Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #BAMF

*Throws my hands in the air*
I surrender!


^^^This is why he doesn’t need those fugly gloves^^^


30 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #BAMF

  1. I’d surrender to this guy any time, too – Wouldn’t we all?! And I totally agree with you (as I do very often…) – those hands shouldn’t be hidden in gloves 😉

  2. “free the hands” (those fingers are amazing and too beautiful to hide) and “a clear view of those veins” (veinoverporn)!!
    *teamburnthegloves* :ol:
    I loved his s1 watch very much!

    • I love his S1 everything! He was soooooooooooooooooooo damn cute then. Then he got too thin (S2). Then he got too chubby (S3). S1 was just right–Goldilocks.

      • I do agee that S1 McG was perfection!! As for S3…you say chubby, I say beefy. I LOVE S3 McG in all his hugeness. Yum!

          • Yeah! McG S1 was in his early thirties…..Manguito tierno ( green little mango)…… but I still mad about him in S3 and FOREVER because he ‘s getting into maturity…..beefy as Canadaggirl said but I add succulent beefy…… Mango maduro YUM….sweet and juicy…

            • “sweet and juicy”<<<<love this *sigh*

              For me that chubby, beefy, mature (or whatever you want to call it) S3 face meant that he was healthy again.
              And that fills my heart with joy!

        • Well, his body got beefy, but his face just got chubby. And his hands–made it hard to see the veins and long fingers. That’s why I don’t like the “beef”. (And chubby hands just turn me off.)

          • I may be speculating, but I have a feeling the chubby face may have been a side affect to corticosteroids. Since he is clean of narcotics, corticosteroids may be all he can use for his shoulder when it acts up. Now that his pain is manageable and he’s training with Egan, he is burning that excess fat, strengthening his muscles and core and we get another fit version of Alex to lust after. I did miss his defined chest and abs last season, but I loved his big guns and thighs!

            • Oooh, good point. Thank you. I hadn’t thought about that. Plus asthma inhalers also have steroids, if he uses them (I don’t know if he does, or if he still has asthma–he did as a child, but sometimes people outgrow it).

  3. I surrender too and he doesn’t need any weapons just hold me with those hands and strong p0rn arms….uhmmm… ok, the guns is only needed to put in the thigh holster

  4. I’m DYING to lick and suck on that HUGE THROBBING VEIN! SLURRRRP 😛 The one on his bicep looks delicious too! 😆 I know.., I’m so predictable,…and h0rNy! :mrgreen:

  5. I totally agree about getting rid of the gloves. He has beautiful hands! I wish the crotch shot wasn’t so dark so I could have a peek at the package. Oh, oh, Alex is a naughty influence on me!

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