New (old) BTS pic of #alexoloughlin and co-star Mykayla Sohn 3.22

Mahalo to Addicted to AOL Facebook for the find.

Alex with kids. Stop it. No don’t.

Pictures & Photos of Mykayla Sohn - IMDb

Thanks to AOL Journal for finding the pic credit. Credit to Mykayla’s IMDB page

18 thoughts on “New (old) BTS pic of #alexoloughlin and co-star Mykayla Sohn 3.22

  1. He is definitely a TPD to us.

    He loves kids and really enjoy being surrounded by them. He always looks so happy with them.

    TY for the pic.

    • Yes, you’re right, you can see on his face he enjoys being with kids…..and I guess that enhances his sweetness. Result: we all die ( happily)……..what a tender pic ESS. TY!!!!.

  2. So adorable! Alex with kids is always something very special. *sigh*

    Ahem, ESS, isn’t it 3.22 “Ho’opio”? There exists another picture with the whole team and Mykayla, taken 03/26/2013. I think the picture above was taken the same day. Addicted to AOL gave credit to Mykayla Sohn. This is the Sohn sisters’ own FB page: where you can find the picture with the Five-0 team I mentioned above. Unfortunately I can’t find the “new” pic there. 😦

  3. We all have seen Alex’s big heart burst with pride for his boys, just imagining Alex having a baby girl sends shivers up my spine. Small children look so at ease around him, I bet they all adore him.

    • That’s very true!! I’ve said that many times that kids LOVE Alex! It’s written all over their faces and their ease around him. You can’t fool kids very easily.

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