White Hot Wednesday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #H50

From the day that they re-created the filming of the H50 opening sequence in 2010

The Ilikai Hotel should use this photo in all of their advertising. I’d be looking for this on my balcony all day long!!!

photo credit: Art Streiber for CBS

photo credit: Art Streiber for CBS

In researching the photographer, I came across this info on the Ilikai Hotel founder and how he was given tribute in the original 5-0….full page can be found at http://www.memoriesofhawaiifive-0.com/theopeningsequence.htm

~~”…The first high-rise hotel in Waikiki, the Ilikai was built between 1962 and 1964 by Chinese-American businessman, Mr. Chinn Ho. It was designed by John Graham, who designed Seattle’s space needle. Featuring 1,050 guest rooms and apartments on 30 floors, its signature glass elevator, and a rooftop restaurant, the Ilikai offers – to this day – warm hospitality and mid-century modern design details that newer hotels cannot match.
In 1964, Mr. Chinn planted a monkeypod tree in the courtyard to commemorate the hotel’s opening. Today, it is known affectionately as the Chinn Ho tree. Mr. Chinn was honored by Five-0 when one of the detectives was named for him. Det. Chin Ho Kelly was played by the late Kam Fong, who served in the Honolulu Police Department for 18 years.”~~~

Thanks for indulging my McNerding on this!!

24 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. Thank you for another great post. And thanks for the link to the original site. Very interesting. Oh, and of course for the great picture. It never gets old to look at Alex pictures. πŸ™‚

  2. History McNerding! I love it! And OMG, who knew? There was a real Chin Ho. Now I wonder where the Kelly came from… musta been some back story there too…

    Oh! And the guy on the balcony? SURELY the peeps running that hotel are smart enough to have pics of this photo session plastered all over the place… surely! And to have a drink named after him in the bar, with a big poster of this pic, so we could stare at him while sipping on our McGarrett. πŸ˜‰

  3. I volunteer to do the ads! Me, pick me! I’m an art director and I’ve never worked with ANYONE that looks like that, and I HIRE the models lol

  4. Wow, if he comes with the room, I’m staying at this hotel next time I’m in Hawaii! I wish. He sure knows how to pose for the camera and look hot and handsome!

  5. TY KIM! That’s what I admire from you editors, you take this as a professional reseach job!! Today we learnt about H50 history :o)…Alex is such a handsome, handsome and handsome model ( I will never get tired of saying) …he looks classy too…….unff! …..hormones go wild with McNerding.

  6. Oh yes ESS, that man on the balcony should definitely wear suits more often. He is the “hot” in white hot! Thanks for all H50 history!

  7. Cool! Thanks for the history lesson. They should put cardboard cut-outs of Steve/Alex on every balcony–that place would be booked forever! Think of the room service tabs they would rake in. A money-maker all around. And very satisfied customers.

  8. I love your comment Kim! I would definitely look for Mr. Handsome, too, if I booked that room with the balcony πŸ™‚
    For now, I guess I’ll just enjoy looking at a bigger version of this great photo which I got as a gift from a friend. The photo has a special place next to my autographed photo from Alex – those two photos are my favorite view in my apartment.
    What I’m trying to say is – Excellent choice, Kim πŸ˜‰

  9. Absolutly fabulous post Kim. I stayed at the ILLIKAI in 2010 the first year of SOTB and it really was beautiful Had cocktails and heard wonderful jazz in the rooftop restaurant, Did not see any pictures of Alex there at that time but i bet there are NOW Thank you honey!!!

  10. Thanks Kim for your McNerding post and gorgeous pic. That man in a Tux and open collar is so hot! It’s indeed a very nice “view”.

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