“A Keiki’s Dream” S1 – Chance’s story #AlexOLoughlin #H50

Thanks to Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin‘s facebook page (Mahalo!), we have this new video that’s just surfaced which talks about the Maui non-profit organization. Part of the video at 1:45 min mark he talks about Chance, who was injured when he was 16 and has quite a story to tell. He wanted to meet someone famous so they set him up on the H50 set.

“Alex O’Loughlin… the lead character really took him on as like a big brother and was really, really good to him.” —- awwwww.

We featured a bit of Chance’s story awhile back : An H50 Set Visit for “A Keiki’s Dream”.

To read more about Chance’s visit and to see about this wonderful organization watch the video and check out their website www.akeikisdream.org.

Video is also now listed on the H50BAMF youtube page.

A couple screencaps:






10 thoughts on ““A Keiki’s Dream” S1 – Chance’s story #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. Such a wonderful organization to help children and what a wonderful man Alex O’Loughlin and all the cast to take time to do what really matters by giving of their time for someone who truly got a second chance. I have to say I teared up watching this. Thank you Ess for sharing 🙂

  2. I would give this 6 stars if I could. Proud to be Alex’s fan!

    Also I love how in Hawaii they take a cause or a movement shared on the mainland too, but they localize it, give it a Hawaiian name and flavor, and make it their own. 🙂

  3. What a heartwarming story..It just makes me love Alex more! He’s such a nice, kind & sweet person who happens to be very good-looking! And, can play every role he does perfectly! He deserves an Emmy!

    • Yeah. i like that they were all great to him as they usually are but Alex is specifically mentioned here in this video and in the original article that I linked to, Chance’s Mom talked about how wonderful Alex was with him and really paid him special attention.

      Here he is, #1 on the call sheet, learning his lines, doing his scenes, running from wardrobe to set, etc…and he’s the one paying the kid the most attention, like he has nothing better to do. ❤ it.

  4. THANK YOU ESS! I couldn’t be more proud of being an Alex fan! He just makes me love him and admire him more every day. Every time I read, hear or see something about Alex I just get more amazed by him. The way how he always reacts towards his fans says a lot about him as a human being.Especially that he really cares about them. For the way he pays attention to the people around him, how besides his really busy life he always makes time for noble causes like this one. He seems to be humble and polite. Totally a gentleman and a sweetheart. I wish Alex would read this one day!
    Thanks again for sharing ESS!

  5. After almost 6 years of following Alex I’m not amazed anymore at his generosity and warmth when it comes to others. Just another reason to love him more! 🙂

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