White Hot Wednesday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin

Hello, my lovelies! (Kimmer, speaking to the chest hairs…)


30 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin

  1. What a sexy picture, man, he looks so frkn H.O.T. ! And the messed up hair is gorgeous – Thanks πŸ˜‰ !!

    • Louise I believe this was 2008?? I think this was part of his TV Sexiest shoot right after Moonlight. One of the older fans here probably knows for sure…

  2. His face on this pic makes me think about Russell Brand… Yerk! Hard to take this idea off of my mind 😦

  3. I LOVE all the pics from this shoot. He looks so fricken sexy all disheveled…and messy..and wet.
    He looks like he just rolled out of bed. My bed, that is.
    Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

  4. When he rolled out of CG bed…he got into mine and did those MAN stuff to me……WILD! ………..LOL! Yes, a girl can dream and with Alex is so easily……

  5. He is screaming sex in this pic! He looks like he’s been held hostage by me for a LONG weekend of sexcapades! I usually like him a little more groomed, but between my sheets, on top or under me, walking around my house nekkid, hot and sweaty….OH YES!…this look suits me JUST FINE! I could spend a day in that chest hair! ((TONGUE TWITCH))

    • He’s screaming SEX??? Oh, thank God, I thought that was all just my inner devils yelling in my head!

  6. For a man who has taken literally hundreds of super sexy pics, this one stands out. How much sexier can sexy get? Oy!
    Nice choice, honey. πŸ™‚

  7. These pictures from this photoshoot (somewhere before May 2008) are actually so unique.
    I think it was the last time ever, that he was really not manscaped…..since then, there has always been a lot less hair everywhere!
    He is kind of a different creature here altogether…..a yummy wild creature! πŸ™‚

  8. This morning on a local radio channel they were discussing beards and scruff and whether men should wear it. I missed most of the convo but in the end the decision was IF the man looked like he did “manly type stuff” then the scruff and beard were ok, but otherwise no. I was lol’ing because of this post and the conversation about doing manly things. Alex is all man. Period. Bring on the scruff.

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