#AlexOLoughlin with some healthy reading courtesy of @WendieJoy and her #Five0Redux

Mahalo to Wendie and her Five-0 Redux for sharing another treat with us! If you have Facebook and you haven’t done so, please head over there and hit that •like• button!


Well ‪#‎AlexOLoughlin‬ likes @EganInoue’s training system- I mean look at his face ‪#‎H50‬ ‪#‎Five0Redux‬ Photo Credit Egan http://mmabodyweightworkouts.com/special-offer/


21 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin with some healthy reading courtesy of @WendieJoy and her #Five0Redux

  1. Hello gorgeous! You are a good friend, supporting Egan’s project. That’s what friends are for, always by your side, in good and bad times of our life.

    Thanks Wendy and Ess for sharing it with us this pic.

  2. HOLY HANNAH!! What is that man trying to do to me!! I want to go to Hawaii *stomps foot in maddness* GRRRR

    I tried the lottery numbers, but Alex’s, Scott’s and DDK and my birthday are all in August OY!! Any suggestions??

  3. Squeeee – loving this pic! Looks like his hair is growing and that means CURLS!! He’s just to beautiful for words….

  4. He DOES look so young here…and adorable. Yum!

    And could we discuss the size of his arm…OMG…it is HUGE!! Double Yum!

    • We really should discuss that SIZE of his ARMS! I’m sure he makes a fist behind those papers to make sure, we all go crazy!

  5. White tee!!! White tee again with a little ink, !! I saw an interview where Alex said that he has a lot of discipline when he works out. I guess he is Egan’s best student. Mwah! Every day It seems to me he’s more handsome…..sigh!

  6. ZING! POW! Direct shot to the panties! His arm looks extra delicious with the white tee hugging it. I just want one lick :mrgreen: I’m afraid he’s too delicious to lick just once though. 😛

    • LOL! One lick on Alex? Come on……that is like an alcoholic saying: “just one drink”…..yeah, sure. LOL!

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