Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

Ahhhhh refreshing.

Yet, not entirely relaxing. I feel a bit….frustrated. Just me?




21 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Oh My ESS. That long, lovely lean body of his slicing through the cool water. Is making me go all gooey like a knife through hot butter I think I’ll go and dream sweet dreams now .

  2. OH, ESS, that is just what I needed. I’m sitting in hot classroom, and now I at least can watch some great refreshment. Even though I’m not sure it will cool me down. LOL

  3. No and not just you, babe… and here’s why. Show is a tease. Time for Show to put up or shut up. Stop with the 3 second McG shirtless, McG swimming, McG hammering nails, McG almost kissing Cath… let’s have a SCENE Show!!! Prettttty please? 😀

    • ACA GNP!! I want to see him and Cath in a bathtub and/or shower scene like Kono and Adam have had. Or better yet, some hot and heavy make up sex. I see Steve getting jealous over the ex…and wanting to show Cath, over and over again, that she was right in choosing him.
      I enjoy their ease with each other and their fun and flirtiness….but these are two gorgeous people who would have a hard time keeping their hands off each other. Come on Show. There is NO WAY Steve and Cath are not having A LOT of sex. Let us in on it once in awhile. And by once in awhile…i mean EVERY WEEK!!

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  5. What a LOVELY day! No words for the body gliding through the water. I also have a crush on his hair in S1–love how it moving in the bottom gif, even though it’s wet, it still moves in the back when he moves his head. MWAH!

  6. Looks refreshing for him but I think I’d have to jump in and join him to enjoy that refreshing effect. The beautiful view doesn’t exactly help me cool off – rather the opposite 🙂

  7. EVERY WET INCH OF HIM IS DELICIOUS! Damn he swims so fast I can’t get my hands on that string! Mesmerized by his arms cutting through the water, tanned shoulders bulging with every stroke, *shudder* and quick glimpses of his underarms that drive me insanely h0Rny!
    Dreaming of lying on the beach watching him finish his swim, emerging from the ocean with water streaming down his chest and ripped abs. His trunks clinging to his thighs and there is no sign of shrinkage. 😉 He lays his salty slick body over mine and I taste the ocean on his lips. Good thing I brought my extra big beach towel, because I don’t want sand where it doesn’t belong. HOT BEACH S3X FANTASY! I have been very busy with RL, but when it slows down, I will be back to my very vivid discriptions.

  8. You’re not alone Ess! That water sure does look refreshing but I still find the temperature here very high! 😉

  9. Oh Ess, i tried to find this gorgeous specimen on the beach today but unfortunately not in atlantic ocean. I will have to take a swim in pacific very soon (keep dreaming). TY for these gifs.

  10. Refreshing maybe at the begining because I’m sure the water got hot after Alex finished to swimm……..uhmmmm….I just imagine him wet, salty and warmy. TY ESS!!!

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