Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers ep 11 “Every Breath You Take” #AlexOLoughlin #AmberClayton #DanielHenney

Hello fellow Fangirls & welcome to the final Three Rivers Fangirl Sunday from yours truly. Can you believe this summer has flown by so quickly! After this, only two eps left! I can’t wait to see what Ess & Kim have in store for us. I’m very happy to say I enjoy this episode very much and think it’s very well done (a little “glossy” in that way tv can be, but for the most part, very very good). In addition, all the actors took their pretty pills, so let’s get to it!


Donors: Gwen Richards & Tommy Frisk, firefighters in Pittsburgh

Recipient: Lance Carlyle, their Captain

Transplant Type: lobe of a lung

Medical/Dramatic Dilemma: When you are presented with the choice to be a living donor for another person, how do you make your decision, especially if you have a complicated, and perhaps resentful, relationship with the person who needs your help?


Previouslys! Have there been previouslys before??? Alex voices it, so of course, it reminds me of Moonlight! The previouslys include: Andy & Rena not making up, Andy & Michael making bad deals and Andy & Lisa making out.

Then in a scene that is TOTALLY a Moonlight opening, it’s some mad warehouse rave that goes ON AND ON – drugs are being done, no one seems to care that the big dude in the football jersey is wheezing up a storm. The place catches on fire & it’s not certain if Wheezy is with it enough to get out when everyone else is making a run for it.


Cut to 3R where Lisa is trying to work, be her professional adult self and do a good job for her patients, who, you know, are DYING OF HEART DISEASE, and Andy is acting A FOOL. Lisa has him totally discombobulated. She’s all, “do we need to talk?” And he’s all “over drinks?” and she’s like…. “yeah I’ll think about it.” For like three seconds & then totally lets him off the hook with a date for that night. Good thing too because who knows who many patients Andy would have accidentally killed if he’d been wondering if Lisa liked him or not OMG!!! But they are cute together, so cute, so: Pass.


Ryan (literally) waltzes across the screen to tell Andy that Michael is in his office. Oh crap, Michael has blood all over his side. Andy doesn’t even look surprised.


Now it’s nighttime again (???) and we’re back at the scene of the fire, the firemen (yes, just the fire MEN) are running to and fro enacting plans to save anyone inside the building and put out the fire — plans which do not include a youthful, freshfaced fire WOMAN who looks like she wants to help and is getting tired of being passed over for assignments. Inside, the men rescue a party-goer, but a beam falls on one of them, a guy named Jimmy.


The captain calls for help and FireWoman is there immediately, she must have followed them inside. She proves her strength by helping dislodge the beam. Outside, she calls out her Captain for not giving her priority assignments when she has seniority over others on the team. He dismisses her concerns saying firefighters have to trust each other – and she almost couldn’t lift that beam. Jerk! She points out she DID lift it. Meanwhile, Wheezy, aka, Patrick, has called into 911, he’s in the bathrom, where we last saw him, but the floor has collapsed! He’s in a deep hole, and time is running out, as the whole building is in danger of falling down. Captain and FireWoman do their best — Patrick is pulled to safety – but the Captain gave Patrick his breathing mask! They pull Captain to safety, but he’s not breathing…

Michael gets his stab wound stitched up by an irate Andy. Michael doesn’t want Andy to report it because they might send him back to jail if they investigate him and find he’s been violating his parole. Andy, reasonably, is concerned with losing his medical license if he doesn’t report it. Rena walks in, and, well, she’s family AND the police, so Michael tells her he was stabbed from behind, in a mugging, no idea who did it…. riiiiiiiight.


Jimmy, Patrick and the Captain have all arrived at 3R and are taken inside for treatment. Miranda and David are treating Patrick who is… really in a bad way, poor guy. Burned everwhere, his clothes melted to him, still having trouble breathing. Andy is treating the Captain, who still is unconscious and on pure oxygen. Jimmy is being treated by Lisa. Busy busy busy!

Can someone who is medically inclined tell me, is this a common thing, for a doctor to listen to a patient’s breathing with the stethoscope only in one ear?

Patrick’s mom shows up, and Patrick really starts showing signs of just how out of it he is – Patrick says he didn’t take any drugs but David and Miranda can’t take the chance that he did and give him pain medicine. They see track marks on his arms so give him some Narcan. His mom is beyond devastated.

The rest of the fire crew arrive and a tall, intimidating man, Tommy, starts blaming FireWoman (Gwen) for Jimmy and the Captain’s injuries, which were so not her fault, but she is like five feet tall and 90 pounds and such a convenient little scapegoat. Theo, one of the older firefighters, tells Tommy to calm down.


Up on the surgical floor, Andy and Miranda, treating the Captain, aren’t liking how his lungs are looking. The firefighters show up & tell Andy that Captain (his name is Lance) doesn’t have any family in the area, just the fire crew. Andy asks Ryan to find Lance a pair of lungs IMMEDIATELY, like in hours. This is obviously a tall order, but Ryan gets to work.


Back in the ER, David and Lisa are still working on Patrick. Patrick’s mom is trying to get Patrick to admit which drugs he’d taken that night, but Patrick, still frantically struggling for each breath, denies taking any drugs. Mom tells David she can’t get her son to admit to anything, but she discloses that he has taken cocaine in the past.


Rena and Andy reconvene to talk about Uncle Mikey. The detectives think he was stabbed by a mobster that Michael used to work with before he went to prison. Andy doesn’t know anything but Rena presses him, and Andy’s kind of insulted that she thinks he would lie to her about this, but she’s just doing her job.


Ryan’s not having any luck finding Lance a pair of lungs, and the specialist Andy has called in to consult isn’t optimistic UNOS will even give a pair of lungs to Lance, sick as he is. Andy, who is looking ponderous and beautiful (and still wearing his wedding ring, are you kidding me?), wants to put Lance on an ECMO, but there are risks associated with that course of treatment. But by now we all know that Dr. Andy’s not going to give up hope for the best possible outcome.


David and Lisa, still working on Patrick’s mysterious case, get his tox screen back, which shows no drugs. They ask the EMT about Patrick’s track marks and she admits she had some trouble getting the IV in him because of all his thrashing about. He didn’t do any drugs!! They tell his mom and she is relieved!! But why can’t Patrick breathe?? It appears Lisa and David have a mystery on their hands.


Andy, who is curiously wearing a camo-patterned surgical scrub cap (another hat-themed H50 shout-out??), implants the ECMO in Lance. Ryan appears with the bad news – no lungs for Lance. Not now, not ever. Andy breaks the bad news to the fire crew. No transplanted lungs for Lance, but if they can find enough living donors to give Lance portions of their lungs, called lobes, they can put together enough parts to give Lance the lungs he needs. All the firefighters, starting with Theo and Tommy, volunteer to be tested to see if they will be a match.


The firefighters go to visit Jimmy. Miranda does a valiant job of holding on to her temper as Tommy mistakes her for a nurse and isn’t even really sorry about it when one of the other men on the team correct him. Gwen and Miranda share a moment over sexism in their respective fields. It’s pretty awesome.

Jimmy hears about the testing being done on Captain Lance’s behalf and wants in, even though he’s just gone through major trauma and is probably the last person who should be undergoing major lung surgery. Miranda reluctantly allows him to be tested. Andy gets the results back — Theo is a match. However, he declines to donate because he can’t miss two month’s work with a family to support. Tommy is also a match. He’s ready to donate. Jimmy is also a match, but Andy and Miranda don’t tell him yet because… Lance sure is a lucky guy! Gwen is ALSO a match… but she further discloses to Miranda that when one of the firefighters in their house attempted to rape her, Tommy rescued her, and Lance covered it up by transferring the guy to a different fire house. She strongly declines to donate to Lance. That means Jimmy and Tommy will be Lance’s two donors. When Gwen learns Tommy is risking his own long term health for Lance she’s filled with guilt.


Patrick is crashing again big time! Poor Lisa really has her hands full and she and David do their best to relieve his breathing problems, but they still don’t know what’s causing them. Mom is highly concerned. Everything they try is not working, and they’re about to do a scan on Patrick when he begins complaining of joint pain. This symptom, matched with some of the others they knew about, and others they didn’t — they needed to examine his hands, which had been covered in burn treatments this whole time — they, in a rapid patter, diagnose him with Löfgren syndrome, a rare type of sarcoidosis and whisk him off for treatment!

Gwen decides she can’t let Jimmy risk it. Since he’s injured and she’s healthy, that makes her the best choice to go through with the donation. Theo looks a little guilty, but he keeps quiet. Gwen says she pulled Lance out of the fire earlier, she could save his life again now, given the chance. Going in to surgery, Gwen and Tommy talk, he apologizes for how he’s treated her, but she’s not really having it. He admits he’s scared as Andy arrives to take them in to surgery, and Gwen extends a comforting hand to Tommy.

For those interested, the song playing over the transplant montage is “Take Me Back In Time” by Idlewild.

David gets a hug from Patrick’s mom and Gwen has earned the respect of her peers and Captain. Happy ending?


Walking to get that drink, Andy and Lisa are met by Rena. Kind of awkward for them, but Rena is exceptionally cool about it, she’s so over Andy she doesn’t even look concerned that he’s with another woman. She tells Andy that Michael’s now a murder suspect: the guy who stabbed him has been shot in the face (!!!). The organized crime detectives know Michael’s been laundering money, and the money donated to Kuol is suspect, and may be seized. Andy needs to come clean to the police about what he knows, but he doesn’t want to betray Michael or risk Kuol’s transplant fund. Rena, who is really doing Andy a huge favor by letting him know all about this, can’t do anything more to help. She and Andy are great friends though, you can tell she really cares about him as a person, and she leaves him to let him get back to his date with Lisa.



Pretty good episode, I think! No deaths, happy ending for the patients, it was missing Kuol & Dr. Jordan, but didn’t necessarily suffer because they weren’t there. Andy also randomly changes his shirt from a dark grey-green number to a light blue pinstripe (and then back) during this episode, amongst many changes in and out of scrubs, so it’s a good one for costume variety, if that’s your thing. 😆


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This episode had it all: twists & turns, surprise reveals, and Andy’s Perfect Hair! Winner winner chicken dinner!! Thanks for reading & here is a beautiful picspam for you to enjoy.

and a special one, just for the last scene!


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  1. Excellent recap! And I enjoyed this ep too. It seemed focussed, I was actually interested in the patients, and I loved the fire chick. SHE had balls! I think they had to transplant some of that into her captain, and her chauvinist team mate, too. 😉

    As to Andy… He got more and more gorgeous as this series wound down and more and more seemed to take charge of the transplant wing. And yes, he and Lisa were sooooo cute!

    But I will never understand the Rena character… she needed a brain transplant. 😆

    • Thanks GNP! I agree this episode had good focus, it was fairly tightly written with no “filler” scenes. Kind of back and forth with day vs night at the start of the episode, but all in all a good one, gave Lisa and David a good mystery to solve with a sympathetic patient and lots of plot for Andy both medical and personal. I really enjoyed it.

    • Oh! And Rena, yeah her motivations may be mysterious, but at least she’s cool with Andy moving on with his life, so I have to give her props for that, good, fair behavior.

      • Well, hell – she SHOULD be OK with him moving on since she’s the one who doesn’t want the relationship. #ShebeCrazy

        • Well that’s what I’m saying, we’d rip her apart if she acted at all possessive at this point, so she also gets props for her good behavior.

          On the other hand, as a cop, to be separated from a husband who has (even tangential) ties to the mob is smart on her part!!

      • I know we often use “Lesbian/NoH8,” as a joke, but others may find the slang (lesbo) offensive. Can we agree to not to use that term?

  2. Great job! I enjoyed this episode too. Andy and Lisa at the beginning were so cute! I wonder if Andy’s every really dated someone. He and Rena grew up together, so maybe they were high school sweathearts who got married right away? I think we can be sure he was never involved with another woman while they were married, so he might be awkward if he has little experience with new relationships.

    Gwen was an awesome character! I though the interaction between her and Miranda was great, and so true!

    • Good point about Andy and Rena, I’ll bet you’re right! Andy is like the opposite of David, the more stereotypical player surgeon… Good thought.

      Gwen & Miranda were awesome in this ep! I had a lot of respect for the show and characters for the way it all played out. Painful, but everyone’s motivations made sense.

  3. Great review. Great Episode, I enjoyed watching this one.
    but your line of “Andy, reasonably, is concerned with losing his medical license if he doesn’t report it.” got me.. Thanks for the giggle!!
    Love Gwen too, she is a great fighter!
    As per the Andy’s camo surgery hats, he has those on most episodes doesn’t he??

    P.S. now you got me cleaning up my Three Rivers pictures.. thanks 🙂

    • 😆 I have the worst memory for that sort of thing so you are probably right about the camo cap!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap!

      • Thanks, Three caps cleaned-up.. I am not watching Andy, I am not watching Andy.. OY!! I am watching Andy, during commercials of my baseball game 😉

  4. I just want to confess my fears to Dr. Andy. He would give me that calm talk and understand. Then I’m sure we would cuddle.

    Thanks for all the pretty and the excellent take on the episode.

      • And way to cute.. and with that last picture growling at you, you want to *looks around* Jump him 😯

        I never type stuff like this.. What are you *cough* ladies *cough* doing to me! Or What is AOL doing to me!!

  5. Good recap for this episode! Ep was dramatic without being depressing, and I liked that Miranda bonded with Gwen over the same BS, especially since Miranda saw first hand what she was dealing with pretty much all the time.

    I liked the David/Lisa story – very House-like again, with them trying to figure out what was wrong with the patient, and I liked them working together, instead of just flirty time with Dr. Andy.

    AOL certainly had the cuteness going on in this one, I kept losing focus, thank goodness for rewind…

    • Very much like “House” I agree. I wonder, if as the show progressed, they would turn to more medical mysteries to fill the hour, rather than transplant stories. The transplant stories seem like they might get repetitive after awhile.

  6. I loved this episode Great Medical stories AND a lot of “Backstories with hints of things s to come !!!Lisa and Andy were so adorable together looking at each other with “3 babies in their eyes”

  7. Great recap Steph – and I totally agree with you that this episode had the best “flow” so far – it’s like SHOW relaxed a little and let stuff progress in an interesting way. And – No one died! I think that this is only the second time that’s happened?

    • I think so! At least, no one in the main story, not sure if there were any casualties from the warehouse fire, but they obviously weren’t part of the main plot… so yeah! No one died!

  8. Great recap again SJ.

    Gwen is a strong woman that loves and honors her job and doesn’t want to be defined by the attempted rape by a co-worker. Only wanted to have the respect of her captain and rest of the fire crew and doing her job right. She is very noble when decide to help the man that did not support her when she needed it the most. She proved again that women are tougher and resilient that men.

    At Patrick’s case was good to watch David and Lisa working together.

    As always Dr. Andy doesn’t give up of his patients and fight until the end to find a solution. It was cool to watch him with Lisa and Rena (what’s wrong with you girl? I’m sorry but i don’t understand why you gave up of Andy).

    Yes it was a good episode and the picspam is awesome.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Marta! I agree with you that Gwen was very noble & showed her toughness. She didn’t have to earn the respect of her co-workers, instead, she showed them that she should have had their respect all along. I think the actress did an excellent job of making her believable.

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