Thigh Holster Thursday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOLoughlin #H50

McGarrett and his Majick Log!!!


Yeah, there are thigh holsters there too. Two of them. Trust me.


24 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. Remember the Season 1 dvd commentary on this episode? “Look at the guns, Chin! Look at the guns!” Lovely reminder. Thanks, Kimmer

    • Karin, I can’t watch this scene or look at any of these caps without thinking of that commentary! LOL!!

      #1 I love that he references his arms as his guns *love*
      #2 I love that he’s talking to Daniel but calling him Chin!!! LMAO!!

  2. I cannot take my eyes off his majick log. His majick log is mesmerizing. I bet he can work majick with that log. I wish he’d perform his majick in…err…on me!!!

  3. I would love to have seen the view of that moment from behind… Not that I’m not grateful for what we have here, heck no, but a girl needs her McPerv dreams xx did we get that in the actual ep? been a wee while 🙂

  4. ESS, “Majick Log” you tease! This ranks right up there with Steve’s BTTF moment, although this is kind of the opposite–Steve’s giving a moment. So, if you’re on the receiving end, you’re getting an ML to the face [what? insert other body part(s) here]. The possibilities are endless . . .

    Oh yeah, thanks for the thigh holsters.

    • O.o The face works too….just don’t put an eye out with that thing. 😉

      Actually, the funny thing is the original joke really WAS bout the LOG!! LOL! It started back on H50Sardonic when we were joking about how McG is the only man who can just wander into the woods and produce a cut log ready to do SEAL sh/t with!! He came up with one in the 2nd seasons too. Forgot the episode number but he was wearing that gorgeous GREEN shirt…and the bulging tan cargos. What was I talking about??? oh yeah. the Majik log. *sigh*

  5. I can’t stop seeing his “majick log” shaking …… It’s the perfect HARNESS to be fasten and climb any tree.LOL!!!!! PAPASOTE RICO!………

    • Being late is OK! I’ve been pretty absent for my own postings last week – I was away with family, so … thanks for putting in your three words! *thud* Really! and Camo!!! <= sum it up quite nicely 😀

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