Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

From the DVD extras, Alex discussing his bad boy aussie ways in Whiteout. 2007




14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Who needs chest hair when you can make hair angels on his head! Oh how I’d love to run my hands through that head of hair!

  2. So, that particular smile is cuz his cute self KNOWS “I can get any woman in the entire world just sitting here like this.” And he’s right. On behalf of all women in the world, I surrender. Oy!

  3. I saw Whiteout last weekend at TNT cable…….well I saw only the parts where Alex appears cause the rest of the movie is really boring…What a BAD,BAD,NAUGHTY boy he was!!!! Kate was so dump to refuse doing him the check out…….Uhmmmmmmm…….I would do a complete one…… including hair angels everywhere on his body………LOL! you know? It’s impossible with me not to be pervert about Alex…..I just can’t

  4. Mmmm…love me some bad boy Russell!! I think he was just misunderstood anyway. The only reason he tried to hack up Kate is because she dissed his junk. He should have forgiven her though because she was probably a) blind b) crazy c) a lesbian (noh8) d) all of the above

    • IKR? My DVD didn’t have extras either!! But yes, some versions did. boo. Well I can’t be too mad because there are some good booty shots from the extras. 😉

      • Oh yes…the sock run in normal daylight instead of that fake cold greyish freezing air 😉 could be these treats were only in the bluray dvd. Good news is that it is probably dirt cheap, just look for bargains.

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