Fan pic with #AlexOloughlin 8/07/13

thanks to @rach_fuku on Instagram.

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16 thoughts on “Fan pic with #AlexOloughlin 8/07/13

  1. There he goes…looking so sweet and adorable. And here I go…picking up the pieces of my panties…A.gain.

  2. Oh Canadagirl . CANADAGIRL Whatever are we going to do with you?? You Naughty Girl. Lock you in a room alone with Alex NO!! WAIT!!! That would NOT work. I would not want “Blood on my hands” when Malia found out!!!

    • Malia has every right to be jealous and protective of her man. I sure as hell would be if I had THAT man on my arm. Hell, I”m protective and jealous of the one I do have and he’s no where near ^^^that. lol.

  3. Envy: A capital sin but in this case God makes an exception………she’s so lucky…….agree with CG, he is a destroyer panties expert!!!!!……….I better stop because what I am thinking I can’t even translate to English anyway….. unff, ahhhh ay!

      • Darn it! I thought I licked off all the whipped cream. 😉 Or maybe it’s the foam from my latte. I must learn to clean up after myself better. 😛 He is just too delicious for words! GUH!

  4. Thank you so much for the new pictures. You are doing a great job here. I’m glad to see a little more hair! He is always so sweet to his fans.

  5. I can’t stop to stare at this little meddlesome (can you say that talking about hair?) strand of hair. He is looking like Tim from Tim & Struppi (Tintin in the belgian original comic). Somebody knows him?
    Cute AND sexy AND simply NICE at the same time. And the worst is, I think he even doesn’t know that. Hubby once said, if I had something to say in this world, I would forbid men like him. 🙂 (noooo, don’t worry, he wouldn’t, he loves his McG!!! And he likes Alex, so everything’s ok in my world 😉 )

  6. It’s “I can’t stop STARING….” isn’t it???? Damn, stupid me, that was exact the opposite of what I wanted to say. Drooling in a foreign language is not easy… 🙂

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