Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #H50


8 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. ESS!! Honey !!This is NOT good for my Heart {IT IS RACING-HOOHA} but my eyes love it. Those long LONG legs
    And Thank You

  2. why do I find his feet to be a turn on???? went all the way to the bottom of the picture, just love his legs in that position, KNEES LEGS FEET OH MY!!!!

    • I know a few girls that looooooooove his feet. 😉 though I’ve never heard one that was turned on by them with shoes on. lol. usually it’s when his shoes are off. But hey, there’s something for everyone! 🙂 (I had a big lady boner for his bracelet in yesterday’s pic. lol)

  3. I’m used to see thigh holster every day at work and believe me nobody looks so damm HOT!! Wearing one……Alex has such a LONG, LONG, LONG P0rn members that it’s not a simple thigh holster is an erotic torture device…..I will love to see him wearing it with bare legs……THUD… Not good for my heart either….arrythmia again….

  4. In my imagination, Alex is wearing only the thigh holster for starters, and ……. he’s in my bedroom. My knees are weak, gotta
    lie down now.

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