Kevlar Saturday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #DanielDaeKim #ScottCaan #H50

A whole lotta Kevlar awesomeness!

.gif by Paula @NeroPatti

.gif by Paula @NeroPatti


23 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday by @Kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #DanielDaeKim #ScottCaan #H50

  1. A Kevlar feast, yay!! Alex chewing on his gum all the time makes me giggle. DDK amazes me by being probably the only man ITWWW who can wear pink and still look like a man and not like a girl. Thanks for this, Kim and Paula! 🙂

  2. That’s a lot of pretty right there….. Is it just me, or if you look closely (and I did, a LOT) does it look like Alex’s eyes are tracking Scott’s butt? Shippers must love it!!

  3. OMG!!! It’s really a lotta awesomeness!. Yes, Fi , I saw it closely and many, many times….I love the way Alex is stand up, chewing gum….i wanna be that gum just to be in his mouth! …….Sorry, I live in the tropics, always hot and wet here, I just see him and……I better stop LOL !!! DDK and Scott look also irresistible using kevlar. They are such a great sexy team. Once again, thanks Kim, you made my day!!!! :o)

    • Hi cookie! welcome!! Kevlar is the tactical vest that they’re wearing to protect their chests. Kevlar is the material it’s made out of that makes it so strong.

          • Oh, okay, so I have to wait for my Season 2 DVD’s of H50 to show up! Thanks.

            P.S. finished capping the making of “Pilot Episode” um.. can I say I like the director Len Wisemen (he’s a cutie ) *runs and ducks for cover*

            • Not sure this is going to be on the DVD I think it may have been a fans bts vid or something. I remember seeing it but can’t remember where. Sorry. Maybe paula will come through wig nor info. Also if I remember correctly this is about all there was to it.

              • I think this was on the dvd extras, haven´t checked though. Will when I get time. Just remember being surprised when this popped up suddenly in between some “boring” stuff…but could be wrong.

                • Thanks! for some reason I was thinking this DVD wasn’t out yet. D’oh! That’s what I get for trying to reply from my phone while doing other things in the middle of the weekend. lol!!

  4. He is just so cool – that’s all i can say – just so cool cool cool !!!
    And his hand touching the gun (?) – just so sexy – just so S.E.X.Y. !!!!

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