Need a kick start? @EganInoue has an offer for us! thx to @WendieJoy And of course #AlexOLoughlin for the inspiration

Egan has an offer to share with you and has privided us a new pic. I say you cant argue with these abs, i mean results (though i’d like to)!

Mahalo to Wendie Joy’s Five 0 Redux Page for the information.

Anyone feeling brave?? A few of you already do his workouts don’t you?



22 thoughts on “Need a kick start? @EganInoue has an offer for us! thx to @WendieJoy And of course #AlexOLoughlin for the inspiration

  1. I can only hope PLenkov will be smart enough to take advantage of this situation. Meaning, shirtless Steve, all the way through so 4!!! Would be a shame to cover this body up!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Please, you’ re gonna kill me and I’m at work!!!!! Ok! Breath…..breath….. I’m trying to act quite normal……. Before or after, what the H3LL is that question?! I want him however he is!!! LOCAMcG 1000% :o)

  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t kick before or after outta bed!! Oh, and how low are the shorts riding on his hips!! It’s OUTRAGEOUS!! Need to lie down!!

  4. What was the point of getting in this kind of shape for H50 if they aren’t going to show it off??? There better be shirtlessness in the premiere!!!

  5. The before The after, both have the same effect on me, I think from now on before opening H50BAMF if will sit on the floor with a pillow that way I don’t have far to fall. If this is just a little of what we get to see in S4, the all I can say is Thank You Lenkov and HAVE MERCY πŸ™‚

  6. I do his workouts alright. Everyday. In my mind. πŸ˜›
    Oh you mean Egan’s workouts. Well this is awkward. :blush:

    SBJ&TO…that man just keeps getting better and better. Damn him. FLR.
    #teamS4shirtlessness #teamabs #teamunnnf

  7. At the risk of being tarned and feathered… I like him better in the “before” pic. It seems to me he looks healthier with a little more “meat”. πŸ˜‰ But I agree with all of you: We DO need more shirtless scenes. Definitely!

  8. Egan is a very good friend, wants motivate us for workout but he forgot that this kind of pictures left us staring and drooling in front of the computer and forget completly the exercise. TY

  9. Pommienana is resting comfortably after coming round from her Faint upon seeing this overload of SEX Appeal.Thank you Egan for making Commander Hottie even Hotter and all the fangirls as well.!!!

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