Five-0 Undercover reveals some new bts shots #h50 EP 4.01 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

More pics at Five-0 Undercover. Here are the ones that feature Alex, more of DDK, Scott and a special appearance by Dot on the link.

Mahalo to MadJack and Five-0 Undercover for bringing the pics to the fans. They caught the team filming near the airport on July 11th.

Five-0 Undercover -  A witty investigation into Hawaii Five-04

Five-0 Undercover -  A witty investigation into Hawaii Five-0

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Five-0 Undercover -  A witty investigation into Hawaii Five-03


45 thoughts on “Five-0 Undercover reveals some new bts shots #h50 EP 4.01 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

    • I saw a very nice explanation from someone (I think Linda) the other day that had the same thoughts as me. With their type of job of running and fighting – what should they wear? The only other alternative is sneakers (or whatever they are called in other places) and they can easily get sand in them.
      They can’t really wear shoes like sandels or anything with heals
      I have even seen the girls like Kacy wear those high heel short boots (also don’t know if they have a name) on the red carpet in Hawaii. (and she is from wardrobe)
      I have never really looked at what woman in other cop shows wear as shoes 😀

      • Boots are clunky and not very friendly for running. Of course I wouldn’t expect them to wear heels or sandals to work but there are shoes that are nicer and not as heavy as those boots. I think they’re just going with the ‘style’ and not what’s really appropriate for them to wear for their job.

      • Kono wore flats in S1, at least at the beginning. She fought that blond chick who kidnapped the little boy in those flats. Looked pretty cool. I thought they were cute but totes comfy and appropriate for her kinda work. Surely peeps in Hawaii wear flats… don’t women, at least sometimes, wear flats everywhere?

        • I think the key word is here – in S1 in the ‘beginning’ , until they realised it is not very easy to run or to kick ass in them.
          I stopped wearing high heels at a very early age in my life – and flats are not that easy to keep on your feet when you want to run or kick things around. And even flats become very sweaty in the heat. – with boots and sneakers you can at least wear socks that can help absorb the sweat and give your feet grip in the shoes.
          I really think they have gone with what seems to be the most practical for the job. 😀
          I would actually love to hear comments from the actrises and wardrobe about it…..

          • actually, I think it’s Alex’s fault for the boots… I remember, in some interview from season 1 he said that he thought as SEAL McG would wear boots, so he would make it like a trademark for him – and then he regret it when they started shooting, because he was sweating a lot and his feet were hurt all the time…

      • Danny wears “tie shoes”, so not sure how much sand he’s getting. The CSI women wear heels/boots with heels, even the Miami ones, which I never understood because their clothing was SO inappropriate (don’t get me started on the low necklines–real professional). I’ve got some cute and practical athletic “mary janes”–they’re like flats with straps, so your feet stay in and you can run in them if you have to. 🙂

        • Yes. the sand comment was not really relevant. But still shoes with socks are still less likely to create a sweaty mess on your feet ans blisters. I know there are these little socks that can be used under those type of shoes, but I get the feeling they might also not be that comfortable with the running and kicking.
          But maybe they should try it….. 😀

  1. Thank you for the new pictures! I so need to see new McG as I’m having withdrawals over the summer. I can hardly wait for the new season!

  2. Looks like the bloody shirt episode. And the fugly boots episode. Someone’s in that wardrobe department is seriously confused–why are Cath’s pants skin tight?

    • Because she has a gorgeous trim body ,Grace is Mia.ALEX often wears {Fore} skin tight pants for us ladies and the lads deserve their own “Eye Candy” now and then !!! {LOL}
      Thanks for posting these super new pictures Ess.

      • Agree with you Pommienana – we drool about Steve’s tight pants every week and it would be cruel of us not to let the men (and the gay girls), have their fun as well 🙂

        • Yeah, I thought about that, eye candy for the guys, but they have car chases and big guns and BOMBS–already taken care of.

      • And momma McG dresses in those same type of skinny jeans. Maybe the problem isn’t with wardrobe…maybe they need to fire the caterers because they are obviously not serving ANYTHING those three ladies like to eat!!

        • Speaking of pants…his are v.v. nice in that third pic. And so are those arms…so.much.veinp0rn…*sigh*

        • Seriously. I saw her walk right past me at Sundance this year, so skinny in a short skirt, tights and knee-high boots. Like a gazelle, and then she was gone before I could say “wait, tell me what Alex is like” or at least “can I touch the hand that touched his face, please please please, and don’t have me arrested.”

    • On the one photo it looks like Alex’s assistant from behind, and she is also wearing skinny jeans (seems to be the dress code in Hawaii) – so why not Cath? 😀

      • I personally don’t have a problem with it except when i see it all I can think about is how uncomfortable that must be in the hawaiian heat, as much time as they spend out in the sun. Their wardrobe on this show doesn’t give me Hawaiian “feels” and that’s too bad.

        • That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing! They’ll literally have to peel the clothes off, may as well just cut them off with blunt-nose scissors. 🙂

          • *raises hand* Um, if this applies to the guys as well, I would like to apply for “blunt-nosed scissor operator”

        • Well the guys and girls in the armed forces, who work in countries with much more uncomfortable “heat” conditions wear boots for the job.
          But I hear what you say 🙂

  3. Hey ladies, got a question, that has nothing to do with this post. Remember when Alex talked about not liking his nose, said it hooked down. Well been looking at old pics and you could tell what he was referring to (not that I would complain) but on some of the newer pics it does not look the same. Anyone hear anything of him having work done?

    • Cookie the people who know me knows that I kind of study Alex’s body rather “intensely” (I know most of the ladies here on BAMF do the same) I have actually already done my study on his nose and just have not published it yet – but there are no signs in any comparisons (from over the past 10 yrs) I have seen to suggest that he had any work done. There has been some injuries to his nose, but no other work visible.

        • 😆 Thanks for the vote of convidence Kim. But I would still like to present the evidence. Just need to finish the damn study – it is actually very short (not like other ‘things’ about him 😛 )

          • I’ve wondered this also, but in my “studies” I think it has to do with weight. Really. When he’s thin, the end of his nose looks sharp, and when he’s gained a few pound it looks hooked. What do you think? Am I crazy? (Two different, unrelated topics I suppose.)

            • His nose look different on many occassions. Light, shadows, make-up, angles of the camera and his head all play a part in it….and of course also his body weight (maybe 😀 )
              But the original question is about alteration with surgery – and I see no evidence of that.
              A study of all the factors that cause the “changes” in how it looks, will just get too long 🙂

    • I don’t study Alex as intensely as FOYeur and Paula 😉 but I have noticed over the 3 seasons that his nose tends to look a little different depending on his weight IMO.

  4. Cath has to wear those super fugly boots w/either skinny jeans/leggings to hide her gun! Her pants are way to tight to carry a weapon. Their idea of fashion just isn’t.

  5. Thank you for doing this update post with new bts shots that we all love to watch.

    Reading all the comments, i agree with you girls that wardrobe department doesn’t do a very good job if we consider the Hawaii weather and serie’s theme. They fail in all characters clothes. By now they should know how to do their job better. TY

    • Agreed Marta. They should make us ‘feel’ Hawaii by the wardrobe and the only person who does that is Chin with his Hawaiian shirts. Now they all don’t have to wear them of course, but there are other ways to feel more tropical and more like paradise, regardless of practicality. Of course that would just give the nit pickers more to gripe about…. *sigh*

  6. but there are other shows that have cases in warm places. The Glades and The finder are in Florida, for example, and neither of those guys is dressed any differently from Steve… Let’s see, Burn notice also – Miami, and he’s always in suits (at least has sunglasses on most of the time, which Alex/Steve doesn’t have)… so, I guess it really isn’t about wardrobe choosed for styling in the show, but how it looks on TV, or something (probably some new models, H50 have their own sewing shop)…

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