Tonight on TNT #HawaiiFive0 see where it all began #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

H50 on TNT

1. The Murder

2. A son’s loss

3. The Merc

4. A father’s love

5. Family

6. Hurt!Steve (is hot)

7. The Thigh Holster

8. McG in sunglasses

9. The Champ Box

10.  Shirtless Steve

11. Sang Min

12. Ohana


8 thoughts on “Tonight on TNT #HawaiiFive0 see where it all began #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

  1. I wanna cryyyyyyy!!!! Buaaaa. TNT in latin america doesn’t have H50 ……unf, unf…….:o( lucky you girls……. I love see the pilot, never get tired of it… was love at first sight……sigh!

  2. It was love at first sight for me too. Then I went back and discovered all I could of AOL. What a grand journey it’s been. Thanks, ESS, and all the bloggers for helping me on the way.

    Oh, and LOVE the “cot-ton candy” girl. So much action and comedy in this 42 minutes, greatest pilot ever!!

    • There is an interview with the guy who played Victor Hesse and he said that the pilot for H50 scored the highest of any CBS pilot in the history of CBS. It wasn’t the score they use to determine whether a pilot should be made into a tv series or dropped.

      It was a well deserved success.

      Oh and you’re welcome! Thanks for joining in on the fun!!

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