Kono and Doris hugs, but these 2 warmed my heart.

  3. I REFUSE!!!! I refuse to decide! I hate you right now!!!
    No Danny hugs for me. Sorry. Out.
    But now…
    #1 is “The McLucy”. Because Steve. Because Lucy. Because Steve + children. ‘Nuff said. (Why oh why didn’t they show me Steve coming back to Lucy? Why oh why? Stupid indoor camping. So much missed opportunities in this epi. Bleh!)
    #2 is —- uuuuhhh —- aaaaahhh — think think think leiCa… gaaahh. Hmmm. The McChin? That was so wonderful. And I love Chin and Steve together from day one! But I love the McKono hug in the last episode of the season. Because it was a completely different hug than the McLLWL hug (no “mom” for me), one scene two varying hugs, for me the McKono hug showed so much more caring that I like it much more. But both were so well acted! And the McRoll ‘I need you, I forgive you, you need this’ hug was so…. sigh. So. I choose…hm hm hm…. The McChin! But under protest!

    • LOL!

      McLucy will always be special because Lucy was special. She wasn’t just any kid, she had spunk like a mini McG! I want to see her join Five-0 in 10 years and they can go after baddies together! 🙂

  4. Totally in league with y’all on the Doris hugs. I love to hate her, but he loves her (and sometimes also hates her) so how do you wish her away? He needs her. She used to make him fried baloney sandwiches. So did my mom. Which is gross but they both meant well. Tho I digress… :mrgreen:

    So… gotta go for the 18 McRoll, cuz we’d been living for that moment, right? And McLucy. I cannot get over McLucy. I don’t think @PLenkov has a CLUE how much McLucy meant to us and to our collective ovaries!! 😆

    I surely hope she plays softball… 😎

  5. So hard to choose from McHugs. I love them all. I picked both McDanno hugs as my top 2. The emotion that has grown out of the conflict of these two men is so touching. Showing two heterosexual men support each other and be in the line of fire every day just brings me joy. Showing non-sexual love between two men or a man and woman brings tenderness to a action show which makes H50 stand above for me. ~~~ Hope that came out right.

    Saying that, still in hopes for more McRoll romance in S4. We can have it all.

    • The whole Ohana thing really is special to this show. I don’t generally watch cop shows. The humanity element has to be strong, and it is way strong in our show! America’s favorite bromance! 😀

  6. #4 McDanno and #2 Chin because his team seems to bring out the deepest emotions in him (especially Chin because the raw emotions don’t happen that often between them). I’m not on the McRoll bandwagon because to me that scene seems forced, something’s a bit off. She wants the hug but he seems hesitant–to me the look on his face is one of uncertainty, like he’s doing it because he knows he should not because he’s so into it–afraid to commit maybe?

    LOVE McLucy too, and the way he puts his head on hers, only so briefly.

    • I guess we finally found stuff we disagree on. 😉

      To me the look on his face in the McRoll hug says “we’ll get through this”. If he’d been all happy go lucky with her at that moment that would have been false IMO. I think this scene was played perfectly and honest to real life. If he didn’t love her he wouldn’t have yelled at his mom about it and wouldn’t have gone to her.

      Though I do love the ohana and the team solidarity and love, if they’re the only ones he cares for and the only people that care for him, that’s boring and forced.

      I do love Chin and Steve. We haven’t had real emotion between them since s1 when Chin talked about Steve’s dad. They’ve saved each other’s lives (Chin saving Steve in 2.10 and Steve saved Chin 2.23).

  7. First instinct was to pick both McRoll hugs, but I wanted to put more thought into it than that…. so,

    I chose McRoll, LOL – but only ONE of them! Episode 18, because there was so much emotion and so much said in that hug. The other McRoll was relief and comfort, but compared to the other choices I thought it didnt have quite as much emotion behind it.

    Then for the second choice, I was torn between the 1st McMom hug and the McChin hug and the McCustody hug. There was soooo much emotion behind those…. so much. The fear/sadness of sending Doris away, the sorrow/brotherhood for Chin’s grief, and the joy/relief for Danny getting custody…… Finally I chose McMom #1 <= but under duress. Much duress.

    I loved McLucy too, but it was more about him giving comfort than him actually feeling a deep emotion (not that he didn't feel deep worry for mcLucy… I hope I'm making a little sense here) And the Bomb hug was some serious emotion, but he had been showing emotion that whole episode, so I discounted that one…. ARGH!!! Why can't this week be a 5 choice week ESS??

    All of his hugs include a little rocking motion. I will never recover from that. Ever. FLR

    • No McHug with any kid should beat McRoll hug! You said it, there are different feelings involved in that Lucy hug, it was cute but no contestant in the serious emotional hugs…IMO 🙂

    • I’m so happy someone chose #1 McMom because she IS his mom and you can’t tell me that for everyone there isn’t someone you’d give anything to have alive again, even if it had it’s problems. He still loves his mom and his heart is one of the things that draws us to Steve McG.

      McLucy was awesome because it was Lucy. lol.

  8. I voted for McDanno ep 6 because that was such an emotional moment!
    And also for McRoll episode 18 because both Alex and Michelle gave amazing performances in that scene and they expressed so much emotion without having to say a word.

    • We welcome everyone’s respectful views. It’s not THAT kind of a contest. Once per viewer is good with us 😉

    • It really takes the fun out of even having a blog. I ended the weekly post of most clicked picture last week because some ‘idiot’ thought it was fun to click hundreds, yes hundreds of times on the same stupid picture.

      I don’t know what they get out of that. Or out of voting in a poll again and again. Shaking head here.

    • Annoyed for you that that happened! One of the main reason I love it here (and I’m sure I’m not alone) is that there is respect in all you ladies do. There has been a fair bit of crazy and hysteria in the fandom in the last wee while and I love that you avoid all that! Boo to those wo can’t respect that and play nice!!!

  9. I love all his hugs and wouldn’t mind trading places with his co-stars who get to enjoy those really good hugs he gives 🙂 I picked the McRoll hug from 3.18 and the McDanno hug from 3.06 because I thought they were both the most emotional. I voted right before you posted that we get only one vote now.
    If anyone wants to enjoy more hugs by Alex, here’s a slide-show with lots and lots of them (not compiled by myself but I love it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC8iY15yqAc&feature=youtu.be&pxtry=3

  10. Oh Ess your captions broke my heart ‘how many times am I going to lose you’…sob…hiccup! Like you I had to vote McLucy cos it will never not kill me!! 2nd choice was tough but went for post bomb McDanno – Alex and Scotty both nailed it so perfectly!

    • “Oh Ess your captions broke my heart ‘how many times am I going to lose you’…sob…hiccup!” – IKR?? Regardless of my feelings for her, I have feelings for Steve too and that’s just what I felt when he hugged her goodbye. Again.

  11. Why ESS, you picked up several hundred new fans today! 😆 Good to see the homage to your Awesome, babe! And how gratifying to see how deservedly popular our Alex/McG is! Hopefully all these new fans will vote just as hard for Alex and Show to win the PCAs this Fall. As that is another All You Can Vote poll and would actually result in Alex on live tv… 😉

    In the meantime, I am just delighting in the McHugs today. There isn’t a bad one in the bunch. And lord! His face and body language is different in every one. That man! That amaaaazing man. 🙂

  12. Only two????!!!! ….I love all McHugs but specially the McRoll Hugs because there is a total opening from both parts, both chests join together, each one gives the hug to the other and you can feel the heart beating of the other…well, I like to be huged that way……why only two Mchugs if Alex gives so yummy hugs???!!!. Ok……I choose No. 7 because Steve huged Cath despite he still felt upset about what she did but he loves her and with that hug he was telling her that he forgives her because he loves her and that McRoll hugs means also:”I’m yours babe”…..yeah! I know I’m a stupid sentimental person but I can’t help it and my second choice is No. 2 McChin Hug because it was so intense and meaningfull between two straight men, I cried in that moment and also when Chin went back home and opened the oven and looked the last dinner his wife made for him….just to remember my eyes get wet….
    ESS please, give us more choices to pick up next time….you make so good polls that it is really hard to choose.

    • I give you 1 choice per 5 options. That’s fair, come on! 😉 It’s supposed to be a *little* difficult. lol Hell, even I have a hard time narrowing my choices down on these so you’re not alone. haha!!

      McRoll – don’t worry about being a sentimental fool. You know what’s funny? I normally don’t like *couples* on TV shows between main/semi-main characters. McRoll is only one of 3 TV couples I have ever really loved together. #1 because they’re not super lovey dovey, they’re well suited personality wise, they just *get* each other. Cath understands Steve on a level NO ONE does (sorry Danny) and he responds to her like no one else. I think it’s really lovely.

        • lol sure.
          Barney and Robin on How I Met Your Mother (I potentially love them more than McRoll) and I’ll probably get flack for but I loved it when Mulder & Scully got together in the 2nd movie. I was fine and happy they didn’t during the series (would have ruined the series) but them being together in the end was very satisfactory. I may have even cheered a bit. 🙂

          • Good shouts both! Was a huge X-Files fan back in the day – not in love with movies, but can’t argue with ya xx

            • Because Barney is so smarmy I don’t like him and Robin together – maybe him and an antiseptic wipe or him and the stripper- but yes to Mulder and Scully eventually also.. Speaking of ancient history – maybe the TV world learned when they put Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd together too soon and ruined Moonlighting that sometimes the waiting is better. And I hope this isn’t blasphemy here – but the pace at which they have put Castle and Beckett together is spot on!

              • Barney being smarmy (heh) is exactly why I love him with Robin. Robin is not Miss Priss. They are totally suited for each other. Barney becomes a better man around Robin and she *gets* his smarmy side.

                Castle and Beckett- not blasphemy, i just have no opinion. I watched one episode and then begged to get my hour back. 😉 The timing is also why I like McRoll, they’ve been an item from the beginning. McG has always been faithful to her and vice versa.

                • Oh I enjoy the Barney character and agree Robin is no pure snowflake but don’t really get them together so much and also enjoy McRoll being established and having history – I like that McG is such a stand up guy – it would not be true at all to the original show to have McG leading a Barney type of life. *icky*

      • Wow!! 68 comments for this poll ESS….it’ s a record!!! ….sorry! There were so many that I didn’t read it turned to only one choice. I agree with you that they’ re not the typical TV couple and they complement each other because of the individuality of each one….I’ve been very busy today and it’s almost midnight but I can’t go to sleep without checking the new posts and comments
        Crazy#addicted#fool#sentimental#aboutA0L :o)

    • Those poor, burnt chickens. No McHugs for the chickens, though… *sniff*

      Totally with you on your McRoll hugs!

  13. Pick #1 was easy – I will always pick a McG hug when there’s a child involved. Cuz…McG and kids. #bestillmyheart And Lucy was a little McG Mini-Me…brave and spunky. How can you NOT love that?

    Pick #2 I had to think about, but chose ep 18 McRoll, for several different reasons.

    1 – I freakin’ love McRoll and any physical contact between those two is a good thing.
    2 – Alex/McG looks amazing in that all-black ensemble.
    3 – Alex/McG looks REALLY amazing in all black.
    4 – The look of sadness/relief on Cath’s face gets me every. time.
    5 – Because that hug is prefaced by one of my favorite scenes in S3, simply because Alex was SO AWESOME in it.

  14. Ruling out 4 & 6 for too many reasons to count the poll turns out to be the order I would put them in. The look of the Cath hugs is so full but not overpowering, and I can’t relate to Doris as a mom so I just get nothing out of the hugs although I certainly don’t wish her dead, and I love Kono and Chin but those Cath hugs are just all enveloping!

  15. Oh Ess, you make our mondays be more tough in the last couple of weeks? Another amazing poll with a very hard choice. Only 2 votes? Ok, here we go:

    My first and unquestionable vote is # 7. If anyone had any doubt of the feelings between Steve and Catherine were true, here is the proof. I have written here and I repeat no one is perfect but they are perfect for each other.

    The second vote is between #1, #2 and #5. I love them for different reasons. Mom’s return after 20 years with a lot of questions and a mixed of emotions running in Steve’s mind; a friend that needs his support on his most difficult moment of his life and a comfort hug to a brave and smart young girl that melted our hearts. It’s very hard but is #1.

    I’m sorry to hear that this poll was spammed because here at H50BAMF, we are like a family – funny, crazy and naughty but ALWAYS respectful about everyone’s opinions.

    Thank you Ess for doing this place a special one!

    • “no one is perfect but they are perfect for each other” – ACA!! I think their critics want them to be perfect and they’re not and that’s why they’re perfect for each other. Even in their imperfections they are still together and getting stronger, just like with Steve and Danny and Steve and the team. Except she gets to sleep with him. BOOYAH!

      You’re right, we are respectful and while they skewed our results in the poll, they didn’t spam our comments with unpleasantness or complaints so I’m thankful. ❤ It's all good….

  16. I had to go w/Chin and Lucy. McRoll!? They’re a couple and supposed to hug, kinda the same w/his mom. You hug family. Steve and kids are very moving as are Steve and his team. Wish there was more Steve/Chin moments. Such different dynamics are shown w/each of his team members, but the emotions are there and real. Sorry the spammers ruined the fun. It’s a TV show for heavens sake!

  17. It will always and forever be McRoll ep 18. It’s going to be v v difficult for something, anything to top the emotion those two evoked in that moment. He knew she needed his forgiveness and he loved her enough to give it. He also realized that he needed her too. He needed to be close to and to feel love from the one person who knows him the best.

    I’m torn…v v torn about my second choice. My heart runith over with McLucy. That little person and that big, strong masculine man were magic. M.A.G.I.C.
    And the first McMom hug tears at my heartstrings. It was as if that 16 year old boy who loved and lost his mother was losing her all over again.
    I think I have to go with McRoll ep 3…because I adore these two as a COUPLE…and the look of relief on her face…and her sweet voice when she said “I was so worried”…and the way he enveloped her to bring her comfort….so.special.

  18. Holy Hannah!! I have some catching up to do. Miss one day on these blogs and you pay for it. 😉
    Love this poll.
    When Danny finds out that Grace isn’t leaving the island, I was so happy, I was jumping up and down. So so when Steve got up and I knew there was gonna be a hug.
    And even though I am not a shipper, I did vote for McRoll #18. I will never forgive Doris. Never. Come between Steve and Catherine again, and so help me Doris *growl* Cath is one person that Steve trust, that Steve can rely on, can keep secrets with, and have a relationship with, know she isn’t gonna leave him.

    P.S. that other guy flirting with Cath in that episode 😯 – Yes, I finished my Season 3 re-watch. I made it thru.. Grrr Doris!! (you know the actress is doing a great job, when you want to reach into the screen of your T.V. and hit them!)

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