Throwback Thursday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1

Throwback? Why would you ever throw this back?



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    • Lol! As soon as I read my post this morning I thought…”hmm.actually I would throw him back and have my way with him!” So, really no need to be sorry FOYeur!

  1. I LOVE this one…cuz he looks A.MAZING…and on his back is how I picture him most often. Except he’s never wearing pants.

  2. TPD! He’s totally inviting us to lay down with him, beside him, on top of him or however you want to! But for me it’s not his well amazingly made abs the thing that called my attention from the pic (I mean I’m not blind of course that his rock-abs are hyper-super hot as well) But it’s his eyes, those deep piercing eyes that always melt my heart and make me sigh. If looks kill probably I would be death long time ago… =)

  3. Yes! OMG! He would be so FRKN HOT laying back on his elbows looking down at me as I am slowly taking off his shoes and socks, climbing up his long legs caressing his thighs, working my way to his belt that I fumble with because I’m so freaking excited to get his pants off. He draws my face up to meet his lips as I pull his shirt out from his pants and with open palms across his bare abs and chest I shove the shirt up to his neck and over his head. My hands wrap around his thick neck and I grasp at his hair as we lick at each others mouths, while he unbuckles his belt. He raises his hips to ease his jeans and boxers over his taut ass as I nibble on his jawline, down his neck, and with eager tongue I lick and suck my way down his abs to the sensitive flesh at his exposed hips. TBC. 😛
    Another great choice Kim!

      • 😳 Do I need to tone it down? Don’t want to cause trouble. I left it at TBC because we all know where it was going.
        *slurp* I couldn’t help myself 😛

        • I want everyone to have fun, be free and be naughty…it’s how Alex is himself. It’s the foundation of this blog. Hell, I made a post a few weeks ago about Alex being proud of his c0ck!. LOL!! <<–guilty!!

          So where do we draw the line? hell if I know! lol. I don't have any restrictions on this blog, it's rated "General" and I'd rather not have to put any restrictions up which is why I've never posted the nekkid bum pics from FEED. Suggestive is different from explicit. So maybe just a reminder that there may be young-ish eyes viewing our posts and comments, that's all. A little naughty goes a long way. 😉

          (that sounded dirty too didn't it? lol)

          lurxgirl this isn't directed at you, it isn't directed at anyone in particular. It's a reminder for Kim and myself as much for anyone. Alex just makes us lose our minds. FLR.

          • That sounded really good. And you’re right, Alex always make us lose our minds in 1 way or another. It’s unavoidable. I mean he’s OUR freaking sexy hot aussie Alex O’loughlin!!! He’s our dream boy, the guy that make us sigh by simply take a drink of water, using sunglasses or while laying down in between takes of H50. And I’m pretty much sure that we ALL had think in ripping off his clothes and …say his name, at least 1+ times. =) But yes, like you said dear ESS, Is always good to remember that young ones (like my lil cuz 4example) might read this blog bc they might like Alex as much as we do even when they still don’t have our #McPerv thoughts yet.
            Anyways, you have a great respectful enjoyable blog, with smart, kind and fun comments as usual.
            Keep up the good work *thumbs up* =)

          • Pretty sure I have set our blog for 13 and above, I figured teens today are sluttier than us anyway 😀 Also have already posted every naughty bit of Alex ever been on screen (though not sure everyone caught the Feed private ones 😉 )

            • I’d rather not set any restrictions because it can mess with Internet filters. Even the use of some words like the use of the regular version of the word p0rn or other hot words has blocked some people from being able to view posts.

              I want everyone who loves Alex to enjoy themselves here and to be able to view the content. Older, younger, naughty or nice. 😉

    • lg–WOW! You should start a blog “onlyreadafterdark” or “whenthesungoesdown” because you do have talent! I nominate you for McPerv of the Summer 🙂

    • I have a similar story..
      I arrive naked. I rip his clothes off. We fk each others brains out. The end.
      #getstraighttothepoint #literally

    • OMG! LUXGIRL, you put it in such good words! I think he would smile if he read all our crazy sex starved remarks here.

  4. Aaaalleluia, Aaaaalleluia, alleluia, aleluia!……. sigh! Alex up in the sky, what a beautiful, celestial image, sigh!…………..uhmmmmmm, lying on his back and that elevating under his belt…….cough! this is the promise land….I mean… mountain to ride uuuuuuuuuuup! ……..ops! I fell down …….Mister Devil?!……please understand me!!!!… should read FOYeur and Kimphin1 and buttercup …….

  5. but specially Mister Devil read lurxgirl………then you;ll have an idea what happens to all of us!!!!. …….My respect lurxgirl, I definitely take off my hat to you, girl!!!…..if you would be an erotic novel writer you would have many best sellers for sure!. LOL

      • Ok……well, I guess we have to wait for tomorrow’s pic and the new Lurxgirl erotic chapter, I understand her…..she must be lied down , exhausted ……or in trance. It’ s hard to be Alex fan, sigh!

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