Editing pics H50 4.01 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #HenryIanCusick

Shared by Peter Lenkov on twitter, editing 4.01

I love how in this first one which he labled, “Uh oh” that McG doesn’t seem particularly impressed.

Cuz he’s a BAMF.

He already looks like he ate someone for breakfast. With his bare hands.

editing plenkov

editing plenkov2



26 thoughts on “Editing pics H50 4.01 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #HenryIanCusick

  1. I’m really looking forward to this ep…for obvious reasons of course…but I’m also excited to see Henry Ian Cusick. He is a fine actor…I loved him in Lost and his guest appearances on CSI and Body of Proof.

      • He was in the ep The Last Woman Standing (Feb 2013). David Cassidy played the victim…killered in the elevator. HIC played Dr. Jimmy, a magician.
        He also guest starred in a couple of L&A SVU (one of my all-time fav shows) episodes in 2010 . He played a character who you weren’t sure was either an advocate for children or a predator. So good!
        Like AOL, he’s the type of actor that can steal a scene. Its going to be v interesting seeing those two do their thing.

        • CG, we’re like *this* (crosses fingers)…. I remember that CSI episode and I *think* I remember those SVU episodes but mostly that SVU is one of your all time fave shows. MINE TOO!!! My dream co-star is Chris Meloni.

          • Awwww…yeah…I love Chris Meloni. He was so great as Stabler. He and Mariska Hargitay were magic on screen. Olivia Benson is my favorite female character of all time. She is stong and tough and caring and vulnerable. She is also lovely…and NOT a size zero. She’s my hero.

            • Stabler was like a combination of McG and Danny rolled into one. The intense ex-military guy, fairly no-nonsense but still had a sense of humor, every day family man. Far from perfect but he was never irritating. I loved that about him and it’s why I can’t understand why they can’t write Danny in a way that doesn’t go too far and make him irritating like he comes off sometimes. So many good examples of a way to write a character like him without pushing it too far. 😦

              Olivia is the bomb. I agree, possibly the best female char of her type ever. Mariska is awesome. Inspirational, giving and strong. I follow her Joyful Heart Foundation, what a wonderful organization.

  2. I’m most of all looking forward to see Steve’s expressions and true feelings when he realises *Spoiler* that Cath got taken! I’m seriously considering to stop using the Internet πŸ˜‰ until September, because I.CANT.WAIT – IT.DRIVES.ME.ALL.CRAZY.TO.WAIT. πŸ˜†

    • I read that too, so I am ignoring mostly previews and stuff about what’s coming up for season openers. All I can say is I am sorta glad I am not going to the SOTB this year, after I read that.. Cuz I would be pacing the whole time this episode is on the big screen. Not to say that I won’t be pacing at home 😯

  3. Love those little sneak peeks. We still don’t know whose blood is on his shirt. It might be Catherine’s. Gun to the face doesn’t faze him at all. All it does is making him mad. Not good for the guy holding the gun. πŸ˜‰

    A few more weeks and we will finally see it. Can’t wait for it.

  4. Someone’s not having a good day…. Most likely the bad guys, don’t they know who they are messing with?

  5. 4.1? So Cath gets taken? Don’t forget Steve has to spring Wo-Fat from prison too. They need to start making 90-min shows, at least the premiers.

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