Poll – Best BAMF moments of S3 #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

At first I thought this season brought us a little less BAMF than we’re used to and I’m ok with that because it helps keep Alex healthy and after hearing Justin (Alex’s stunt double) broke both ankles at the beginning of the season, I thought ok…it helps keep everyone healthy lol. But the more I looked through the episodes the more I realized being BAMF wasn’t just about kicking someone’s ass or shooting the biggest gun. Sometimes it’s a verbal confrontation, sometimes it’s an attitude, sometimes it’s just being brave etc.

Luckily we have in Alex, an actor who can portray ALL those with ease.

Below are a range of BAMF moments that stand out to me in S3. Big props to Alex for his hard work and to Justin, Jeff Cadiente and his stunt team for their hard work on the action sequences. We can’t forget to thank Directors Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Bryan Spicer, Joe Dante, Steve Boyum, and especially my personal favorite Larry Teng who directed over half of these.  I can’t wait to see what they bring us in S4!

Click on on the first and scroll through the slideshow, leave comments as you wish and then vote for your TOP THREE (3) favorite BAMF moments of the season.


57 thoughts on “Poll – Best BAMF moments of S3 #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. These polls are just too hard!!! Even though I made my choice, I would have liked to pick at least a few more!
    Well, for best stunt scenes I picked No. 3 (Flying BAMF) because this entire action sequence was fantastic work (I would have loved to pick No. 1 and No. 12, too – but chose No. 1 in a previous poll, anyway).
    Then I chose No. 4 (Renegade BAMF) because I love Steve’s “Don’t mess with my team” attitude (And Duke’s little smile in that scene – even though it’s not part of the poll :-)).
    And, last but not least, I chose No. 11 for best BAMF attitude! Happy to see the other fans agree with me on this one 😉

    • Angie, i had a horrible time picking my fave 3 also! lol!!

      ACA #3 was epic when I first saw that sequence in the episode promo I was blown away.
      #11, if I was on the wrong side of that walk, I’d pee my pants. #truth

  2. I just couldn’t decide, too many great BAMF moments 🙂
    But I voted for 13 eventually cause you can see that it is Alex doing all the moves and it just looks AMAZING.
    Having said that Justin is a great double and I would like to give him props for all the hard work he does so i’m also going to vote for 3 cause it looks incredible.
    A couple more of favourite were 5; 2 and 11 but if i keep writing i will end up mentioning them all…

  3. I will never complain about a HARD poll on MCG! 😛 These are great choices, but since I must only pick three, I will start with #2, MCINDY guns. You and I share a special place in our fangirl hearts for the original BAMF, so whenever I get to see Steve go MCINDY on someone, I swoon like a teenager in love. #6) I chose desert BAMF because, OMcG! He is SO FRKN HOT in the desert gear and sunglasses! *fanning myself…I bet you can guess where” 😉 I love the knife throwing and the ninja kick, but his unbelievably gorgeous face in #10, is what got my last vote. S&T!! His presence was captured so beautifully in this episode! Every emotion he felt resonated through the screen. He was utterly amazing to watch in action, but
    he also commands your attention with just “a look” of “I can kill you seven ways with just my pinkie.”

  4. Really only 3 to choose !!!! Love all those moments but I had to choose 2 from my fav ep 3.20 and my Ninja Steve.

    • There was so much great work in 3.20! I had to resist the urge to put everything in here. lol! Ninja STeve. Does it ever get any better than that? Ninja Steve got my vote too.

  5. I didn´t know Justin had broken his ankles, awww poor guy. But to the poll, difficult one, voted for #1 cause that ripped shirt on it´s own, screams bamf :D, then went for #10 because the way he throws the knife in the air before catching it with his other hand just looks super cool to me, and lastly that ninja outfit was so hot!

    • I think Alex mentioned in an interview very early in the season when they were discussing the stunts and he was talking about how dangerous they were that even Justin was recovering from two broken ankles and then I noticed that there was a considerable lapse between really good BAMF moments in show. I assume to let Justin heal.

  6. I don’t think I can pick because BAMF McG is my favorite. I do love the testosterone laden confrontations between McG and Gov. Denning so that one will get a vote,… not to narrow down to 2 more. I may have multiples..err…I mean vote multiple times..

  7. OK, so thus far, I have narrowed it down to my favourite 12 or 13 – not helpful, but will get my full consideration after work!
    I will find it very hard to look past a McNinja moment though!
    What happened to Justin, that sounds awful!?

  8. 😆 What an awesome poll! There is no wrong answer! There is no bad choice! You can just close your eyes and chuck your knife at the computer to pick! Oh, right… that’s a bad idea. 😳 But McG would like it. 🙂

  9. Ess, you warned that the polls become more difficult to choose and you are so right. You made a wonderful job here because this poll is great=BAMF!!!

    All are great BAMF moments that we enjoy to watch and review. So it’s a hard task but we have to honor your work by voting. My vote is #1 = McIndy; #7 = Knife throwing BAMF and #13 = Ninja BAMF.

    I always love Steve as McIndy and Ninja (thank you, Alex and Larry). Episode 3.20 was my favorite of last season and Ess gave us 6 options of that special episode. It was very hard to choose one of the moments because i love all.

    Thank you.

  10. I did look in 1st thing this morning and could not choose. This one is so hard. I love every single one. To make my choice I narrowed it down to my all time favourite episode 3.20 . Now i can’t remember which 3 I chose. Thanks ESS for a great poll. Can you make it a bit easier next time?lol!!!

  11. Oh boy, this is so hard. First of all I got stuck on 8 Sneaky BAMF for some reason. That gif is so cool. Ehm, okay, that was not really the question. 😉

    I LOVE BAMF Steve in any kind and form, but my absolute favorite of all time is 13. That Ninja outfit, such a perfect tight fit, and his moves… ah, well, you get the picture.

    Anyway my top three are Number 5, love it how he is not afraid of any authority if he thinks he is in the right. Then number 9, Steve really is a Lethal Weapon all around. Besides, that was a dangerous stunt; he needs to know his stuff or he could have seriously hurt the stunt guy. And as I said my favorite 13 Ninja Steve.

    And the rest is on a close 4th place. 🙂

    • Sam I too love Sneaky BAMF!! That man can put on a BAD ASS MOTHER FKER expression like no one else! When he’s not beinga BAMF with his body, he’s BAMF with his face. #9 lethal weapon, you’re so right! Alex (and the stunt guy) made that move so completely believable and like you said, one small error and it could have been tragic.

  12. well 3 was hard to choose.. only cuz I like them all ( surprise- no) but I kinda laffed cuz the Desert BAMF was kinda terminator like 🙂 oh who cares… It’s McGarret..errrrr O’Loughlin…McGarrett..Oloughlin… damn who cares HE is simply….* thud*

  13. Ok, obviously these are ALL my favorites! Sure there are still moments I left out, some I’m kicking myself for right now (McG’s flight over the top of the car, his confrontation with McMom..) oh well. Still so many goodies to reflect on…

    After much nail biting and hair pulling (my own), I narrowed it down to three also. First I had to choose between my first love, McIndy… I chose #2 because it mirrored one of my all time favorite Indiana Jones moments. # 9 lethan weapon BAMF because it really is a reminder of what McG is capable of. I think guns are over used on H50 and every season they get bigger and I get a little more bored with the gunplay, it’s the hand to hand combat that first made H50 so unique (the McG vs Hesse confrontation) and it’s still the ones that make me squee! So my third choice was # 13 Ninja BAMF because nothing beats watching Alex, I mean…McG in a hand to hand fight scene. He combines grace, strength and power into a completely believable and exciting performance every. damn. time.

    • I’ve chosen #5, 9 and 10! 9 because it shows his power even without a gun, ACA ESS and 10 because of his face, that face shows us all Kind of emotions and Alex rocks that epi, from the very beginning! Thanks for another great POLL!

    • Oh, and I wanted to add, that I had the same thoughts about his fighting scenes, they’re so much believable, the way his Hands cover his face and his fingers do that straight line, one really believes his the fighter he plays! I’ve just recently watched epi 1.05 when he fights the dictator guy in the end, looks so real and I was just thinking the same about his up-close-and-personal-fighting like you ESS, funny, fangirlies have the same thoughts from time to time 😉 !

  14. Anything from 3.20 is the best of the best for me. I will forever judge against that standard. The opening scene with Steve in uniform and that look when asked “who is he to you” he turns and walks away. THUD. BAMF in all his glory. all three votes for #11 thank you very much. Big ~~sigh~~ my hero – Brenda

  15. I also didn’t realize Justin had broken his ankles! Poor guy. It was very hard to chose but I gotta say #6 Desert BAMF is my fav!! When he walked into that tent with those sunnies on I lost my damn mind!! In fact I’m still not sure I’ve fully recovered!

  16. Love it for the BAMF moves – but went for the less physical such as Mouthy and at the Gov and a little knife throwing. I thought jump #1 was WAY TOO MUCH HEIGHT to be believed even for a tv show and if that was actually done by a stuntman I believe ankles would be broken and no one would be running from that scene. I liked the pool jumping better for the landing. Ninja bamf was kicking security guards just doing their jobs and also not too wild about seeing him break someones neck – a little to graphic for me. Still xoxo on the poll and choices for sure. I remember Jack Bauer/24 took a different approach when taking down cops since they were on the same team. I think sometimes 5-0 forgets that like when Kono was on the run or way back when McG left the orange jumpsuit behind and took the cops uniform and was on the run. #Nitpicking Still warmed all over when I see that *faaaaace* every time . Every time!

    • I hear what you’re saying CVC. For me, I like the over the top stunts, (as long as they’re not stupid like the claw in 3.01) but the jump out the window was just beautifully shot and performed. I held my breath the first time I saw it.

      “Ninja bamf was kicking security guards just doing their jobs and also not too wild about seeing him break someones neck – a little to graphic for me. ” – My feelings on the security guards is yes, they were just security guards and ‘on the same side’ but he could have shot them. A physical confrontation isn’t out of character or unexpected. The guards would have surely used whatever force they had available to them (tazer, gun, etc) if McG hadn’t surprised them and incapacitated them. McG knows how to strike quick and efficiently for a takedown with the least amount of injury and that’s what he did. . In 3.20, these guys were terrorists and certainly would have murdered McG and Cath. I don’t have a problem with him breaking a neck or putting them on a grenade. Not when he’s a trained SEAL. To me it’s a reminder of what Steve really is…what he’s capable of.

      • I just rewatched the security guard scene while making Lilyi’s caps…the guards had guns. I think McG was justified in kicking them as i’m sure they wouldn’t have been so friendly.

        • Oh I love ‘Show’ – I just like to stir the pot now and then and usually your well thought out replies let me rethink my own. I appreciate the scenes and effort and all the BAMF-ness and enjoyed flying BAMF at the time and the SEAL moves. Just like to keep you on your toes…you never disappoint in your response. #superseal. #freakinninja.

          • I didn’t take your comment as stirring the pot at all. I thought you had valid, well thought out objections and it was cool to discuss the two viewpoints. There’s no right or wrong answer. 😉 Love ya CVC!

  17. THE NINJA BAMF!! N13 it was my favourite one from season 3! actuallly i am looking for pictures of those 2 kicks!

  18. OMG!! YOU’VE DONE A GREAT WORK ESS! I’M IN CHECKMATE, YOU PUT ME IN CHECKMATE!!…….I totally agree with you that BAMF scenes are not only stunts ones although I recognize the physical effort made by Alex and Justin……..I didn’t know he broke his two ankles!!! but the emotional and courageous scenes where Alex shows his amazing acting gift……..my problem is that the more I see, the more I remember these episodes and what a wonderful acting, editing, visual effects work everybody did and besides that I work at a military hospital so I’m very used to see the behavior and attitudes real militaries have and real injuries they got in duty and I can tell that Alex performs the military character PERFECTLY… WHY ONLY THREE????? WHYYYYY???…………OK. take a deep breath…… No 3. FLYING BAMF……..maybe it’s not so realistic as cvc-eve said that no one could ever run after jump but it was so excited and the visual effect well done that I guess everybody liked it and with this scene I give credit to everybody involved…… No.5 BAMF ON THE GOV……..I LOVE his courage to confront the governor and demand for respect to his job and his team, when I saw it I thought: wow! that’s a man with balls, that’s Commander Mc Garrrrett….. and No. 11 BAMF ATTITUDE……..that manly way of walking, his arms, his face expression…..the thigh holster….a BRAVE MAN!……..It was a hard duty ESS, but thank you!!!!

  19. I LOVE fearless McGarrett when he jumps off the balcony onto the pool!! That specific scene was AWESOME! 😀

  20. Hope i’m not too late, just got home from long weekend away.
    Gratuitous ass shot BAMF won it for me (fearless bamf) Coz if you watch it in very slow motion (i.e on my phone) you get a great shot of his cheeks seperating …………. Peachy

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