@EganInoue supporting his new MMA style workout c/o @WendieJoy #AlexOLoughlin

Thanks to Wendie Joy and the Five-0 Redux for sharing this pic Egan sent to them.

081113 Egan Inoue

For more on Egan’s workouts, here is a brief video he did describing why his are different:


11 thoughts on “@EganInoue supporting his new MMA style workout c/o @WendieJoy #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Yes! That’s why I love H50BAMF….just when I think the day is over and I’m gonna close the link, you give us these beautiful surprises ESS, TY!!!!……I melt when I see Alex smiling and looking so hot in his karate suit, this pose and his hands……panties melt too!! Aayyy! He looks so powerfull. Egan is a great guy!

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