New pics of #AlexOLoughlin at Grappling Unlimited #UnnnnffWarning

I have no words. Alex in sweaty green shirt, scruff, mussed hair. I can feel the testosterone through the pic. Unnnf.

From @magikomono IG at Grappling Unlimited




26 thoughts on “New pics of #AlexOLoughlin at Grappling Unlimited #UnnnnffWarning

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! *THUD* Ouch! Oh, you forgot #ThudWarning. Very important to avoid injuries! 😉 That smirk in the first pic! He’s killing me. Unnnfff!

  2. Give me that man in a sweaty, threadbare, scruffy shirt with a breast pocket and my (needless to say) normally delicate manners are gone with the wind.
    Shirt 0 – nipple 1.
    Threadbare shirts are no match.

    • Pull the string, pull the String.. PLEASE!!

      😯 Oh sorry [img][/img]

  3. PAPASOTE RICO!!!! Unfffffffff……If I had a last wish in this moment I would ask for that sweetie shirt and I would keep smelling it until my last breath……Alex’s testosterone smell…die happy.

    • EU, You’re going to have me speaking bi-lingually soon!

      “Alex testosterone smell” <<< LOL – reminds me of last weeks True Blood ep when Mrs. Bodehouse says about Alcide "Now HE smells like a MAN!"

      Better than any cologne, Eau du Alex

  4. Oh sweet Heaven.!! There ought to be a law at allowing that much HEAT and RAW SEXUAL BEAUTY to be unleashed on unsuspecting woman hood!!!A million S&T and I do mean TEASE!!!
    BTW I’m going to lie down now until my knees stop shaking,
    OH and ESS I think I love you!!!

  5. He looks really tired in the 2nd pic. I wonder if he ever gets tired of posing, especially with the shaka (?) hand thing.

      • Yeah!!! Me too….when I saw the pics I just imagined his body warmy and sweaty, his heart beating and breathing a little bit faster…….UNFF! (Thanks for the definition :o) )…..we can see he works out very hard

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