Awesome new candid pic with H50 cast from @Huntvision #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #MichelleBorth

Aww I wanna be snuggled up there in the middle of all them too!

Mahalo to Jeffrey Hunt (director) for the share.

081913 Huntsvision twitpic


39 thoughts on “Awesome new candid pic with H50 cast from @Huntvision #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #MichelleBorth

    • Grace will be missed, but I’m happy that she is getting to be home, doing her thing and being with family. I hope she enjoys her extended hiatus.

  1. “Aww I wanna be snuggled up there in the middle of all them too!” You aren’t the only one, me too!!! Beautiful pic. They are on episode 4.05?

    • It’s actualy the final day of filming for 4.04 according to his twitterfeed this morning so tomorrow they’ll start reading 4.05. Wow, can you believe it??

      • Remember, a few days ago (08/14/13) they filmed scenes with the mercury. PL teased the mercury will be seen in 4.05. So I think they filmed both the last few days.

        The picture above is so great! You can feel the good atmosphere on set and the chemistry between all of them. Love it! And Alex might be wearing a blue shirt, but also a blue jeans! So it’s perfect for me. 😉 And blue suits him, by all means. 🙂

        • He specifically said 4.05? Because I thought i saw Huntsvision in the pic with Alex which means its this episode, the one he’s directing. Well it was also in 4.01 or 4.02 so maybe it will be in a number of episodes this season. I won’t complain! ❤ Though nothing will ever beat seeing Steve roll up in it at the end of 1.24…

      • Are they filming at a quicker pace now? Weird that they are already finished with 4:04 – there should at least be 2 more days if they go at their normal pace. Well it would have been 3, but I know they worked on Saterday 2 weeks ago. Wonder if they are working 6 day weeks now! Wonder what could be the reason for doing it?

        • Maybe they are pushing it now so that they can free up some downtime later? Either that or they could only get the location for a Saturday….

        • No, it’s no quicker pace. They filmed one or two scenes for 4.04 already on 08/06/13 (at the airport) and began with principal filming on 08/08/13. All in all 12 days (inclusive weekends) if you include the airport scenes. That’s the normal pace, if not a little longer as usual.

          • I am counting from the start of filming S4 on 10 July. They normally take 8 working days to film an epsiode (for the past 3 season they did). And they did do with Episode 401, and 402 as far as I could see. According to my calculation 4:03 started on 1 August on schedule. If they started filming 4:04 on 6 August already, they only spend about 3 or 4 days on 4:03, and that does not add up for me – still quicker than it should be? 🙂

            • They filmed only this few scenes at the airport, I think because they couldn’t get the location on another day. 4.03 began 07/31 as far as I know (DDK tweeted the first pic of himself and Jorge Garcia from set) and wrapped early 08/08.

    • Yes, me too and I love how they all look so much at ease! The picture is so peaceful and I’m happy that my favourite tv crew has a great time and enjoys themselves, because the work is hard and will get harder as the season goes on!
      Thanks for the great pic!

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