MMA star #FRankTrigg with #AlexOLoughlin on set of H50 8/2/13 4.03

A nice pic of MMA star Frank Trigg who is apparently on set and working with Alex yesterday. Mahalo to him for posting this pic of the two of them. Click on the hyperlink to learn more about him.

“Alex O (Steve) and I on the set of Hawaii Five-O today”

080213 Frank Trigg Tumblr

Thanks to @rainycali for the heads up!

17 thoughts on “MMA star #FRankTrigg with #AlexOLoughlin on set of H50 8/2/13 4.03

  1. Is it my imagination or is Alex’s arms getting bigger??

    Sorry to burst your bubble Wanda, they look like blue cargo’s – don’t get my going like that. 😯
    Arms close-up is enough for one picture, but those in a pair of Jeans on that man, and Oh my.. *thud*

  2. i think the pants are the new pants, chinos or whatever kind they are. If they’re as good as the bts ones from yesterday, I don’t care the color…just keep wearing them! 🙂

  3. On Frank’s Instagram account, someone told him they loved Alex and to put him in his suitcase and bring him home (it was probably his wife… hee hee j/k!!). He replied that he would but then Alex’s kids would never speak to him again. Awwww. I just thought that was sweet. ❤

  4. I’m still in bed and after looking this pic I will stay a little while…..commander wearing Jeans? :o) yes!!! I agree that if they fit exactly, exactly as the last ones, they are so welcome…….when Alex is photografed with other men, the b@stard looks even more handsome and when he open his mouth and talk about his kids, you look at any pic of his and you can not love him…….sigh! Thank God I’m in bed….

  5. The fact that he loves being a dad makes him even hotter. I’m proud of him for staying in Saxon’s life even though he was only 20 when he was born. Such a good man!

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