Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1


At first I didn’t like the goatee. Then I stared at it. I think it winked at me.

30 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1

  1. I thought I was the only one that didn’t like the goatee……but the more I see him, I realize
    that Alex could be the 4th musketeer ……..and the more handsome by yhe way…….thanks Kim!!!

  2. I love the little curl of hair at the neck – makes him look so boyish, just gorgeous hot !!!
    Not/team/goatee but with alex i forgive and i even start to like it!!! AOL is constantly changing my opinions on about everything in this world!!
    Thanks for another great pic out of he past!

  3. I think this pic of Alex O’Loughlin looks the least like Alex O’Loughlin. He’s still preeeteee though…v.v.pretty!

    • Couldn’t agree more CG – but I’ve been in trouble for this kind of chat before – hehe! I’m with Ess, #TeamAlex all the way (but it’s the beard or nothing for me!)

    • ACA CG66, this pic doesn’t give me any Alex feels. It’s just a good looking dude trying to be a pirate “arrrgggg”!! Lol. At least someone talked him out of the eye patch. Whew!! *wipes brow*

      • He would be such a perfect pirate, you’ve just enlarged my AOL fantasies with that pirate theme!!!! OMG, him in a sword fight with jacksparrow, and i’m the winning price 😆

  4. No goatee! He knows it himself too, it was a mistake and will never happen again (unless he is cast in some historical flick) 😉

  5. He wears it well. Maybe it’s the smile in his eyes, but he looks quite dashing here. Thanks, ESS for the FabFaceFriday.

  6. I am focusing on his nose, tilted eyebrow and his fabulous hair. I don’t get Alex feels from it either. Sorry, unless he’s in a pirate movie…no goatee for me. I agree that he is still very handsome, just not the same.

  7. I understand what you’re saying, ESS. That is another reason why I think he’s so wonderful. He doesn’t buy into the whole “celebrity” thing. He’s the real deal!

    • Exactly! I think he mostly gets the impact he has on people….we’ve seen him use it over and over and we LOVE him for it! I think he just doesn’t really understand WHY he has that impact, because to him he’s just a bloke from Oz.

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