Topless Tuesday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #H50

Sweet dreams!!! Oh yeah….


17 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. REALLY Kimi
    He is Like the finest cuisine SWEET and HOT.
    .This is a gorgeous sight I MAY be able to stand up in a few hours time BUT it’s OK!!! i’;m happy here
    Thank you for this delicious treat

  2. I HATE his quilt….and I’m not talking about the pattern!!!

  3. His upper body, the position of his arms, the sleeping face, all perfectly hot and sexy! The quilt sucks! Thanks Kim 😉

  4. umm all I gotta ask is WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BEDROOM??? great now I gotta find those hidden cameras…

      • well then make sure I get a percentage of the proceeds after the sale of those tapes/pics…afterall it’sa dirty job, but I’m up for it..err he’s up for it…afterall that was a lil viagra that was slipped… umm yeah I plead the 5th now!

  5. Sweet dreams or wet dreams?? Well……looking at his face, both Uhm…….he must be delicious warmy like a cocoon……I wanna be under the quilt!!!

      • Uhmmmm….I could be forever huging him in bed …..under him, on top of him, on his left side, on his right side…….well….. in every kamasutra positions…..I better stop my internal McPerv cause I’m at work….oops! Hehehe

  6. You are so right ESS. He is a thing of beauty (inside and out)! I agree that the quilt has got to go! It’s no wonder Topless Tuesday is my favorite!

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