Fabulous Face Friday – Three Rivers *teaser* #AlexOLoughlin

Check in Sunday to see who Andy is making this face at. YUM.



16 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday – Three Rivers *teaser* #AlexOLoughlin

  1. That’s the most eyesexiest look during the whole serie, because *spoiler* his thoughts are naughty and sexy at the same time !
    And i’m looking forward to that ep ’cause of the “tightnessendlesslyness”!!

  2. *ouch* So pretty it hurts! Seriously. That face is 3D poetry. Soooo happy to see it this morning. 🙂

  3. Ok, I’m gonna wait for sunday to enjoy this episode and look at this beautiful face……but now I’m gonna dream and wish to be the soap on his hands….sigh! Yeah, I know, I’m a crazy McPerv but I can’t help it…………and I don’t wanna be cured either :o).

    • EU, about the soap…yeah I’m with you on that! If he’s a good little surgeon he’ll spread our suds all the way up his delicious forearms not just in between those long luscious fingers of his. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll take us to the shower with him later. 😯 I don’t want cured either! #McPERV4EVER!
      ESS, is the epi with the clingy scrubs? Mmmmm…that cap makes wanna play doctor and dirty nurse! It would work well as a blind fold or a gag. Naughty, naughty thoughts, I have! His eyebrows raised like that…just OMG…unf!

      • UHMMMMMM….. In fact, the surgical hand wash includes fingers, hands, forearms and the distal third of his biceps…….we would have a party only with that lurxgirl!!!!….. but a complete shower, oh! my coronaries!!!!!( you see? I’m dreaming it in medical terms, hehehe!)……. we could take his front and back in turns and thatwouldbean0rgy!!!!!. We’re more than McPervs, LOL!………sorry if any parent read this.

  4. Oh how sexy! Man! Why do u like 2 deliciously torture us dear ALEX!? Plz hope u 1 day 2 answer this….=)

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