Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin

I can’t stop staring back….


30 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin

  1. Thanks Kim – you’ve done it again, I’m destroyed, my underwear is destroyed and now I have to try and function for the rest of the day. Look at the way he pulls you in, once you look you can’t stop. Total Unf.

    • I guess that excites him and that’s why he has that naughty sweet face……I ‘m sure he knows what every woman has in mind about him..Unff! This man can talk with his beautiful magical eyes, I love them whatever color they are…..ahhh! Stan was a sweet and noble character. Papito lindo <3!

  2. Is that Stan?
    Those eyes are amazing, I was wondering after your recent posts with all those beautiful eyes pics, are his eyes really green (one of those 2 percent) or does it depend on the light, I thought they’re blue!

    • Ding Ding Ding! Winner! Yes, it is Stan!

      As Ess said.. I think yesterday? He has hazel eyes, which is a combination of colors that can look green, dark blue or gray depending on the light and on what he is wearing. I have hazel eyes also, but I rarely get the blue-ish eye. If I am tired, they are super-green. They are green a lot! LOL!

      But darnit, they are never as pretty as his. Never ever.

  3. Y’all reckon he gets what that expression on that face with those eyes and that scruff does to women? What does he see when he looks at this pic? How much is on purpose and how much is just him casting his eyes in that direction? I’m just in awe, I guess…

      • Yes! Exactly. I was thinking x-ray vision, but then I was thinking he has mind-reading power also (but then again, don’t guys always think about s*x, and doesn’t he know every woman looking at him is thinking about s*x, so maybe not really mind-reading). Either way, his eyes are windows to our souls 🙂

  4. That look is sooo hypnotizing, I just can’t stop staring back! I’m just so glad to read that I’m obviously not the only one who’s under Alex’s “magic spell” whenever I look into his eyes 🙂

  5. He is a “TPD” with his “eyesexing” so i need “facechair” because of “Alexogasm”. Does make sense to you?

    Thanks Kim for this wonderful pic.

  6. OMG.. And sharing a comment from a friend – she’s Stationed with my nBF (My not McG), “If Steve McGarrett smiled at me, I’d give him the nuclear football … and I’m married with 2 kids” I like her 🙂 Good taste lol.

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