More BTS pics from 50Undercover #H50 #AlexOLoughlin S4E01

Of course, as soon as I publish one set, another is released. Am I complaining? HELL no!

Thanks again to the 50Undercover FB Page and MadJack for these pics from 7/11/13. If you haven’t done so, head over to their FB page and hit that *like* button!






29 thoughts on “More BTS pics from 50Undercover #H50 #AlexOLoughlin S4E01

  1. Thanks for these cool set of new pics! Steve gives Cath the “cold shoulder” 🙂 fairly often lately, don’t you think?

    • That pic doesn’t look like Cath to me… is that a weird angle or something? Just… the face and mouth don’t look like her… 😆

    • It’s hard to speculate on a candid pic like this. (though I know some ppl would love it if there was problems) There is someone standing to their right, she could be making faces at them and not even paying attention to Alex, they may both be looking at another person, maybe he didn’t know she was there and she’s coming up behind him, maybe they’re both goofing off but the camera only caught her. A million possibilities….

  2. The shirt looks clean this time! Fangirls have been busy washing 😆 !!! Wow, that man looks def hot H.O.T. !!

  3. Buttercup – middle pic – shirts not clean – fangirls didin’t do a good job 😦 . Can’t wait for the new season! Need me some McGarrett real bad….

  4. These pics make me v.v. happy!! I love his hair…I love how fine he looks in that button down…I love how the sleeves of his shirt are straining to contain those massive arms (sigh)…SO.MUCH.TO.LOVE.
    Damn, I missed him. S4 cannot come soon enough.

    • I do appreciate the tightness of the sleeves. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind if the buttons were a little strained but I’d have to listen to my hubs make fun of him for his shirts the way he makes fun of Danny with his tight buttons.

      • I agree with you Kim!!!….these two BTS pics sets are what we need until S4 would be on air and you have talked about boots, skiny pants, Alex’s nose, sleeves, etc, etc…whatever but today toppless tuesday has been SO delightful perverting, perturbing, provocative, pOrn……in one word ORGASMIC,. THANK YOU KIM!!!

    • Rita is that a typo or do you want him to wear more shirts? I’m a little confused. He already wears 1-2 shirts and episode. lol. I’m thinking you meant more button downs or something like that. (I’m teasing you) Kim is right though, we need more material for topless tuesday so if he’s wearing more, he better be disrobing more often! Like in 1.7 “and now you’re shirtless…” I personally don’t see why he can’t be shirtless at least once an episode. If the episodes started off that way more people would tune in IMO. 😉

      • I’d rather see the shirts than t-shirts….of course no shirts and no t-shirts would be better…hope this happens as need to see that body with all the work he’s done in the gym

  5. I’m with you ESS. I want to see shirtless McG at least once an episode. Is that asking too much? When you’re hot, you’re hot! And, he is!!

  6. Ok CBS, I think it’s okay to show some (lots of) skin on a Friday night show! Michelle even said during a short interview that beings they were now on Fridays, maybe there would be more intimate scenes or something like that. ??? Yeah, Michelle we’re hoping too, but not as much as you I’ll bet. 🙂 Lucky B*tch! Even with cigarette and tuna breath, I’d take him half-clothed,legs wrapped around him and under the covers any day. ANY.DAY!! It is really a good thing I live in the middle of the country and there is an ocean between myself and this man that occupies my brain 24/7. UGH! *SIGH*

    • “I live in the middle of the country and there is an ocean between myself and this man ” – some days I think that’s a good thing (for him!) lol! j/k

      Yeah she said something like the needed to ramp it up a notch and maybe get to second base or something. LMAO!! Michelle FTW!! Which her statement leads me to believe we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed they were a little lacking in the bedroom last year. Way too much coitus interruptus. But I guess it was good for the humor bits. (they WERE funny…)

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