#AlexOLoughlin has something to tell us #EganInoue #Fitness

Yes, we know, Alex….please keep talking.

Thank you ❤

Anyone ordering?


19 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin has something to tell us #EganInoue #Fitness

  1. First, not a whole lot of words there, but I guess a picture is really worth a thousand words!
    And second, how many of us want to buy them for our hubbies or boyfriends to make them seem “more-like-Alex”? Oh, is that a bad thought?!

    • Yes, but to be more Alex-like, Egan would also have to sell plastic surgery for the face and an Aussie voicebox. I would buy it all!

  2. As I said a few days ago: “Alex is the best and only reason to justify human clonation and Egan is very clever”……. I would buy anything also even the radish and learn to make delicious recipes with the root and branch. YUM, YUM. Alex radish grilled, Alex radish baked, Alex radish au vin…….yeah! Definitely I will give another chance to radishes on my diet.

  3. Actually, I do want to buy the workout system regardless of the fact that Alex is helping sell them. I’m trying to get in shape. Besides round that is. lol

  4. Better that buying it, he could explain in more detail the workout plan to me personally. I know that Egan is the master, but i prefer this disciple/learner. Sigh……….

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