Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers ep 10 “A roll of the dice” #AlexOLoughlin #DanielHenney

Sorry for the late post this week. It’s been another one of those super busy weeks with a few unexpected twists and turns.  A little absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes?  So you should be good and ready for some Dr. Andy! ❤


We open inside a grocery store, my favorite place (not) when a young girl decides not to wait for her mom to get off her phone call and instead stands up in the cart and reaches for the Cocoa Krispies herself. (I’m partial to Captain Crunch Peanut Butter…OMG now I want some)!!  Mom obvi knows the good samaritan that rushes in to save the little girl from a huge face plant into the concrete floor. She tells him he has great moves for a 40 year old and he puffs up a little bit and self depreciates by saying he’s a little stiff from running the marathon last weekend. Stiff? hmm, maybe he was flirting and not self depreciating…. well we’ll never know as he heads off and rounds the corner he loses consciousness and falls to the ground. I knew running was bad for you…


At Three Rivers, everyone seems extra special interested in Dr. Andy’s arrival. I’d be that anxious every day, I don’t know what these people’s problem is. heh.  Seems Dr. Jordan is at a conference out of town and Andy is the de facto Department Head for the week. So they decided to buy him a hilarious captain’s hat to symbolize it. The hat itself isn’t so funny, but the fact that his next role would be wearing the hat really is.  Who knew? oh wait, CBS apparently knew.  FU CBS.


In walks Scott, who was the young man who received a new heart about 6 wks ago. He’s there for his check up and he’s really turned his life around. He’s not only kept clean and is back home and getting along with his parents well, he’s now working at a substance abuse center helping others. Awwww, Scotty I kind of *heart* you. <<–see what i did there?  Dr. Andy discovers that despite Scott’s claims of being the picture of health, that both his legs are a little swollen so he orders a few tests.


At a large public or fitness pool, we find a young woman who has drowned in  the pool. She was able to be revived but her condition is confusing. None of her conditions are normal for drowning.  On a side note: if I was swimming in a pool and saw that, I could never swim again. Could you? eeek!!!

Bill and wife are with Dr. Foster who is explaining to them that he has acute tubular necrosis which is sent him into kidney failure. Pace yourself when running, y’all! Moderation isn’t always bad.  She tells them that they can list him for a kidney transplant but since dialysis is still an option for him, he’ll be low priority.  His wife, against his objections, wants to be tested to see if she can donate one of hers. They agree to see if she’s a match.


As Pam comes to find Dr. Andy to tell him Lisa needs him in the ER, she notices a sad look on his face and says, “Please tell me that look on your face isn’t about Scott Becker”.  He tells her that Scott is in Congestive Heart Failure.  His body is rejecting the heart. 😦

While working on Penelope, our girl who came in as a Jane Doe drowning victim, they find she has a huge atrial bleed in the chest and they have to rush her to the O.R. where they fix her up but they’re still equally confused on why she’s bleeding in the chest from drowning.

Dr. Foster finds that Bill’s wife isn’t a match to offer his kidney but she remembers someone who would be a match for her.  She goes to them and proposes a Daisy Chain.  His wife donates to someone who matches her and then they donate and the chain will eventually link back to Bill.  Of course, she has to get this approved by the Hospital Transplant Committee first.

Pam is talking to Penelope’s room mate trying to figure out what was going on when she collapsed. We find out they both work in an on campus medical research lab. Her fiance is in CA, who worked with them in the undergraduate PHD program.  Pam wants to get in touch with Jarod to ask more questions.  Dr. Lee says she lost a lot of blood and her people need to be called ASAP.


Dr. Andy breaks the bad news to Scott that he has CHF and even though he’s been feeling fine, it could change over night. Scott swears to Dr. Andy that he’s been clean… and Andy tries to comfort him by saying that this can happen at any time, it’s not a case of lifestyle causing it. As Scott’s parents show up, Scott asks Dr. Andy to take it easy on them because “they get scared real easy”. It kinda breaks my heart a little to see Scott trying to protect his parents from the reality. Scott’s mom chases Dr. Andy down the hallway (smart lady) and tells him that she’s so thankful for what he’s done for Scott.  She tells him how they lost him for a few years but since he put the new heart into Scott, it was like a switch was flipped and they got their old son back. Andy assures her he’s a big fan of her son’s and they’re doing everything possible to help him.


Penelope wakes up and Pam tells her what happened, that she had an accident while swimming and needed surgery. Her fiance has been called and is on his way.  Out in the hall, Dr. Lee runs into a man asking about Penelope, it’s her boss from the lab.  He seems overly interested and worried about her but when Dr. Lee offers to show him where her room is, he darts. Hmmm.


Dr. Andy finds Scott in the cafeteria and tells him that he’s rejecting the heart and the tests show that he won’t respond to the first type of treatment they discussed. He’d need a new transplant. Ugh. It’s written all over Scott’s face the emotions that I’m feeling for him. To go through it once is one thing but then to go through it again. Poor Scott. This young actor is killing his scenes.  Dr. Andy urges him to be honest with his parents and to tell them the full scope of what’s going on.


Everyone comes in at once to the Transplant Committee Meeting that Dr. Andy is already there and waiting to start. Miranda says Dr. Foster would be proud of him, Dr. Lee says, “I’m proud just to know you.’ LOL!! I love you Dr. Lee! ❤  Andy walks them through the problems with Scott and asks to relist him and it’s granted. Miranda brings up Bill, who is in kidney failure and brings up the option of a Daisy Chain due to his low priority. The concern is the hospital veto’d Daisy Chains in the past due to the risk of surgical complications to the altruistic donor and a combative discussion ensues until someone stops and asks “acting dept head” how he’s proceed. I personally don’t like this woman’s smugness or maybe that she just copped an attitude with Dr. Andy. Andy says that with Dr. Jordan gone, it’s probably not best to reverse her decisions in her absence (good point) but this doesn’t sit well with Miranda who argues that he’d be on her side IF he wasn’t sitting as Chair.  She talks him into taking it to a vote which apparently wins as Miranda goes off and tells Bill and his wife that it was approved and they found a match for him. The Daisy Chain is complete.

Penelope is found in her room with her roommate working hard on her laptop. Pam tells her that her boss came to see her and they finally fess up that the boss had a thing for Penelope and it was weird and uncomfortable for her. Hmmm.

When Bill’s wife goes to fill out her paperwork for the surgery she runs into the man who’s giving the kidney to her husband. He tells her the story of his son who has been on dialysis since he was a teenager. It’s a really sweet exchange.


Dr. Lee discovers digoxin in Penelope’s new blood work. It wasn’t there when admitted, about the same time she codes.  Dr. Lee is able to revive her but they really want to know where the digoxin is from since there’s not medical reason for her to have it in her system.  The digoxin could have lead to her collapse. Her fiance arrives.  Pam has a sit down with him and he worries that he’s the reason she’s there, because of their argument.  Pam tells him that he can’t think that way. She’s been where he is, sitting in a waiting room like this… when he asks how did it work out she simply says, “Lets just say it made me thankful for every extra moment we got together.” We finally get back story on Pam and they leave it like this. FUCBS. F. U.

Dr. Andy has a rare freakout with Miranda that he’s not cut out to be an administrator. (No, Dr. Andy…your calling is being face to face with the patients. Trust us.) Spongebob runs up and says that UNOS has just offered Bill a kidney.  But if he takes it, his wife won’t need to donate and the Daisy Chain breaks. What about all those people???

Dr. Lee asks for a CT of Penelope’s pancreas, she now has a high level of insulin in her bloodwork. Unless there is a medical reason, like a pancreatic tumor, then someone has given her insulin…while she’s been in the hospital. dun dun dun.  The pancreas CT is normal. They piece together that the insulin could have come from her inhaler.  Her roommate gave her an inhaler when she got there AND she has the medical knowledge to pull it off…


Dr. Foster tells Bill and his wife that a kidney has been offered to them.  His wife is upset that the Daisy Chain will be broken. She knows their fears, their problems….she wants to go through with her donation.  Miranda says there are no wrong answers here. If he accepts the kidney from UNOS and his wife does the donation, then 4 lives will be saved.  If he refuses the UNOS kidney and it goes to someone else, then 5 lives will be saved. The agree the more the better.  I want to high five these people and hug them. Kidney surgery is a major surgery with several 2-4 weeks recovery time.  Live kidney donors are special people, to say the least.


Dr. Andy comes in to Scott to tell him that they’ve found a match for him. YAY!  They have a sense of deja vu. lol. Scott asks Andy if he thinks it will work this time? Andy says, “Dude, I thought it was going to work last time.” I guess it’s just a roll of the dice… Scott says if it were up to him, he’d probably let nature take it’s course (that sound you heard was my heart breaking), but he thinks about his parents and realizes it’s been a ‘good year’. Andy tells him, “Let’s go get a few more..”

The Daisy Chain begins with it’s long line of surgeries. Lives are saved, it’s a good day at Three Rivers.  Penelope finds out that her roommate had been poisoning her to get her tenured position at work. Pam urges her to rethink her work in academia and to look for something a little more safe…. like lion taming. Hee. *Lion*


In the O.R. Andy is doing Scott’s transplant. The heart fails to pink up. He goes into hyperacute rejection syndrome.  A dazed and saddened Andy slowly walks to give Scott’s parents the news. Ugh. I can see it in his face. They can see it in his face. *tears* (Why do I keep getting the super sad episodes??)


Andy’s in the cafeteria, waiting on his next dept meeting in 3 hrs.  Feeling sadness over losing Scott. He says you can’t expect to not lose patients in this job, they’re all so close to death but losing Scott was different. It makes him want to walk away and never do this job again.  Lisa knows better than to try to reason with him right now. Understanding and comfort is needed more than reason. She reaches out to him and holds his hand, urges him to get some rest before the meeting….though rest isn’t exactly on the agenda.  What’s been building between the two of them bubbles to the surface and it looks like we’re in for a hot and steamy 3 hours.

Oh wait, this is CBS. We got her in her bra, his bare back and few kisses. The end. FU CBS.


Wrap up: A roll of the dice. Scott took a roll of the dice  wks ago with his transplant. He won for awhile, he won his life, his parents and how to be a better man/son. In the end he still lost but wasn’t it worth it? Bill and his wife rolled the dice hoping that if they helped someone else, someone would help them.  They won. Andy and Lisa rolled the dice using this opportunity to capitalize on the attraction they had been feeling for each other. Will they win? FU CBS.

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15 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers ep 10 “A roll of the dice” #AlexOLoughlin #DanielHenney

  1. This wasn’t one of the best eps for me. But what was important was that Alex was so adorable every minute. Andy would never make a good administrator but he’s always the boss IMHO. We didn’t get to see much at the end but my imagination gave me happy thoughts anyway. I just love Dr. Andy so re-watching was still worth it.

    Hope your week quiets down and thanks as always for the recap and pics.

  2. This episode gets me too, Scott (the actor who played him) was perfect, he was great!! 🙂 I like how Pam and Dr. Lee worked together, they were good. But I noticed a lot of FU CBS on this review, tsk, tsk.. but I agree.
    I would be nice to have some history about the characters.. like I said last time, or time before that.. if this show continued we wouldn’t have no McGarrett!

  3. Pretty sure running causes cancer. Or maybe it’s just shin splints but just in case, I never run. 😉

    I probs bore y’all with reports on what it was like watching the eps when they actually aired, so be prepared to be bored again. 😀 This ep, like last week’s ep and all the remaining eps, aired as a “burn off” over the summer, after TR had already been cancelled and before 5-0 premiered. We understood at the time that this ep was even shot after TR was canned. So there was a lot of discussion back then about the captain’s hat and whether that was, in fact, a wink at Alex’s fans regarding his new role (which he was already shooting in Hawaii) as McG. I dunno if it was, but it kinda tickled us to think so. 🙂

    Also, by the time this aired, we knew that Alex and Amber Clayton (the actress who played Dr. Lisa) were dating in RL. So that added a little thrill to that final scene. We wished em happy.

    I enjoyed this ep a lot, tho Scott’s death was just awful awful awful. 😥 Alex rocked it, tho, didn’t he?

    • “Pretty sure running causes cancer. Or maybe it’s just shin splints but just in case, I never run.” – HA!!! I tell my friends if you see me running call 911 because a serial killer is chasing me. (I also may watch too much crime TV)

  4. I was so happy to find this blog this morning – really missed my favorite Sunday blog yesterday 🙂 Now I have something very enjoyable to look forward to after work 🙂 Oops, better rush off to work…

  5. I thought we talked about the apologising thing?!
    Great recap of a super sad ep. Alex, as ever, totally rocked it, you could feel his pain! I’ve said it before but given half a chance I, along with many of you here, believe this show could have grown into something really special…
    WONDERFUL pic spam – prob my favourite! Thank you!!

  6. This was just so sad, to lose Scott. I guess that’s the reality, but still… Alex was amazing in every scene and had me in tears. That face!

    I think that was a good way to lead into his relationship with Lisa, though, even though that seems like a weird transition. He needed something major to push him away from his soon-to-be-ex-wife. He wouldn’t have just moved on without some kind of push.

    • About Scott, yes it was interesting to have them go back to him. They give these characters their new organs and then we assume they live happily ever after. As Three Rivers so often did, it presented also the reality of transplant and that being that sometimes bodies reject the organs and the “giving of life” is sometimes very shortlived. *damn, I just teared up writing that! LOL*

      Agreed, i like the way they brought LIsa and Andy together too.

  7. I divide this episode in two subjects.

    The Daisy Chain – all the process of helping the people in need is beautiful to witness, be able to give a second chance to other person and sharing that moment together must be a very powerful and grateful feeling. If you are a live kidney donor you are a amazing human being.

    Scott’s case – the tough reality of organ’s rejection. In TR, they tried to show every part about organ donation and someone’s rejecting the organ is a example that sometimes there aren’t happy endings. The young actor who plays Scott and Alex gave us again a great performance in this episode. Alex showed us brilliantly the sense of lost that a doctor has by loosing a dear patient. Bravo Alex!

    One note: the ending scene is too short! All we can do is keep staring to Ess’s pics and gifs.

    Thank you Ess for your great review but specially by the Picspam.

  8. Such a good recap! 😥 This is a tough ep to watch. I can see why they started with the Skipper’s hat for laughs because it was needed to “balance” such a sad episode. Bringing Scott back (and did they say what happened to the girlfriend??) and meeting his parents is just a real kick in the gut.

    I’m kind of surprised they’d use a skipper’s hat as a secret nod to H50… because was it really that well known that Steve McGarrett was in the Navy? Maybe so. *shrug* You think they’d have called him the Big Kahuna or something a little more on the nose! 😆

    Can’t believe there are only 3 eps left, this summer has flown by!!

  9. Excellent recap and pics on this ep! It was an ok ep, I liked it, even though it was so depressing with Scott dying. However, it is a nice change of pace that they brought back one of transplant recipients, and showed that its not always the perfect ending, as tragic as it is. AOL’s face when he goes to see Scotts parents said it all – no dialogue needed. Not many actors could pull that off without looking like they have some major intestinal issues, but not our boy, he just puts it out there.

    I miss Dr. Jordan. But I loved the transplant review meeting with Andy & Miranda going at it, and nice touch that they didn’t make up all cute and fuzzy right after, and he was still annoyed with her and doing the administrator thing.

    The aftermath of Scott dying was a pretty good segue for Andy & Lisa to hit the sheets, there was that moment between them way back when she rescued that kid, and now reversed, and it finally went where we all knew it would go. Of course it ends just as it was getting good… lol

    Is it me or was AOL in this ep somehow even better looking than usual? The first scene with that goofy hat (which I always laugh at) he is somehow amazingly-can’t-stare-directly-into-the sun-cuz-it-hurts beautiful .

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