Enson Inoue shares bts pic from today #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue thanks to H50Undercover

Thanks to H50 Undercover Facebook page for the share!

“Thanks Alex for lunch and for letting us hang out on set!”

Yes, mahalo Alex!


Digging the white Tee and is that jeans? Cant tell but i approve lol!!


18 thoughts on “Enson Inoue shares bts pic from today #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue thanks to H50Undercover

  1. OMG! How is it possible 4 him 2 make even dirty jeans and sweaty shirt 2 look so damn hot and sexy?! And how he’s sooo polite and humble! So cute and heart melting! I don’t know how he does it?!! Can’t wait 2 see this new season! From the pics I have seen, it totally looks like this it’s going 2 Be a really fun and exciting ride! Thanks 4 sharing ESS!

  2. I love it when he’s just being Alex, posing with good friends, in a tightsweatywhiteteeshirt and Jeans!
    As if the world doesn’t care! (well, we do but in a hot!craving way 😆 )

  3. Sweaty, dirty, white shirt AND jeans? That is just too much. LOL And not even to mention the hair is growing back. Sigh. This really made my week. Thanks so much.

  4. Okay, slowly now.. *breathe in, breathe out* Okay OH MY.. WHITE T-SHIRT.. *jumps up and cheers* Oh my.. WOW!!

    Okay, how is one supposed to sleep after seeing this????

    Note to self.. Chest posts on Word Press long before going to bed, have time to calm down!!

  5. I have hoped and prayed that wardrobe would put this man in jeans and a white tee. It looks like my prayers were answered…bur now I’m scared that I won’t be able to breath when he shows up on screen dressed like this…SO.MUCH.SEXY.

  6. Will someone, finally, in the wardrobe department heard us say that we wanted to watch Steve in jeans and white t-shirt? Our desire will be fulfilled. Better late than never. And we have to be prepared for breathless moments, followed by drooling and melted panties after it.

    • You know how long we have waited for just White T-shirt Alex.. Come on now.. a Whole Three seasons 😉

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