Mark your calendars! H50 to start syndication on Aug 8 with the pilot #AlexOLoughlin #H50

No official announcement from TNT or TPTB but three different online sources now show H50 starting it’s syndicated run on TNT starting Thursday, Aug. 8th at 9:00 EST.

This is great news with S4 starting in September. Viewers can watch old episodes on Thursday and new episodes on Friday! Hopefully the syndication will bring in new fans!


Big mahalos to @RainyCali and @parker5050 for finding it on their TV schedules. I didn’t want to post until an official announcement was made but with it showing on three different sources I think it’s a safe bet.


101 thoughts on “Mark your calendars! H50 to start syndication on Aug 8 with the pilot #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. I’m not sure if this is a good thing at all. I always thought they are only allowed to start airing after 88 (or in most cases 100) episodes aired on the original station.
    For some reason I think this is bad news. And believe me I’m never ever negative, but this is not good for the future of H50.

    • I’m not sure that the fact that they are starting to air h50 a year early is good or bad news for the future of the show, but the “88 episode” thing is just a guideline that is used in the industry, according to stuff that I have read. It’s not a matter of “allowing” it to be shown in syndication.

      Let’s hope that we get some new fans out of it! πŸ™‚

    • I think it’s 88 episodes (ok, on german wikipedia they say 100), but I don’t know if they all have to be aired. Now that S4 is under way, they got 95 episodes in total. I’ll try not to be pessimistic and hope it’s a good thing for H50. *fingers crossed*

  2. or it could be a very good thing… people that haven’t seen it before may catch it on TNT and tune in on Fri. nites now too. What’s on around it on TNT?

  3. I read that it was just a ‘guideline’ too. I’m going to look at it as something positive because if it can bring in new people on Thursday night to watch the old episodes, all they have to do is tune in one day later, at the same time no less, to see the new episodes on CBS. I think it’s brilliant timing! Plus if show does well in syndication it will prompt CBS to order more seasons. No way they’ll let that 2 mill an episode cash cow die too soon.

    I wonder if the cast gets more $ once it goes into syndication? I hope so. Especially Alex, he works so damn hard each and every episode. I mean, they all do…but he’s onscreen so much and with doing a lot of his stunts the first 2 yrs, etc. He’s really worked it. He’s been such a terrific ambassador for the show.

    • I’m not sure about the actors making more money from syndication, but it seems like the creators get a pretty penny. So, PL is a happy man….

      If I recall, the syndication residuals was a big deal back when the Friends cast threatened to walk. And Seinfeld cast too – If a show is a huge hit, then I think the stars can renegotiate their contracts if it wasn’t in their first contract. Let’s hope that Alex and company got something into their contract.

  4. What I do know is USA did the same thing with NCIS_LA they showed a couple episodes the summer before they actually went into syndication. TNT did the same thing with Castle they had a couple of episodes last year then nothing until they actually went into full syndication this summer, that may be the case with H50. I just feel that if they are fast tracking H50 on TNT that is a good thing.

    • Huh. Thats interesting Wanda. So, they are kind of previewing their new syndicated shows…. kind of a little teaser. very interesting!

      I actually laugh at USA network… I call it the NCIS network now – that seems to be all that they show (until theor original series come on at 9pm)!! LOL! But I guess with 10 years of shows, there is a lot of choices. Here’s hoping that h50 ends up on TNT a lot in years to come because we got a long run on CBS

      • Lol unthought the USA network was the SVU channel?? And you know what? I STILL watch it almost every time I see it on.

        I was kinda hoping USA would pick up H50 then one day they could do a double feature and it would be the closest I’d ever get to a Stabler & McGarrett double BAMF double team. Oi, I need to lie down at the mere thought of that awesomeness. BRB

    • Wanda, good info. thanks! i thought i saw them airing a little early for the old syndication schedule but I don’t follow either of those shows so I wasn’t sure. Thought well, maybe they’ve been on longer than I noticed.

      • It was the same with me saw, it one week and then nothing until recently. From what I have read on other sites it did draw more fans to both Castle and NCIS-LA. Good idea to let the TNT fans see what is coming to their network. I just know even though I have the DVD that I will be watching πŸ™‚

  5. To make something clear, I couldn’t be more happy if this was a good thing, and if it would animate people to tune in when it airs on CBS.
    But I do find it kind of strange. But who knows, it could be a clever strategy by CBS to sell this money maker for even more money if TNT gets good numbers. It all comes down to money. So let’s hope it makes a lot of it.

    And yes, Alex should get a raise, he really is the best spokesperson for H50 they can get. He’s always positive, he is always present and gives interviews. Interviews people want to read and listen to, and interviews without ever saying even the slightest negative thing about the show or Hawaii. And he does have the most screen time, so I think it would only be fair if he got more money for it.

    So, let’s all hope this turns out to be a great thing. And if it does, you can all yell ‘I told you so’ at me. I’ll gladly take it. πŸ™‚

  6. This is good especially since in NY, Dallas & LA if you have Time Warner Cable if they don’t come to an agreement we will no longer have CBS starting Monday at 5:00pm!

    • Oh, I hate it when they threaten that. It’s such BS!!!! We had that in the fall with DirecTV and CBS. It got resolved…. as it always does, it’s just a ploy for both sides to point fingers.

      • Yep, I agree. Same thing happened in my area this past spring. There’ s no way CBS will not go on, especially in NY and LA markets. A ploy for more money.

        If I’m not mistaken, Alex was getting $100,000 or so the first season, and Scott was at $75,000 or $85,000. Per episode. The lead does get more than the supporting cast, as it should be.

    • Don’t know whether to blame Time Warner or the network! We’ve been without NBC since midnight Wednesday! Luckily, most of what I watch is on CBS or cable.
      Let’s hope H50 goes the way of Criminal Minds on CBS. It’s been syndicated on A&E for quite a while and is still going stong in the regular CBS primetime lineup.

    • That’s the thing- all of the carriers and network syndicates do it! Like I said above, we got a little nervous when both CBS AND DirecTV were scrolling threats along the bottom of our TV last year – each blaming the other for the possibility of our screen going blank. I did some research and it happens all the time, to all of the carriers. It’s just the way they do business. And it sucks for the customer!

  7. If TNT bought the rights during season 1 they own them and can air them whenever they want…..I did notice that CBS is airing new Person Of Interest promo’s that where crafted to bring in new viewers. Wish CBS seemed to care more about H5O as a long term investment.

  8. I’m a little confused. I have been watching H5O reruns daily for months. My satellite provider airs it on three different channels almost every day of the week. It’s on Showcase, Lifetime and Mystery channel. Showcase actually airs an episode a least twice a night. All three channels air different episodes and at different times so it is a smΓΆrgΓ₯sbord of Alex (if only!!!). Most days I can watch Show three to four times between 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. (I may or may not watch the same episode on showcase more than once).
    The great thing about Showcase too is that it airs S1 in order. When it airs episode 24 it starts back at the Pilot. And Lifetime is currently airing S2 episodes.

    Does anyone else watch Show on these channels? Is the TNT thing just a big deal because its a syndication thing? Do you see now why I’m so confused?

    I don’t think I get TNT so i will have to contact my satellite provider right away…because just like shoes…a girl can never have enough Alex!!

    • I just have them all on my Tivo (I recorded them when they all originally aired)–watch snippets almost nightly. In HD. Zip through the commercials and non-Steve parts πŸ™‚

      • I have S3 on my PVR and S1 and S2 on DVD. That does not stop me from watching every rerun that airs!! Like I said…I can’t get enough of that man!!

        Oh..and I do the exact same thing when watching recorded episodes.. FF right to the AOL scenes! Great (a.k.a. McPerv) minds think alike! *high five*

    • Apparently Lifetime’s the Canadian syndication from what i could find online. So yeah I think TNT is big because its the USA (home) syndication network and probably pays the most but knowing its been picked up in other countries for syndication is great too! We can’t forget that the shows success isn’t only determined by USA eyes and dollars but what CBS can get from it worldwide. Thanks CG!!

      • Here in the UK we just finished a re-run of S1 and yes I have DVDs, yes I have Blu-Rays, but it’s still on my TiVo!! Sky in the UK repeat show often – and usually show all eps nightly up to start of Jan when we get new Season… I hope US syndication is a good thing, there seems to be an under current of people believing S4 is the last, really hope the move to Friday in US helps!

    • You might be confused but at the same time YOU ARE SO LUCKY GIRL you can watch old episodes every day, I’m eating my fingernails because of the ansiety of waiting. I just to see old episodes through the ID Channel on sundays 9am and 7 pm and on CBS mondays 8 pm…….I hope this could be a good thing for H50…..I’m gonna watch TNT searching the commercial and get into any TNT viewers website to give my support…..if this a kind of marketing/ rating deal that CBS or anybody else wants to play, let’s play it and prove to them that H50 produces money, I better say that Mr. Alex O’loughlin produces money for them ……I also agree Alex deserves earn more money for each episode- remember that the friends cast got 1 million dollars per episode!!!- because he does a wonderful acting work, he did many stunts in S1 and S2 and he is the star of the show…… Well, Alex fangirls all around the world we have to give our inconditional, 1000 percent, support to H50 and Alex and wacht all the old episodes in any channel at any time!!!!. I’m gonna be positive and this is for me the best news today :o)

    • You’re already seeing it in syndication because you’re in Canada/outside the US, watching it on a Canadian-based TV network/Canadian-based TV networks–networks most of the US cannot get, possibly unless we live near the US/Canadian border & our cable/satellite providers carry those Canadian networks as well as the US ones; that’s why you’ve already been able to watch the repeats on TV. It hasn’t been airing in the US in syndication yet.

      TNT is a big thing because it gives US fans another venue through which to get our “fix” (as it were)/watch the show. It’s also kind of a big thing because of the amount TNT paid for the rights to air the repeats & because they bought those rights so soon after CBS started airing Season 1 (I think the TNT deal was announced around the airing of Episode 3 of S1).

      • What? Canada gets something before the US. That NEVER happens. We have to wait for everything! (e.g. Summer)
        I didn’t realize that Showcase and Lifetime were Canadian stations. Here all this time I thought the US fangirls were also getting to enjoy AOL on daily reruns.
        Gee whiz, I feel so special…and a little guilty about how lucky I am!

        • #sorry

          I felt the need to apologize for my luck. I’m Canadian. It’s what we do. For everything.

        • Not only did you get the syndication first but where is it, Nova Scotia that gets it aired an hour or so before us on the US East coast? Dagnabit!! That’s it.. I’m defecting to Canada!! Anyplace it doesn’t snow up there????

          • LOL, ESS, you’re funny. Not to gloat or anything, but everyone who watches the global version gets a new episode before it even airs on the east coast, if you are nuts enough to get up in the middle of the night. I have heard people do that. ;-). BUT remember, all of you get it LONG before it airs in Hawaii. That should count for something. LOL

          • I’ve got the greatest snow on earth. Sorry, I think I’ll stay here, with my H50 summer re-runs.

  9. I’m swiss and i don’t get the whole network syndication stuff but i really hope it’s all good for alex and his mc-dream-team, i couldn’t stand loosing my fav four!
    They don’t show it on swiss tv, so i tune in with the germans or the net!
    Thanks guys for the latest info, always busy to keep us “online” πŸ˜€ fangirlies love fangirlies, yep!!

    • Don’t you watch it at 3+? They air the new episodes Tuesdays (I think, I’m not quite sure) before they’re aired on Sundays at SAT1. At the moment they air reruns.

      • We’re the flintstones and don’t have a tv-access (I have to add, it’s our own choice)! We have DVD’s and the internet to watch! Once or twice a year I go on holidays to my mom’s “and she has all those tv programms” and yes you’re right it’s on 3+! But I like to watch them in english anyway! (and it’s just embarrassing to watch hottie Alex with bystanders! Because my whole body is panting for his hotness and I think everybody next to me can fell it! πŸ˜‰ )

        • Haha, embarrassing, yes, I know! πŸ™‚

          It’s nice to watch the german version at least once to get the big picture, but you’re right, in english it’s sooooo much better. And sometimes the sync is extremely bad.

          • Yeh, like in 1.01 after Danny punches Steve in the face, the original Steve voice says “son of a ….” and the german Steve says “verfluchter ….”! (They both leave “the ugly words” out and that’s fine with me and makes it even hotter!)

          • I always thought that “son of a *****” is a pretty strong swearword in the English language and in that scene Steve and Danny are using it quite often (against each other and against the baddies)! They translate it with “scheisskerl” which isn’t such a strong/bad word in german, sometimes language is funny!

        • “We’re the flintstones and don’t have a tv-access (I have to add, it’s our own choice)!” – and you’re probably better off that most of us. Good for you!

  10. I saw on the TNT site that Castle immediately precedes it, then 2 hours of H50 (at least on 8/8) and then new programming afterwards. I believe that the cast gets “residuals” as well as the creator. It depends on their contract, though.

    • After the way CBS jerked Alex around with Moonlight and Three Rivers they owe him some damn residuals!!! He’s the reason those shows are still marketable and ppl are STILL buying Moonlight DVDs and created the demand for them to put Three Rivers onto a DVD. I hope CBS recognizes that power he has.

      • ACA ESS…A.C.A.!!!!!
        He is also (and I’m going to get some hate mail for this) the main reason why H50 is a success!! Yes, the core four are great and the bromance is funny and charming, but I have NO DOUBT none of that would work without Alex O’Loughlin!
        And I say that because I have to look at my own experience. Before Show I never knew that AOL existed. I watched the pilot because I was a fan of the old show. To say the least I was blown away the SECOND that man’s face hit the screen and I’ve been hooked ever since. He is the most captivating, charismatic actor I have ever he is beautiful. THAT combination is money in the bank for any network and CBS is lucky to have him. SO.VERY.LUCKY!!!

        • What makes u think we’ll hate u 4 ur comment?? I do agree with u! I mean, I truly love the other cast members. DDK was awesome in his role n Lost, Scott made it 2 the big screen n Ocean Eleven’s trilogy, Michelle did great n Combat Hospital and what can I say of Grace? She totally rocked it in Battlestar Galactica. But without Alex O’loughlin the show in fact wouldn’t be what it is. Matter of fact, in both the original & the actual one, Steve McGarrett is the center of Hawaii Five-0. The rest of the cast only support that and bring light and spice 2 the show. And I take 4 example that the last season (12th) of original H50 was without Danny’s character, (Steve’s lovable bromance)when it was suddenly written off bc the actor portraying it, James McArthur left adducing that he was tired and wanted 2do other things. So, 4 as much that I love Scott, DDK, Grace and Michelle, it’s more than fair and honest 2 admit that in fact Alex is the only STAR of the show. =)
          PD. If sum1 disagrees with me feel free 2 respectfully tell me! Im n Twitter 2! Aloha! πŸ˜€

        • ACA ESS and CG66 and Zia. If AOL was not on H50, I probably would not watch it. Not religiously anyway. The other 3 and supporting cast (Max, Fong, Aaron, Wo Fat, etc.) are good, but it’s Alex’s show. Period.

        • Well this is an Alex O’Loughlin fan blog not an H50 fan blog so it makes sense that we probably agree for the most part that Alex is the main attraction, with all due respect to the other actors and their fan bases that watch show for different reasons.

          To me if the main character isn’t interesting and well acted, then nothing will make me tune in regularly. For instance there is another show that I *like* and I’ve watched a few seasons of it but the lead actor and actress bore me. Once my DVR decided not to record it for some reason, it fell off my radar though i would have totally watched it because the secondary char’s are awesome!! still….awesome secondary characters are not enough to make me feel the need to spend another hour in front of the TV.

          When I fell out of love with H50 about halfway through S1, I still tuned in because I just HAD to know what happened with the McGarrett family and I didn’t know who Alex was or anything at the time. So I can easily say H50 is about McG to me because it’s that character that kept me interested in the show and tuning in.

          *GASP* there would be no H50BAMF!!….how sad would that have been?? *cries*

      • Ess, I gotta say YOU have to be at least part of the reason ppl are still buying Moonlight and TR – despite being an AOL fan I had no desire to watch them until I found you! CBS should be paying you, even with the FUCBS rants. πŸ™‚

      • Wait! There is a Three Rivers DVD???? But I think it’s region 1, isn’t it?

        Oh, and by the way, ESS, you’ve got mail! Please check your spam folder! πŸ˜‰

  11. I have a friend that lives in Kamloops and they do show reruns of 5-0 a lot. I’m going to look at this as a good thing. I know of at least 3 people that found 5-0 through reruns and then went back and watched from the beginning. One of them was in Hawaii at SOTB time, inquired what was going on and has been hooked ever since. She’s now a rabid Alex fan. So hopefully this is good news πŸ˜€

      • Kamloops is in Southern British Columbia. It is gorgeous and hot and dry for several months of the year. And gets very little to no snow (you could move there ESS!!).
        Its a little too hot there for this Canadian. But then again I am climatized to slightly (ha!) colder weather as I live approximately 800 km (500 miles) North of there. We get a tad bit (ha!) more snow too….about 6 feet more! Wait..all of a sudden I don’t feel so lucky.
        Boo to Northern Canadian weather. Yay to Canadian TV

  12. I think it’s a good thing and nothing 2 worry abt. This is what I read: “Hawaii Five-0Β is a top-notch procedural drama that has already built a strong following,” said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). β€œWith its great characters, intriguing stories, smart sense of humor and explosive action,Β Hawaii Five-0Β is an ideal fit for TNT’s lineup.” I really liked his words “A Strong Following” bc it’s referring at us! H50 Fans r the best! So, in Mr.Wright words here, this show is “explosive action”. I consider then that 2 have early syndication re runs it’s just a way 2 maintain that audience and even 2 gain more viewers for the upcoming new season 4.

  13. “I Stephen John McGarrett solemly swear to …”
    Wow, wow – how we all love and adore this guy, sometimes it frightens me!! Thanks guys for sharing πŸ˜‰ !!!

  14. I think it actually is: “I, Steven J. McGarrett, do solemnly declare upon my honor and conscience, that I will act all times to the best of my ability and knowledge in a manner befitting an officer of the law.” But Does it matter? He’s still our sexy Navy Guy, ghe hottest SEAL EVER! =)

    • Thanks, I always wanted to know those words πŸ˜† (I’m swiss and my english brain is not that quick!)
      But you got the point and that is satisfying!

  15. ROFLMFAO!!!! πŸ˜† Y’all are all killing me today! No, we’re not obsessed, infatuated, and addicted. πŸ˜‰ I’m so grateful to be in such delightful company. :mrgreen:

    As to residuals, what I read is that the most recent union contract limits them a bit for actors compared to the older contract. Actors get paid the most for the first couple of re’s of an ep. After that, the payment decreases with each repeated showing and at a certain number of re’s, actor residuals just end. But the actors do get them, and in proportion to the quantity of time they appear on screen. So in that regard, Alex should do decently well. Also, a much wanted star or lead actor can make a more lucrative negotiated residual deal if the Net wants him bad enuf. I recall some chatter when Alex was hesitant to sign on for 5-0 that they may have sweetened the residual deal to seal the deal with him. Let’s hope! Cuz as we all know, and y’all have said, he’s more than worth it. No Alex, no 5-0.

    • OOoooh that’s good to know! I hope it’s true about the amount of screen time means more money (as it SHOULD be that way) and that they sweetened Alex’s deal with more $$. He put his heart and soul into another CBS effort and it’s time they rewarded him for that.

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