H50 BTS pic #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan and a special guest star! ***spoiler*** 4.02



This makes me deliriously happy and I can’t even explain my squee level of McG and Danny chasing baddies around town in the Merc!!!

Big Mahalo to r6m1e85 (rmnster)  for the post on Instagram.

072613 rmnster IGThanks to @heyD50 for the heads up.

Also I’m noting that wardrobe didn’t gain any creativity over the summer hiatus. bummer.


33 thoughts on “H50 BTS pic #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan and a special guest star! ***spoiler*** 4.02

  1. Okay…this is so AWESOME!! Love, love, love that they are using the Marquis…good one Show!!!


        Thank goodness you gave me a heads up on this one cuz I may have peed myself when this episode airs!! I still might!! Anyone know where I can get a plastic couch cover?

    • OY! Do I feel old. We had one like that growing up!! 😯
      P.Lenkov did Tweet a picture about the Marquis getting a clean-up!!

  2. yeah! it’s good to see they’re back!!!! it makes my “deliriously” anxiety more tolerable. THANK ESS!!! and I really mean it girl!

  3. OMG! That’s so exciting! I love Classic Cars, I wish I would have money 2have at least 1!!! Well, At least we have the joy of having the awesome Mercury in H50. And with such hottie driver anyone would love 2B his co-pilot! LOL. LOVE H50! Can’t wait till september!

  4. I guess I should have put **spoiler** on this one though technically I’d think if you were looking at a BTS pic you know there is a possibility of a spoiler. lol. Still, I added it and will try to add it in the future.

  5. I wonder if they are using it because *Close Your Eyes if You Might Consider This a Spoiler* the camaro is suppose to be blown up? I know they are getting a new camaro this season. Hmmm, maybe Steve just needs his own hot car. 🙂

    • Did he leave it at Kamekona’s? Interesting! I don’t think I every really thought about where it’s been….but I’m so ridiculously happy to see it again! It is BAD ASS.

      • Well its last sighting was when Steve drove it to Kamekona’s place way back at the end of s1 right?

  6. Wardrobe hasn’t improved, i see, blue’s still the “in” color !! But hey, it looks like the caramel cargos are back, yummy!!

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