22 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. This is perfect!
    Gorgeous McG, beautiful car, lonely beach, peaceful ocean, I got all I need here πŸ˜‰ (“shameit’sonlyapic” I.want.to.be.there!! *stamps stamps, endlessly*) (thanks thanks thanks!!)

    • Oh don’t worry, I want to be there too. Too many Air miles from Canada to Hawaii.. OY!

      LOL.. Love the “He’s quite yummily rumpled here.” Kim.. Oh my.. sorry I just.. Oh my.. *dives into gutter*

      P.S, I am seriously distracted by the pictures on the left, That “Fabulous Face” Friday picture you ladies posted is WOW, he is very mesmerizing!!

  2. Next time we’ll try to fold them neatly and not leave them crumpled on the floor after our mad dash to get down and dirty. πŸ˜‰
    OMcG! I am mesmerized by his HUGE sexy paws with his LONG nimble fingers. *shudder*
    The Kevlar is so tiny. He needs a Kevlar cup to protect the FOY. πŸ˜†

    • Yes, you’re right…he must protect his “men maker machine”. …..today I’m speachless……papacito lindo mua!

        • Ok, “papacito” it’s a diminutive from papa which in latin culture is a way to call your man, the man who owns your love and affections and “lindo” is an adjective that means something or someone really beautiful……so for me papacito lindo= AOL. ..ah! Mua is a sound for little kiss

          • LOL I had tried to google mua and couldn’t figure it out. LOL!! is papita and papacita interchangeable? sorry for my silly questions….i’ll stop if you want me to.

            • LOL! ….I have also googled a lot of your expressions……but I really enjoy it. For us women, men use mamita or mamacita….the diminutive is used with a tender loving feeling…..Now the superlative papaSOTE o mamaSOTA has a very strong s3xual feeling and have luxury physical connotation, you tell so to someone you desire madly. Doesn’t Alex have everything to be a papacito and papasote? :o)

              • He is DEFINITELY a papacito and papasote!!

                Thanks for explaining. If you need any explanations for something we say in english, I’ll be happy to try and translate.
                Anyone else want to teach us to fangirl in your native language because I’m totally running out of words in english. I’m even running out of made up words. haha!

    • That incessant, unconscious neck-tug was cute, wasn’t it? Plus it showcased his hands. πŸ˜‰ I liked that too. Tho I’m guessing him, not so much. It looked uncomfortable. Men do not sacrifice comfort for beauty, damn it!

    • He still does it with the new kevlar. I’m not so sure it’s to tug the kevlar or if it’s just a thing he does with his hands. I mean, all the time, probably some was for tugging. That makes me giggle….cuz I’m 12.

      Anyway you are so not alone! everytime i post s1 kevlar I get nostalgic.

  3. LOL!! “Just a thing he does with his hands.. and tugging!!” in the same sentence.. I think I am 12 too.. LOL!!

  4. I’ve just realised that Steve’s vest in season1 was different from the others (Kono, Danny, Chin)!
    His is the only one which is extremely tight around the neck and has the naughty handle at the back! I wonder why!

    • My “study” is based mostly on the Tsunami episode and some kelvar saturday, it’s not really a study, but I couldn’t find another word! (Jeeez, I was just interested why Steve’s kevlar was to tight on his neck, because we had that talk about him grabbing is vest and we freaking out about it!)

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