Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

Listen up ladies, this may be the only time you hear me say this but his face is totally distracting in this pic…and not in the good way. Then I laugh at myself for looking at his face.

The FWA is blowing me kisses…


38 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Oh how sweet. He was getting in the sexy mode for pic, by thinking of all the FUCUPs making a lovely slutpile on top of him.

  2. Thanks ESS, absoultely delicious. Could he be any more Unf? Paula, Slutpile, what a lovely turn of phrase!

  3. When I open the picture, I could only see the top half before I scroll down – the first thought – what is going on down below to create that FACE?
    Totally gorgeous pic!!
    But I also think one of the rare pictures where his ribs are so very prominently visible, because he was so thin at the time.
    For me his mouth is just totally distracting in this picture…….sigh…..

    • He was thinner here but those aren’t his ribs. Those are the serratus anterior muscles. They’ve been visable before, like here in the pilot shirtless scene. Body builders work on these muscles. They connect the ribs to the shoulderblade. My years of anatomy classes have finally paid off. McNerd out. LOL!

      • Of course you are right….should have looked and think deeper about the anatomy before that comment (like I said the mouth is totally distracting 😀 ). But I still also think those muscles show when he is thinner (he was really thin while shooting the pilot as well)
        BTW – the thinner body is also gorgeous to me – and he is absolutely gorgeous in this pic!

      • THAT’S A MAN!!!!!, I’ve been the whole day just looking at this pic, open-mouthed, speechless. .thankfor the anatomy class…..thinner? not for me, he is fit and with that naughty McNerd face you can not expect a huge wolverine kind body……OMG!!!! the hair line under his belly button, the tatt……..uhmm….the very well defined rectus abdominis near his heaven……exactly what my gynecologist has prescribed to me…..HE’S THE HOTTEST MAN EVER, EVER……PAPASOTE!!!

  4. I just love how his pants hang on (barely) to those perfectly formed hips! But, his face says it all. SBJ&TO! Enuf….

  5. I waited as long as I could to comment! My first thoughts when I saw this were “Why are his eyes closed and NOM NOM NOM!”
    His eyes are closed because I just whispered into his ear “Keep them closed, like a good boy, and you’ll get a very special.”
    Then I suck his earlobe into my hot,wet, eager mouth and swirl my tongue around the sensitive flesh. I give a little nibble as I glide my tongue down his neck, across his collar bone to the soft patch of chest hair. With flattened tongue I rub over his tiny nub and it hardens as I follow with puffs of cool air. I dive into the crevasse that starts at his sternum and lick a path to his belly button. The short line of hair tickles my tongue, and his muscles flex under my touch as I continue my oral journey down the “trail to paradise.”
    I like him a little more meaty, but he is frickin hot in this shoot! I like him HARD in certain areas, but a little soft flesh over those defined muscles is what I prefer. *slurp*

    • Thanks for waiting, lg. I didn’t read this until after I had eaten some of my packed lunch. I think I’ll digest it all for awhile. 🙂

    • Yeah babe!!!! that’s all we all think but you are the only one who has the courage enough to say it loud…………HE’S GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS AND GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Its no secret that I LOVE Alex’s face. It is a beautiful, kind, alluring and mesmerizing face. But this pic is SO not about his face. Hardly noticed it really. His collar bone and chest and abs and man-v are PURE.PERFECTION.
    That man could have hsd a v v successful career as a model. Thank goodness for us, he chose acting!!

  7. Ess, you are a good friend. You always know what I like to watch. Right now I’m staring and drooling about his chest, abs and “the happy trail” with the FWA tease. TY

  8. OK ESS !! I’m Toast again. I’m DEAD again.!! My eyeballs are hurting {But happy} for popping so far out.
    THIS is what God must have had in mind when HE created MAN !! What a Masterpiece, S&T

  9. I will never get over how low the trousers are sitting! It’s my favourite part of a fit man, the cut of muscle just above the hips – it looks like my hands would fit there perfectly…it has always been known between my girlfriends and I as “the bit” and the fact that the FWA is tickling it makes me a little short of breath!!
    If anyone can tell me the true name of “the bit” I’d be educated and happy!!

    • I think in Steph´s (Junk kicker) recap of Stan, TBUP, and she found the correct term for the “bit, google “iliac crest” 🙂

  10. Ahh, what a perfect way to start the day (I looked at this pic earlier but didn’t have time to comment). If you did a poll on which picture day is your favorite, I might have to say Topless Tuesday! That chest is amazing!

  11. The pic would´ve been perfect, if the gecko had made an appearance too 😦
    Is there a small bruce on his ribs? Looks like from someone´s love-bite, but why only one…. 😉

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