New S1 #H50 bts photos #AlexOLoughlin

While perusing the net for her beloved Scotty, @schobi_ of the Hawaii Five-0 Germany Facebook Page saw these of our beloved Alex (hee) and gave us a heads up in case we haven’t seen them.  I know I haven’t seen them before! It’s always a real treat to discover something new.  So if you have a facebook account, click on the hyperlink and head over there and hit that *like* button to thank them for great find and even better share! ❤ Mahalo!!




I wonder what happened to those boots?


23 thoughts on “New S1 #H50 bts photos #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I haven’t seen these anywhere before which is why it’s so awesome @schobi_ sent them to me instead of just letting them go unappreciated out there on the net somewhere. 😉

  2. ACA These are Fantastic pictures and obviously those boots were NOT made for walking–or running -or jumping LOL. Many thanks to you Ess and your thoughtful German friend for sharing. Can i drool now ?????

  3. Great find! Water, (Costco no less!) Diet Coke and Baked Lays – a man after my own heart!! He always has that phone to his ear – on set and off!!

    • “He always has that phone to his ear – on set and off!!” – he has been the father of a teenager for a few years. 😉 I imagine that’s partly how they kept so close while Saxon was still in Australia.

    • Ain’t it the truth. He was SO adorable then. Perfection!

      Is that Baltazer Getty with him in #1?

  4. I found this Patrick Hoelck link weeks ago on my Google search, and knew there were some Alex pics, but they didn’t show up for some reason. 😳 Even now I can’t find them. 😳 Can someone explain this to me, please? I used several search terms, nothing worked. 😦

    So, many many thanks to Schobi for finding and sharing these gems with us. 🙂

    • I don’t know miracle. Actually she sent me the link and the pics as downloads and the link took me to a pic of Grace Park, not Alex. I couldn’t find Alex in the search either so I’m very happy she sent the pics!

  5. Thanks for the pictures 🙂
    Was thinking about the boots, When watching the episodes from Season 1, I hear or notice, that he walks on his heals a lot, maybe they changed the boots cuz they made to much noise. Just a guess! 🙂

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