White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

Oh look! The handyman has arrived.

I have a few projects for you, sir….

WHW 080713



25 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Oh my god thank you! I’m a tired tired tired girl this morning (it’s the Edinburgh Festival just now, sleep in August isn’t really an option, but it’s huge fun) so waking up to one of my all time favourite pics was just what I needed! The smile, the vein in the arm, the hands framing the FOY, just the right amount of scruff and I love the way the sleeve is rolled up to show off the ink, perfect! M’wah!

  2. Oh Yesssss ESS! I just love this picture and agree with what Fi said but would just like to add Unf…unf…unf. Somewhere on YouTube is a video of Alex on the photoshoot when this picture was taken for a fitness magazine and he has these boots on with the laces undone. When the camera focuses on the boots, I was destroyed. I can’t quite explain (probably could really but it would take too long and be far too graphic) what is about him with his laces undone that sent me over the edge but I’ve thought about Alex and those boots in several fantasies I’ve had about him thereafter. Why do they let people that look like this out in public. FLR.

    • *hee* well, it’s good to know some people enjoy the untied boots. I know a few of the girls can’t stand it, so it’s nice to be appreciated. After hearing how much it *does* for you, I may have to give it more thought myself!… and post a few more piccies with his boots untied.. just for you!

  3. Total bracelet p0rn!!!

    What? It’s right next to the FOY!!??!! (It’s a miracle that I noticed it at all)

  4. Have you notice we are all dead already? And I guess we are in Alex’s fans paradise :o) because all of us have a lot of fun with these celestial pics every day….. ESS, that’s a good hook for bringing him home…..Ding, Dong! …Who? The handyman …… OOOOMMMMGGGG! ….

  5. This set of pics always sends me reeling!!
    He is beyond SEXY. Way, way beyond!
    I’m not sure why he’s trying to kill me with that thumb hooked on his waistband that way. Maybe he’s just trying to kill my panties. Mission accomplished!!
    And that gorgeous arm with the veinp0rn and tatp0rn and braceletp0rn and handp0rn…almost made me miss that AMAZING face. Almost. Nice try arm. Nice try. *THUD*

  6. Ess, why don’t you warned us that today’s picture is very “dangerous”. Yes, because 1) i missed the sofa; 2) i don’t know where are my panties; 3) i’m feeling very hot right now and 4) here i am lying on the floor trying to recover by breath and still staring and drooling for one of my favorite pics of that HOT and SEXY photoshoot for men fitness magazine. Can you post the video of that photoshoot here for the H50BAMF girls to watch, review and enjoy? Alex = FLR for sure.

    • I will have to look for the video later… and darling, I tell all the girls, the warning is implied on EVERY post. You know it’s going to be Alex….prepare thyself. 😉

      But to prove I’m a good sport, I’ll send Dr. Andy over to alleviate your pains. 🙂

  7. Ding DONG. Does this handyman only fix things around the house? Because I could really use him at the office right now. Among other things, I broke a nail.

  8. Hello, this is one of the first picture of Alex I have saved. That man, White T-Shirt, Jeans = HEAVEN!! 😀 😀

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