#H50 bts pic #MakaniKai Helicopters #AlexOLoughlin

Mahalo to captainjerett on Instagram for this pic.

“Hawaii 5-0 shooting at work today”

Hmmm…Alex is in the back seat. Wonder who’s going to pilot?

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22 thoughts on “#H50 bts pic #MakaniKai Helicopters #AlexOLoughlin

  1. The only time McG should be in the backseat of ANY vehicle should be with Cath…and he should be nekkid!

  2. Hm, maybe Taylor/Kamekona, but is it Alex? Remember the 4.03 BTS pics a few days ago? Alex, Scott and Jorge in front of the statue? I don’t know if you posted them. From August 3rd. Scott wore a dark blue shirt and light trousers: http://i36.servimg.com/u/f36/17/28/77/77/bts_h517.jpg (Picture credit mahiaiblood on Instagram.)

    Though I’m not sure if this helicopter pic is for 4.03 or 4.04, since Jeffrey Hunt, who will direct 4.04, said something about 5th day of prep but filming some scenes for his ep later that day.

    Talking about piloting: There is a Star Advertiser article 50Undercover posted in July about the helicopter landing at Aloha Stadium for 4.01. It says the owner of Makani Kai Helicopters did almost all the flying for H50: http://www.50undercover.com/2013/07/14/hawaii-five-0-scores-a-touchdown-at-aloha-stadium-spoilers/

  3. I truly hope we won’t see Kame ever again flying the helicopter. That is SO ridiculous. That is simply so far out there that he would ever get a license; I simply can’t get over it. If anyone flies that chopper, it has to be Steve.
    Kame as a pilot is just stupid in my eyes, and even worse than the claw. I can’t find any humor in it either. Sorry.

    • It is a bit implausible – but NOTHING (I hope I hope I hope ) will ever be as implausible as THE CLAW.

    • Kamekona flying the helo didn’t bother me as much as Danny’s insinuated fat comments.

      and I ACA with Kim. Nothing will ever beat the CLAW. *I hope* <<–oh gosh, can you imagine?

      • I’m with you ESS. Danny’s fat jokes annoy me and are not funny. I find it surprising that the writers and Taylor let him “go there” especially since there has never been one short joke, ever. Not.one.

        • I was sure that this day would never come that I would defend Danny. Oh God what has the world come to? LOL

          Seriously, I don’t think any so called jokes about Kamekona where about him being fat, even thought that is a fact. But about him getting a pilot license. And I think it is nothing wrong about saying that Kamekona is fat. Sorry, but that simply is like it is. And him getting a license is simply not going to happen. I’m sorry, but that man as he is now would never even pass the flight physical. And I think that is what Danny was referring to. And I think that is okay.

          He never made fun of Kamekona because of how he looked. Is it okay to call him Shamu (or however you spell that)? Yes, why not? Danny doesn’t mean that in a demeaning way. Kame is their friend. Kame calls him Haole. Is that any better? Neither of it bother me. And I think it is perfectly okay.

          There is a lot of behavior from Danny that not only annoys me, but really bothers me, but this is not it.

          And besides there were short jokes. Danny himself made one about his worst nightmare waking up and being 5,4. And Steve made one, he didn’t say anything, but Danny ran right into that one. I can’t remember which episode, but it was hilarious.

          • I guess everyone has different triggers. Weight is one for me. I don’t care if it’s fact or not. To call someone fat is rude, IMO. I think Kame calling him a haole was to establish the way some Hawaiians view non-natives. Even then, it’s a run out joke IMO and one I wouldn’t mind if i NEVER heard it again.

            I think weight is one of the last “acceptable” forms of discrimination left. They would never make fun of an asian on the show, a gay person or any of the super skinny people on the show. <<—which by the way would offend me just as much if they did.

            Danny's comment about waking up shorter was an ad-lib by Scott. If he chooses to make fun of himself that's his choice, it shows he has a good sense of humor about it and I think that's cool of him.

            I respect that you feel differently. We can agree to disagree. πŸ˜‰

            • Oh, yes, we can happily agree to disagree, I have no problem with that. But I do think it’s kind of a double standard to accept one kind of discriminating joke about a group of people, the haloes, and not accept another group of people to have them make fun of.

              Besides, I think the show is just close to real life. No way wouldn’t Kame hear the one or other joke about his weight. That is just how life is. Rude or not. I would never call a person fat, anorexic or whatever. But I don’t have a problem with friends using that particular fact to call someone names. That is not mean or anything.

              If that would happen with other people than friends, well, then we have to talk again.

              And what, because it was an add lip it doesn’t count as a short joke? Doesn’t matter if he said it or not, it was on the show. And I think that’s okay too. Because Steve and Danny next to each other does look kind of funny. And to think that, or even voice it had nothing to do with being mean.

              And honestly I doubt Taylor has a problem with it (being it said on the show that is). Fact of life is that he will have heard way worse things than what’s going on on the show. Is that okay? No, of course not. But that is how it is, and nothing will ever change that. That is just how people are. You either learn to live with that, or your therapy bill will be really high.

              • If the insults are just mimicking real life then I think one would expect Steve to comment on Danny being short at least once in awhile. Something like “can I reach that for you”. Or “would you like a boost”. And Kamekona has never shot back at Danny either. With a “where’d you get that shirt? Mr. Small and Short” (NotMcG is vertically challenged – we’ve heard them all). For me, it seems like the short jokes and insinuations are off limit. Whereas, the fat ones are not.
                Also, I don’t think too many men call their friends Shamu and still remain friends. That is going way too far with the insults… IMO.

              • “I do think it’s kind of a double standard to accept one kind of discriminating joke about a group of people, the haloes,” – I didn’t mean to insinuate that I liked the haole joke. I just get that it had a purpose in the storyline to establish lack of trust between some hawaiian’s and non-hawaiians. I would be happy to never hear it again.

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