Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

So seeeeerious….

MM 081913


15 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

    • Mmmmh, those Mick eyes wonderful! But those alluring-STAN-eyes on the right side keep on distracting me for days now 😉 !

  1. I’ll never get over how much more I love Moonlight Mondays since I watched the show! Before I was all ‘meh, he’s handsome but not the Alex I love’, now it’s much more ‘Oh Mick! Take me now!!!!’ This pic is just stunning! Thanking you for making Mondays just a little more bearable!! Xxx

  2. OK, I’m going to have to watch Moonlight again. What a beautiful face. Thanks, Angie, for the link to vote Moonlight the best vampire show!

  3. Indeed for me, “m”onday means “m”oonlight “M”ick “m”emories and now it’s more bareable….Mick was so much serious as much as “stupidly handsome” but I bet I could do to him some little things to tickle and making him have a little naughty laugh, hehehe.
    Thanks Angie, I will vote for ML !!!

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