#AlexOLoughlin for #RUOKDAY #H50

Alex did a commercial for this year’s “R U OK? Day” in Australia for Sept. 12th.

Learn more about the “R U OK?” Foundation here at: https://www.ruokday.com/

I honestly couldn’t love this idea any more than I do! I’ll be joining in and doing this myself.

Video has been added to the H50BAMF YouTube channel.

Thanks to Alex O’Loughlin Journal Facebook for the head’s up. **besitos*

Slightly longer version thanks to Miracle!

39 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin for #RUOKDAY #H50

    • ^^ You are so right – he had the courage to say he was not OK and got himself healthy as a result. I have so much admiration and respect for him for that. I love that he is a part of this.

      • Jeezuz, Kimmer! You are so right about him! First he gives me feeeeeels and now you do! Kinda overwhelmed with feeeeels right now, including just the thought that the lovely clever Aussies even thought to mark this day. It’s so delightful fan-girling this man along with his many other lovely fangirls. *Mwah* to you all. πŸ™‚

  1. Just when you think you can’t love him more…. Such an important message! It really is OK to ask for help, it doesn’t mean you’re weak or defeated, just that you need a little support! I’m with you Ess, this has punched my right in the feels!

  2. That is actually a great idea, never heard of it though! He’s so perfect doing this!
    He is wearing a BLUE SHIRT, who would believe THIS πŸ˜† πŸ˜† !!!
    Thanks for this wonderful info!

  3. What a wonderful idea – reaching out and checking on people. Making it clear that it’s OK to NOT BE OK. It’s become so trite to ask the question, and we fluff off the answer so often – I love that RUOKday gives importance back to the inquiry. How easy is that??? So wonderful.

    And, I know that we’ve said it here before – as much as I fangirl over his looks and his physique and whatnot, it is things like this, THINGS LIKE THIS that he does that really make him someone that I admire and respect. It’s not some HUGE cause or some CBS nightly news-worthy humanitarian trip or anything splashy. It’s simple and heartfelt. It’s real. And I couldn’t be more proud to be a fan of Alex’s.


    • ACA KIM! ACAxBL2I&B!!

      It has become a question that means nothing. Kudos to the Aussies for putting the importance back into the question. Sometimes, especially the past few yrs when I’ve been going through my surgery & pain issues, when people say “how are you?” if I know them well enough, I’ll say, “Do you want the TRUTH or to hear that I’m OK?” It really does give you pause to stop and listen. What I LOVE is that this puts the emphasis on ASKING the question and listening. Don’t wait for someone to ask you, ask them…..and listen!

      In one of the past posts that I made of him doing some small charity work, someone (who doesn’t normally post) came here and said that we shouldn’t make him a hero, because heroes are firefighters, etc. Well….yes and no. Heroes come in many shapes and forms and anyone who inspires others to do something nice or to do goodness themselves is a type of hero in my opinion. Alex isn’t the first or only actor to support this cause but he’s the one who brought it to US. So for that I am thankful. I will be joining with him and reaching out to 3 people on Sept. 12th. Who knows how many lives will be changed or saved? Thank you Alex and the R U OK? Foundation for reminding us that everyone can be a Hero.

  4. He has such an amazing heart and soul. How can we not love him even more after this and after all the good things that he made. And u are right he had the courage to say that he was not OK . Am so proud to be his fan cause he is such an Amazing human being. And I love his accent..there I had to say it its the fangirl in me. LOL

  5. This is such a great idea, and such a great guy to do it. He’s a good guy on such a basic level, and I can totally believe that he’ll do this and actually care. This campaign is a wonderful idea, too, because sometimes all you need is someone to care.

  6. It’s a great cause with one of the best ambassadors that might have. By giving his example, Alex is the one to promote this project, encourage, empower and inspire people to prove their value, ability and change for better life. Life has more meaning with the sharing and help from our family and friends and even organizations like this one that we should never be ashamed to ask for help. You feel support, value by receiving and giving time, attention, conversation, care and help. In short, the best that we take in life is socializing with others and together help each other.

    As Alex’s fan, i’m very proud of him. My admiration and respect grew today one more time.

    Ess, thank you for this post. It’s a very important subject and is worthy to talk, share, disclose and participate in it.

  7. Thank you for bringing this to us, ESS.

    (and I might have listened to it a couple of extra times for the glorious accent . . .)

  8. That’s a wonderful message, I’m very proud of Alex for taking part in this initiative πŸ™‚
    Yeah, his accent sounds a bit stronger here, I just LOVE it.
    Definitely we tend to forget that the people near to us might need a bit of encouragement to open up when they feel down.
    And it’s also a reminder to ourselves that we don’t need to always be strong, sometimes it’s ok not to be ok, it makes us human.
    Thank you Alex and thank you ESS for once again bringing something wonderful to us!

  9. I totally support this cause. I’m glad Alex does too especially where he was last year. Support is all important when life can get you down.

    Alex’s accent is stronger than ever. Love it

  10. I agree ESS. When I ask someone “How are you?” It’s out of politeness. Now with my close friends I’ll say exactly that “Are you okay?” This is a wonderful thing. Thanks! πŸ˜€

  11. Thank you Ess for letting us know and share this with our own friends and family and so on.
    So proud of Alex!! He’s so down to earth! He always chooses to support great causes that we can help by easy means
    and communication. He is pragmatic and I like that. Sometimes you don’t need a million dollars to change things but a few words and to pay attention to the answer!
    And…he’s smart enough to use his Aussie accent and make us crazy!! sigh…

    • “Sometimes you don’t need a million dollars to change things but a few words and to pay attention to the answer!” -<<–profound statement alert!!

  12. And I thought I couldn’t love him more! He is beautiful inside and out. I have several family members who suffer from depression so this is close to my heart! Thank you for sharing this.

  13. What a beautiful human being he is indeed!!!!…… thank you ESS for give us the link to RUok? I read it and ‘m informed now what is it all about and I have to say that the Aussies are such a great people and it’s so admirable that Alex joins to his people and helps supporting and giving his experience…….when you think you have enough reasons to love Alex like a crazy you find this kind of stuff he does……..it was a long time we didn’t hear his sexy Aussie accent, that it was like fresh air……….oyster farmer, the incredible journey of Mary Bryant came to my mind and made me happy…….I like the Aussie accent….for me it is like hearing Spanish with Argentinian accent. ALEX ROCKS, HE IS ONE OF HIS KIND, LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH, BESITOS PAPASITO!!!

  14. I have a list of the reasons why I love and admire and respect this man. It is a long list. It just got longer.

    He has a kind and generous spirit like no other and I am constantly in awe of him. He also inspires me on so many levels.

    This is a wonderful idea and I hope other countries follow suit. I am marking Sept. 12th on my calendar to remind myself about this important cause and maybe by asking R U OK? I can make a difference in at least one person’s life.

  15. Ok, I finally realized why this hit me so hard. (besides the man and the accent)…and I’m finally home and can type it out. About 12 yrs ago I went through some depression. I wasn’t suicidal or anything that bad BUT I did feel quite a bit like no one loved me. Not my husband, not my friends or even my family. All those negative feelings you can have about yourself? I had them! One day I had a chance encounter with a fairly new “friend” who had recently moved into my area and she said, “how are you?” I said, “I’m ok…” and she said, “no…you’re not. I can tell.” She was the only person who realized that I was depressed, she realized it before I did. That moment has been seared into my brain because she saw past the automatic answer and listened. I eventually got through my rough spot and she’s been my BFF for the past 12 yrs. All because of that one question and answer.

    I think some GREAT things will happen on Sept. 12th.

    • Thanks ESS for sharing with us your own experience. Firstable it needs courage to say it to people you’ ve never met, ….depression is an emotional black hole that drops you in and doesn’t let you even realice that you’re not OK, it makes you take wrong decisions and isolates you from your familly and friends……I feel that all of us have had Alex’s voice in our minds the whole day long and it is incredible that he appears so humble….just in a blue shirt……..but with an amazing power that touches your heart and concience . I think that we should make the question to 4 people….beginning with ourselves, look ourselves at the mirrow and ask: R U OK? And then choose the other 3…..in that way we’re gonna follow Alex’s example. As real fangirls of him we have to do it and maybe he will know someday that R U OK? On sept 12 happened outside from Australia because he was our inspiration. Good night friend! :o)

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