New BTS pic of #AlexOLoughlin on set in Nu’uanu thx to @wendiejoy

This was shared to Instagram overnight for Wendie Joy at the Five-0 Redux. Mahalo for sharing!


23 thoughts on “New BTS pic of #AlexOLoughlin on set in Nu’uanu thx to @wendiejoy

  1. You’d think that after so many gorgeous pics of this man that I wouldn’t be affected anymore….wrong!
    Wow…that body and that face is R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S! And the open mouth….KMN!

  2. OK, ENOUGH with the BLUE already, do they think that by putting him in blue most of the time that when he is in something else we would go crazy, they don’t realize that would happen anyway. TPTB don’t realize that we are going to swoon over him regardless. Drooling over this picture and wishing we could get a frontal view of him in the red and white and the backward baseball cap. 😉

  3. I see wardrobe didn’t take any hints! Oh well, blue it is! At least it’s a great color on him!! And I agree Kim, UNFFFF…..

    • LOL!! There is another person in the pic, total scooter for me!!! I dont mind the blue anymore, i think they are lulling us into this acceptance phase that we arent going to get any other color so accept it!! At least it is not the same blue tee he always wears, I like this shirt and he is wearing jeans so I am happy!!!

      Seriously will take him any way we get him, sigh!! UNF!!!!! How one man can have such an affect on us is unbelievable!! Never ever ceases to make me exhale loudly when I open a pic of him!!

      Thank you ESS!!

      • “How one man can have such an effect on us is unbelievable!!”…….you couldn’t say it better…..sigh! Unff! Ahhh! Reading all of you helps me not to feel weird….though deep in my heart I guess I don’t care, jajaja! But it’s good to know I’m not alone in the universe :o)

      • Agreed, at least it’s a different blue shirt, though if he’s going to wear blue I like the one from the Halloween episode best. Rawwwrr!!! At the very least HE’S WEARING RED this season so I shall refrain (or try to) refrain from bitching about the constant blue. I’ll just wish for more ball games!

  4. Love this pic. Don’t mind the blue…it’s what’s inside the clothing….whoops still remembering my dream from last night. heading back for another cold shower!!!!

  5. As long as we have great BTS this season (and we had, didn’t we), i really don’t care about the colour of the shirt. We need to focus in the open collar!!! TY

  6. Been on hols in France for 2 weeks so have been starved of Alex. This is the first pic I’ve opened. Soooo glad I’m back. Colour? Who cares!!!

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